Contest: Win 1 of 10 tickets to Lookout’s Annual Kickoff party at Google I/O [Updated With Winners]


It’s hard to believe that Google I/O is only a couple of weeks away. The conference itself is always a exciting, but you can’t forget the parties either. Lookout’s Annual Kickoff party is always a blast, and we are excited to offer our readers a chance to get a ticket because it’s one you don’t want to miss. If delicious food, unlimited drinks, great entertainment and cool giveaways sounds like fun to you, then you will want to enter this contest right now. We have 10 tickets (plus one guest) to give away and the details are as follows:

When: Tuesday, May 14 at 7:30 pm
Where: Terra Gallery, 511 Harrison Street, San Francisco, CA
What: Lookout’s annual Google I/O kickoff party. Drinks will start flowing at 7:30 pm at Terra Gallery in San Francisco and we’ll have tasty food and awesome entertainment. Free giveaways for the first 200 who show up at the door (arrive early: we had a line around the block last year!). *Please note that this event is 21 and over.

The only caveat is that you need to get yourself to San Francisco on your own because travel arrangements are not included.

To enter, just comment below on what you want to see at this year’s Google I/O. Is it a newer Nexus 7, Key Lime Pie, a Nexus Q 2, or something entirely different? We will take entries through May 3rd at 12:00pm EST. We will pick 10 random winners shortly after.

**Be sure to use a real email address for your account because that is how we will contact you.

Good Luck!!!!


Congratulations to the following winners….

Markus Holden


Pradaman Shorey


Taggard Andrews



Tuan Nguyen

Roger Leek

Joshua Barta

You will receive an email with instructions shortly, and be sure to say hello because I will be there as well!!

Lookout IDs SpamSoldier SMS spammer botnet

Mobile security firm Lookout has posted a security alert on their blog regarding a new threat they have identified for mobile devices. Working with carriers, Lookout has identified SpamSoldier, which they describe as a spammer botnet agent that uses infected phones to send SMS spam messages. They do not indicate which platforms are subject to attack, although the original attack vector is via an SMS message and not through any apps downloaded via app stores. Read more

Lookout Mobile Security gets a redesign and new features like finding your phone when the battery is dead

We love Lookout Mobile Security because not only is it a great service with many features, but they also constantly add new features, and today is no exception. Lookout Mobile Security has a new look and some cool new features such as Signal Flare, an Activity Feed, and Safe Dialer. If you ever lose your phone, there’s a good chance your battery will deplete. The good news is that Signal Flare will automatically flag the last location of youe phone if it has a low battery, which will increase your chances of finding it. No other service offers this. The Activity Feed is a dashboard that categorizes updates, which allows you to quickly get notifications of threats, see your app download history, your data backups, and other security notifications. Last but not least, the Safe Dialer insures that any number you click to call from your mobile browser is safe. This is as a result of the recent USSD security threat found on Samsung devices.

Full press release after the break:

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Lookout Mobile Security issues update to protect against dialer exploits

Security is a major concern amongst Android users, and this week a major security vulnerability was found on Samsung devices which allowed handsets to be remotely wiped from the Dialer application. While Samsung says the issue has been fixed with a software update, it remains unclear whether or not other phones have been affected. Regardless, the mobile security experts at Lookout have rolled out an update to their official Android application, providing much-needed protection against malicious and hazardous phone numbers.

This makes Lookout Security & Antivirus the first application to successfully block the exploit. The protection works by scanning telephone links before they open. When selecting a telephone number, the service will proceed to warn you if the number is fake or malicious. It does require user input, however, as Lookout will ask if you’d like to scan the tel: link in question. As usual though, when making a selection you can set it as the default within the pop-up box. So, if you haven’t already updated to the latest version of Lookout, you can head to the Play Store link below. For those of you not currently using a security suite for your phone, now is probably a good time to start.


Play Store Download Link

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Lookout Launches Updated Mobile Web Site, Makes Finding Lost Phones Easy

Lookout Security and Antivirus has always been a great security suite that keeps your phone virus-free, helps you find lost phones, and securely backs up your data to the cloud. Now it got even better with the newly-revamped mobile web site, which allows you to find a lost or stolen device from any browser. The site has always had the ability to find a lost device, but the new layout makes it simpler than ever.

The new mobile site allows you to view your contacts, locate your phone through Google Maps, and remotely wipe and lock your device if you’re a Premium user. The redesign makes it very touch friendly since most people locate their lost phones from other mobile devices (usually a nearby friend’s phone as soon as the user first notices his phone is missing). You can even force your phone to “scream”, even if the sound is off, in case you lost your phone nearby.

So if you’re prone to losing things, or if you just want to be ultra-safe, download Lookout from the Play Store link or QR code below, and be sure to visit from a mobile device to check out the new site. 

