Google IO 2016 Coverage

Google Maps creates unique, tiny Street View of Miniatur Wunderland


Although Google may have aspirations of being a major player in the IT infrastructure of major corporate enterprises, that does not mean parts of the company do not have time for some fun and unique projects. A team with Google Maps in their Street View group recently got to spend some time playing – make that working – on creating a Street View experience of the Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg. Read more

Google Maps update improves navigation functions, adds Driving Mode

Google Maps_TA

Google has started rolling out an update to the Google Maps app that includes some significant changes to the Navigation portion of the app. The app on mobile devices is getting updated to version 9.19, although some of the new features appear to require Google to flip a switch on your account on the server side of things. The headliner for this latest update is a new Driving Mode that has been added to the app. Read more

Google adding logo branding to app splash screens on Android

2015-06-29 22.10.29Google has added an interesting tweak to their current crop of Android apps; splash screens with the Google logo. If you’ve updated and used some of Google’s Android apps lately, you may have noticed a brief splash screen upon opening the apps. The screen is simple, displaying the app’s logo and Google’s brand logo at the bottom, but it definitely creates a slight delay when opening the app. That’s not a good thing.

Most of us want our apps to open as quickly as possible, but Google wants to give themselves and other developers a chance to push some brand recognition. They’ve even changed Android’s app developer guidelines to suggest making a brief splash screen while an app initializes, recommending a concise logo or tagline without flooding the screen with too much text. Read more