XBMC for Android launches “user-friendly” version

Owners of Android devices hoping to turn their hardware into a streaming media set top box now have the opportunity to do so using popular open source application XBMC. To open the door to Android device owners, the developers of XBMC incorporated hardware accelerated video decoding into the application. XBMC also promises this new version is user-friendly, a claim that seems to be supported by the fact that their installation instructions are comprised of only four steps.

XBMC started out as an application to a turn a first generation XBox gaming console into a media center. Thanks to its open source nature, it has become quite popular with developers like Plex Media and Boxee. If you want to check out XBMC for Android, use the source link below to visit the XBMC for Android website.

source: XBMC for Android

via: ArsTechnica

New Plex Update Brings New Transcoder And Remote Control From Mobile Devices


Tired of waiting for XBMC to come to your Android device and ready to get in on some media center action? Well Plex has been available for Android users for some time now and is has recently been updated to version This new version includes features like the ability to accept remote control commands from any of the company’s other mobile clients, while also adding “QuickSilver” media transcoder from the latest Plex Media Server release that’s expected to provide improved video quality, such as devices like the Kindle Fire or the HTC One series.

We know you’re itching to try out the app, so head on out to the Play Store to grab Plex today. The app will run you about $5 and will operate on any Android 1.6+ device.


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