Verizon scores slam dunk by taking NBA partnership over from Sprint


Verizon and the NBA announced they have entered into a new, multiyear content and marketing partnership that will make Verizon the Official Wireless Service Provider for the NBA and several of their related properties. With this move, Verizon moves into the spot previously held by Sprint. Verizon plans to use the partnership to help promote various “features” offered by the carrier, including the newly launched go90 platform. Read more

Samsung refining marketing strategy for Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, Galaxy Note 5


According to new reports coming out of Korea, Samsung is refining their marketing strategy relative to the release of a couple new smartphones taking place in August. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus are both large screen smartphones slated for release in mid-August. Samsung is in the process of finalizing how they plan to market two flagship-class smartphones simultaneously and determining what resources will be applied. Read more

New marketing officer for HTC opens with shots directed at Samsung


With new smartphones and new smartwatches hitting the market over the past couple weeks, one new person in the mix is Idris Mootee who is taking over as HTC’s chief marketing officer. HTC has has their share of trials in recent years to develop a coherent, effective marketing campaign for their smartphones which frequently rate high with reviewers, but struggle to attract buyers. With a big job ahead to turn things for HTC, Mootee took time this week to snipe at Samsung, a company he says “doesn’t stand for anything except for profit.”

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Motorola releases more humorous ads for Moto 360

moto 360 black band 1

A couple days ago we reported on some new ads from Motorola’s marketing team that took a humorous approach to wearable device ads from other companies. The ads seemed to particularly poke fun at company ads that use a bunch of one word descriptions for the devices they are trying to sell.

Two new ads have been released that take a similar approach. The ads are titled Gold and Holiday and like the others, run right at half a minute in length. Check them out after the break. Read more

Motorola releases new ads with a sense of humor for the Moto 360

Moto_360_Google_IO_2014The latest ads in Motorola’s marketing campaign for their flagship smartwatch take a humorous approach towards promoting the Moto 360. The ads are both under half a minute long and have the same classy feel that watch commercials on prime time television do, but end with reminders that the real world isn’t always so elegant.

Hit the break to check out videos. Keep an eye on the Businessman spot if you’re a fan of burritos. Read more

Sprint gets aggressive in targeting AT&T, Verizon customers with half price deal


Perhaps feeling the pressure to step up their efforts to maintain their customer base, Sprint has announced a new deal to lure customers switching to Sprint from Verizon or AT&T. Sprint’s latest effort offers to cut user bills in half compared to the other carriers. For example, if a user has a monthly bill for $140 per month with 10 GB of data shared between 4 lines, Sprint will setup a plan on their network for $70 per month for the same 4 lines and 10 GB of data. Talk and text will be unlimited on the new plans.

Sprint is opening the new deal starting this Friday when users can either upload a copy of their current monthly bill from Verizon or AT&T or take one by their local Sprint store to find out how much they can save. Users will have to buy new devices on Sprint and turn in their old devices as well as port over their existing numbers to qualify. As part of the special, Sprint is also offering to buy out existing contracts up to $350 per line via issuance of a Visa Prepaid Card that buyers can use to pay off their early termination fees. For a limited time, Sprint is also waiving the $36 per line activation fee.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this special offer and to check out the fine print, hit the source link.

source: Sprint

Samsung opening office in New York City to house Brand Marketing Team and enterprise mobile solutions


Later this year, Samsung will have an more prominent presence in New York City. A new office is under construction in the Meatpacking District that will be the new home for the company’s Brand Marketing Team. It will also be the location for Samsung to showcase its enterprise mobile solutions. The official name is the Marketing Center of Excellence and Enterprise Customer Briefing Center. Samsung’s digital, creative, and social media programs will be based out of this new office. The enterprise part of this office will have a focus on commercial customers. All of this is to guarantee a closer proximity to key customers.

Hit the break for the full press release.

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Samsung releases teaser video for September 3rd event


Emphasizing the importance of handwriting, especially in childhood development, Samsung has released a new teaser video for their Unpacked event scheduled for September 3rd. Closing with the question “Ready to note?” the video shares absolutely nothing about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which is expected to be announced at the event. Instead, Samsung spends time noting the benefits of writing and claims that was the reason for the introduction of the S Pen in the original Galaxy Note device.

Hit the break to check out the video and then let us know in the comments how well you think Samsung’s marketing folks did with the spot. Read more