Google Street View goes for a camel ride


Google has released a new video highlighting their most recent “experiment” with their Google Maps product. For this latest attempt to bring some fun to Maps users, Google strapped a Street View camera on the back of a camel and set it off wandering through the Liwa Desert in the United Arab Emirates. The location is about 150 km (93 miles) south west of Abu Dhabi near the Persian Gulf coast.
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[APK Download] Google Maps now has richer biking navigation and voice input

Google Maps Icon 16:9 lowres PNG

A Google Maps update is rolling out now (to version 8.2). Firstly, it brings a much better experience to bikers that use Maps. When designing a route for biking, Maps will now show much information such as altitude. This will be very helpful for bikers that areĀ seriousĀ bikers. the other part of this update is in the form of new voice input while navigating. Just hit the microphone on the display and voice input is ready to go with whatever you throw at it.

The update is unsurprisingly moving at a slow pace, but we have the APK file ready for you.Hit the break for download links.

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Google creates Smarty Pins, a cool trivia game involving Maps


That’s not Smarty Pants, it’s Smarty Pins because it involves Google Maps. It’s a trivia game created by Google that isn’t as simple as just knowing the answer. Each question will be about a particular location, and you will have to move the pin to the right location within Google Maps.

The game features six categories: Featured Topics, Arts & Culture, Science & Geography, Sports & Games, Entertainment, and History & Current Events. You will find various topics within each of these categories.

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US Transportation Department investigating ways of regulating navigation apps on your smartphone


One of the greatest features of a modern smartphone is its ability to completely replace your GPS. There are tons of navigation apps, from Google Maps for your location searching and turn-by-turn directions, to Waze for crowd-sourced road data, to apps like Foursquare that help you find interesting places in your area. The apps are fantastic, but there’s always a risk of distracted driving (and accidents) if a user plays with the app instead of paying attention to the road. Because of those accidents, the US Transportation Department may be looking into ways to impose stricter rules on the use of those apps.
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For non-stop World Cup coverage, Google’s got your back

world cup data

Google has become better and better at providing contextual cards at the top of search results based on queries made by users. If you don’t know what I mean, just search “What’s the weather?” and you’ll find a nice-looking card with the current temperature, precipitation, humidity levels, wind speed as well as the week’s forecast.

Similar cards appear for various queries, including sports data.

Now, Google has added some really great looking cards for World Cup information, including team lineups before matches, schedules/brackets, standings, stats, and even a timeline of plays from the game. Just search “World Cup” or “World Cup USA” and you’ll see what I mean.

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Google Maps Android update brings elevation levels for bikers and hikers


Last week, Google brought elevation levels to the desktop version of Maps. Of course, it would make the most sense to have something like this on your phone, and that is exactly what Google did. The Maps app for Android was updated to 8.1 bringing this feature, so if you are a biker or a hiker, you will now be able to see exactly how hard you will need to work to get to where you’re going.

As usual, this update is rolling in stages, but we have the APK download for you after the break, as well as the old fashioned Play Store links.

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Google adds Quick facts to Maps results


Google announced yesterday the addition of a new feature, Quick facts, to Google Maps search results. When a user finds a point of interest on Google Maps, if information is available, a small blurb with some summary facts will be available in the search results interface via the web browser interface. According to an inquiry from Search Engine Land, Google has indicated the Quick facts card is built using data from Google’s Knowledge Graph.

The Quick facts card should be available for locations like lakes, mountains, cities, or countries. Notable points of interest may also result in a Quick facts card being displayed.

source: +Google Maps and Search Engine Land

Google Maps receives update in UK, now offers data on all trains, buses, trams and ferries

Maps Britain

Public transportation in the UK just got a whole lot easier thanks to Google Maps’ latest update.

In an impressive move, the app now can access all times and routes for every train, bus, tram and ferry in the region — almost 17,000 different routes.

Google Maps’ project manager, David Tattersall, said, “You’ll now know when the next trip is departing, how many stops and how far your walk is between each station. You can also pick your preferred method of travel and whether you’d rather walk less or make fewer transfers, so you can compare and choose the best option for you.”

Source: Pocket Link

Google’s Pokemon Map Hunt winners to receive surprise gifts for completion

Google Maps Pokemon

Google gave us some laughs with its Pokemon / Google Maps April Fools’ Day joke. As it turns out, those who successfully completed the “quest” and found all 151 Pokemon (including the secret Mew) are being contacted by Google to receive a small mystery gift.

The link (redacted in the above picture) leads the “Pokemaster” to a Google Drive form where you’ll have to verify that you actually completed the quest by providing the location of where you found the secret Mew.

Google will take a month or more to ship out the gift — let us know if you know what it is and if you completed the quest!

Source: Android Police