Google Maps update includes Gmail integration for reservations

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When Google updated their Maps app to version 7.5 last night, there was nothing new to be seen on the surface. However, thanks to Android Police, we now know that the biggest addition is Gmail integration. Hotel, restaurant, and flight reservations now appear when you open up their relevant locations in the Maps app. For example, if you have an upcoming flight, its info will appear when you search for the airport on Maps, if you have a hotel reservation, its info will show up when you search for the hotel, etc.

Gmail integration for Maps is currently available only for English users in the United States. You can find a few APK download links below.

Source: Android Police / Download Link #1 / Download Link #2

Google expands Waze traffic incident reporting to several new countries

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After completing their acquisition of Waze earlier this year, one of the first benefits users saw was the ability to access incident reports coming in from Waze users. Google announced today via a tweet that they are expanding the service to 46 new countries and territories throughout the world on both the desktop and mobile client.

Unfortunately, due to the space limitations, a list of all the countries was not provided and thus far Google Maps has not provided a list. The original rollout of the feature covered Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Germany, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Switzerland, UK and the US.

source: @googlemaps

Shazam adds new Explore feature, ability to purchase songs through Amazon and Google Play

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Shazam has released a new version of the app for Android devices that moves it closer to being a general purpose app for all your music needs while closing the feature gap with the iOS version. The biggest addition to this new version is Shazam’s “Explore” feature. This new feature uses aggregated data from users to find what is popular based on what is being tagged and displays the results on a zoomable map using the Google Maps API if you are on Android 4.x. » Read the rest

New Google Maps finally adds multiple destinations, other features announced

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Google’s Maps team announced today some new features for the Google Maps preview, including the addition of the most requested feature they have been fielding since the release of the preview. Directions for multiple destinations will begin rolling out to users today. The ability to add multiple destinations can be used when planning a route for driving, biking or walking. A small “+” has been added to the interface, which will open a new entry that can be added by typing in the search box or clicking on the map. In addition, once you have a listed of locations added, you can rearrange them by dragging and dropping them within the list. » Read the rest

Google rolling out an update to Maps

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Google Maps Icon 16:9 lowres PNG

If you are looking for a place to lay your head down for some rest, the latest update to Google Maps that is rolling out is definitely geared toward you. The latest improvements include improved hotel search results, including “sponsored” rates and booking links. To help you get to the hotel quicker, Google has made it faster to access navigation and provides both route and traffic overview information. Sliding out the side menu will reveal a new option “Tips and Tricks” that will take you to a help page in your browser. Of course, Google includes the standard “bug fixes” as part of what is included in the update.

You can use the link below to head over to Google Play to try to grab the update if you have not already installed it.

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Google Play Download Link

Waze finally showing some signs that it’s a Google-owned company, new update sets Google as primary search provider

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When Google bought Waze back in June for around $1 billion, we all speculated about the awesome changes this could eventually bring to Google Maps.  We’ve seen quite a few since then, but this is the first time that we’re actually seeing signs that Google is truly taking control over the Waze application.

In a new update, Waze has integrated a new search bar (powered by Google, of course) which is visible while viewing the map. The UI is someone cleaner-looking as well and certainly more minimal. 1080p devices also now have full support available, and some bug fixes and optimizations were thrown in as well.

This is certainly just the start of the changes we’ll be seeing with the Waze app, as Google will want to make their $1 billion acquisition worthwhile.

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Google adds virtual zoo and animal park visits to Street View

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Google Street View

Google added a new little feature to their Street View portion of Maps today. If you’re browsing around in Street View, you can now check out a handful of zoos and animal parks from many different countries, including North and South America, Canada, China, Germany, and several others. Google’s own blog post about it mentions that it does include China’s Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding which houses about one-third of the world’s Giant Panda population. And, come on, who doesn’t like pandas?

So if you’re bored today and want to take a virtual vacation somewhere on your phone, try a zoo.

source: 9to5 Google

How to change your Google Now home and work locations

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google_now_trafficGoogle Now has some pretty neat cards, and one of my favorites is how it automatically gives you directions and traffic info for your commute once it detects (…or tries to detect) your home and work locations. Waiting for Google to detect your places can take a while though, and it can be particularly frustrating when you move or change jobs, and Google Now instead thinks you are trying to get to your old locations.

Fortunately, with the new Google Maps update it became a little easier to manually change your home and work locations for Google Now. Jump through the break to find out how.
» Read the rest

Explore the inside of the TARDIS? Yes, you can with Google Maps

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Google has tucked a neat little Easter egg away in their Google Maps product – the TARDIS. For those not familiar with the TARDIS, it is a combination time machine and space craft used primarily by the main character in Doctor Who. The TARDIS is in the form of a 1960′s era London police call box, which is frequently noted as being “bigger on the inside” when characters first step in. Google shows a blue police call box located approximately at 238 Earl’s Court Rd, London SW5 9AA, UK. When in Street View, users can use their up arrow if using the new interface or find the double-arrows in the old interface to enter the TARDIS.

Once inside, you can move around and zoom in using the familiar Street View tools. The interior is limited to the control room though. No taking off down the labyrinths of hallways to check out something like the Eye of Harmony. That may be for the best, as Whovians may never leave their computers if they could take off on a never-ending virtual tour through the TARDIS.

If you want to check it out, use the source link below to open Google Maps on Earl’s Court. Look for the double arrows if you are using the old interface or hit your UP arrow on your keyboard if using the old Google Maps interface and you will find yourself in the control room. You can use the same method to exit the TARDIS when you are done exploring.


source: Google Maps – Earl’s Court Rd.
via: TechCrunch

Google adds updated advertisements to Google Maps application

by Jared Peters on
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Google Maps Icon 16:9 lowres PNG

Google’s put a ton of work into their latest iteration of Google maps, and the newest change you can expect to see from it is coming in the form of updated advertisements. Google is an ad company after all, and location data is extremely valuable, so it makes sense to see them push for some location-aware ads in their applications.

Starting today, ads will reflect businesses that may be near your current location while browsing Google maps. Whether that’s for restaurants, gardening stores, or movie theaters, the ads will pop up at the bottom of the screen when a user performs a relevant search. The ads are pretty unintrusive, and when tapped or swiped upwards, they’ll expand to give you the full details of whatever it may be advertising. That tap-or-swipe will count as a click as far as Google’s payment system is concerned, so this looks like it’s going to be a win-win for everyone involved. The changes should start happening relatively quickly on Android and iOS applications.

Any Google Maps users noticing the changes yet?

source: AdWords