Chromecasting any app that uses video or audio could be coming to CyanogenMod soon


This is why I love Android. The simple fact that developers can take their stake in a product and customize tools to fit their own (and other users’) needs is a beautiful thing, and is perfectly displayed in what Koush from CyanogenMod has been doing for quite a while now (here, here, here, here, etc.).

Today, Koush announced that he has successfully built Chromecast into the CyonagenMod framework, now allowing any app with audio or video to cast directly to your TV. Yep, that’s right. You don’t have to wait for your favorite application to come out with Chromecast support anymore. So if you were holding off getting Chromecast until that glorious day finally came, it is no longer an acceptable excuse— unless of course you don’t want to load up CyanogenMod onto your phone, which is obviously a huge barrier for many of us that don’t want to deal with the rooting process.

Koush is pretty much breaking records right now considering the amount of stuff he’s developed for Chomecast so far, including streaming local videos/pictures to Chromecast, Dropbox support, RSS video support, and now showing Cast support built into the CM framework. Crazy stuff.

Check out the video after the break of Koush demonstrating it all for you, himself. Let’s hope this becomes available very soon!!

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Ouya And XBMC Announce Joint Collaboration, Brings One Closer Step To Ensuring The Gaming Console Can Also Be A Topnotch Media Center

It’s no secret that Ouya is set to revolutionize gaming and XBMC is primed to revolutionize how we consume and manage our media— but what happens when you get both hyper cool concepts and mesh them together? You get a joint collaboration of course. Both XBMC and Ouya announced their agreement to ensure the media app runs smoothly on the gaming console. To ensure the app runs smoothly and at an optimal level, the XBMC team will receive early prototypes of the console and will undergo vigorous testing to ensure the app has an open, DRM-free media functionality.

The Ouya console just seems to look better and better by the day, doesn’t it?


source: The Verge

Talk Android Kids: Listen To Great Tunes With Radio Disney App

Talk Android kiddies (and your parents especially) listen up– take a look at the Radio Disney app. This kid-friendly app allows you to stream Radio Disney no matter what time of the day or where you may be. That means you can rock out in the middle of the night during slumber parties or sleepovers. You can also be interactive with the app by requesting songs, sending shout-outs to your friends/family, see recently played songs, and even listen to your local Radio Disney station. The app, similar to other streaming apps such as Pandora or Slacker will also allow you the ability to run it in the background. The app is free and will make a great addition to kids’ Android phones or tablets. Hit the break for the download link, QR code, and some screenshots taken from my own phone of the cool app. Read more

Motorola Xoom Family Edition found in the wild

Pictures of a strange, alternative Xoom are turning up across the web. As the box shows, this is the Xoom Family Edition. The “Family” aspect is the fact that the device comes pre-installed with $40 worth of software for kids by Zoodles, Asphalt 6 from Gameloft, and “grown-up productivity apps like QuickOffice.”  That’s not the only difference though. This Xoom has physically changed from its predecessor. The edges are now beveled all the way around whereas the original was flat on the screen side.  The volume buttons look much more pronounced. The front-facing camera has moved from the center to the top left. Flipping over to the back, the first thing you’ll notice is a new camera. It is now in a chrome setting and occupies the space of the former power button, which by the way, appears to have been removed from the back. Gone also, is the two tone design of aluminum and gel coat. This new Xoom seems a solid sheet of dark brushed metal, possibly duraluminum. Also of note is that the device is labeled MZ505. Currently the Xoom WiFi and 3G/4G devices come as  models MZ606/606 & MZ600/602 respectively. We don’t have a run down of full specs, but for now we know that it features a 1GHz dual core processor and 10.1″ HD display. It’s interesting that this Xoom has been able to slip through the cracks all the way to what sources are calling a big box electronic store, especially considering the leaks of the Motorola Xoom Media Edition and Xoom 2.

More on this as it develops.

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Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman listed as ‘Coming Soon’ for Three U.K.

About a month ago Sony Ericsson announced they would bring the Walkman brand back from the dead with the Live with Walkman. For those of you in the U.K. we have good news. Three U.K. has it listed under its “Coming soon” category for this month.


  • Dedicated Walkman key
  • xLOUD speaker
  • Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
  • 5 megapixel camera with flash and HD video recording & playback
  • VGA frong facing camera
  • 3.2″ display with Mobile BRAVIA™ Engine
  • microSD for up to 32GB, 2GB card included
  • 1,200mAh battery
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, DLNA
  • Free 1-month trial of Entertainment Unlimited

This looks like a really nice device for those of you that want a PMP style device. The only issue I have is that it comes with only 2GB of storage. Sure, you can upgrade it, but this is a music and video device, and 2GB is far from enough. They should have provided at least 16GB.

[via three uk]

Seagate GoFlex Media App is Now Available from the Android Market (Video)

It’s finally here!  Back in May Seagate introduced their portable WiFi enabled hard drive capable of transferring large files to and from your Android device while on the go.  The device is capable of storing up to 500 GB’s of data and can be accessed absolutely anywhere and at anytime from your Android smartphone.  The days of waiting to get home to transfer content from your portable USB enabled hard drive are a thing of the past.  The device contains its own battery capable of holding a charge for up to 25 hours and will run you about $200.  All we were waiting for was a complimentary Android application to easily access our content while on the go.  The wait is finally over.  Seagate has finally announced the application’s arrival and you can download it now on the Android Market.  Hit the break for a video demo and excerpt from Seagates presser and don’t forget to let us know what you think about the device in the comments below.   Read more

Subsonic: The Music Streamer You Didn’t Even Know You Needed [Part 1]

Have you ever loved something so much that you would donate a limb for it? Well fine, neither have I. But Subsonic comes pretty damn close.

While not exclusively an Android application, Subsonic is by and far the most comprehensive, reliable, and easy to use music streamer this writer has ever come across. And this writer has tested A LOT of music streamers (Orb, Audiogalaxy, Google Music, Apple’s Airplay, Doubletwist, not to mention your online radio like Pandora and Subsonic is different in the sense that it is not a hosted solution. You stream your own, personal library of music with a very high level of quality and compatibility, and only you have control of it.

While initial screenshots may leave one disconcerted, what Subsonic lacks in flair, it makes up for in features.

What features, you may ask? How about 320kbps streaming directly to your phone over wifi or 3g/4g? Local caching to minimize data charges and “buffering”? Support for Scrobbling, sharing, and podcasts? Transcoding on-the-fly of nearly any file to an easily playable mp3 format? Support for video to your phone?

Are you sold yet? Of course you are. Lucky for you, Sindre, Subsonic’s developer, has provided us with a great demo to test the web interface here. Now on to the fun part.

Subsonic’s BIGGEST disadvantage is its semi-technical setup. While not hard to those that are experienced in the field, your average PC user is going to dismiss the job before even trying to attempt it.

Never fear. I am going to walk you guys through setting it up on your own network, and provide some support in the comments. Check with us tomorrow for the full guide here!

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