QR Code generator

Play Store Download Link

source: lookout blog

Sprint Guardian helps parents keep teens and children safe

If you are a parent of a teenager – someone between 12 and 17 years old –  the odds are pretty good that they have a cell phone or smartphone.  Ensuring safe and responsible use of those mobile devices is a challenge for any parent. Sprint hopes to help with that with the availability of the previously announced Sprint Guardian solution. According to Fared Adib, vice president – Product Development, Sprint, “With Sprint Guardian, Sprint is giving families and individuals tools and information to better manage their wireless experience.”  Sprint Guardian is a collection of bundles of services – a Family Safety Bundle and a Mobile Security Bundle.  Sprint Guardian should now be available to customers with many Android powered devices via the Sprint Zone application on their smartphone.

The Family Safety Bundle is a set of services to manage family members’ wireless experience. The bundle  includes Mobile Controls, Drive First and Family Locator.  These services enable parents to oversee and control phone use, limiting texting while driving, and locate a child on an interactive map.

The Mobile Security Bundle helps manage phone security by backing up certain data so it can be restored to a new phone, locating lost phones, and even locking and wiping phones. These tools can help protect against identity theft, fraud, and the loss of other data.

The services do come at a cost though. The Family Safety Bundle runs $9.99 per month and the Mobile Security Bundle runs $4.99 per month (also available for $49.99 per year). For parents trying to keep their kids safe and using their mobile devices in a responsible manner, the cost may be well worth it.

More details about pricing and specific services are included in the Sprint press release. Hit the break to read it.

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Contest: Win 1 of 20 Tickets to Lookout’s “Party Your Apps Off” Bash at Google I/O June 26th in San Francisco

Our friends at Lookout are doing it again. They are throwing their “Party Your Apps Off” bash the night before Google I/O kicks off, and trust me you don’t want to miss it because there will be plenty of food, drink, and some nice gifts for those that show up early. We have 20 tickets to giveaway and you can also bring a guest. You don’t have to be attending Google I/O to go to the party, but you do need to be in San Francisco for this event. We don’t know the specific location, but we’re sure Lookout has something special planned. Here’s the full details:

  • When: Tuesday, June 26 @ 8PM
  • Where: This part is a secret :)
  • What: Lookout’s big party in San Francisco on the first night of Google I/O. Drinks will start flowing at 8PM at a hot secret location in downtown SF & one of the city’s best Food Trucks will be there serving snacks. There will be some goodies for the first folks who show up at the door. *Please note, this event is 21 and over.
To enter this contest, all you have to do is head over to our forum thread and tell us what you’re most looking forward to at this year’s Google I/O. It’s a simple as that. You have until 11:59pm Sunday June 17th. We will randomly pick 20 winners, announce them on the 18th, and email them with instructions to the account associated with their username.

Click here to enter

Sprint Announces New Security Suite called Sprint Guardian

We all feel a little safer when we have some protection. Whether in our car, in our home, throughout our daily lives. Well Sprint has expanded that security that we all need. The Now network has announced that it is releasing a new security suite called Sprint Guardian. These mobile security solutions will bring together Sprint, Safely, and Lookout. Though this new suite parents will have peace of mind knowing they can keep track of their children and know that they are being safe with their mobile phone. Based on location tracking and limiting texting times a parent can know that their kids will not be texting while driving and also be able to check their location at any time. A few of these feature are known as, Sprint Mobile Controls, Sprint Drive First, and Sprint Family Locator.

I can tell you that my being a Sprint customer and the father of a 13 year old going on 20, this offering by Sprint is quite welcome. Although there is a pretty good chance my son will not be so fond of it. Tough luck kid! :) Want to see the whole press release and all the features and pricing of Sprint Guardian? Hit the jump.

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Lookout Mobile Security adds File System and Install Monitoring to both free and premium users

We’re big fans of Lookout Mobile Security here at Talk Android. They just keep getting better. Today they announced two new services: File System Monitoring and Install Monitoring. These two services are aimed at those of you that like to download apps from alternative markets, forums, or any other means. Lookout already has protection for scanning apps after installation, but this update will scan these 3rd party apps before installation. That’s the ultimate form of protection because there’s no sense installing something that’s malware to begin with.

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Lookout Mobile Security “Localized” In United Kingdom, Australia and Canada

Lookout Mobile Security has always been downloadable all over the world where 30% if Lookout’s users are international. Now features like find-my-phone, data backup, and data restore features that the U.S. have enjoyed are available in the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada with more to come. Their first overseas partnership is with Telstra giving its customers access to Lookout via the Android Market. Lookout is upping its game quickly with it’s recent move to the Android tablet arena and now pushing it’s feature internationally. If you haven’t signed up for Lookout yet, you should check it out. The free app provides security, data backup, and find-my-phone features, but Lookout Premium  provides comprehensive security and privacy protection for $2.99/month or $29.99/year. More importantly, you can now register both your smartphone and tablet under the same account. Hit up the break for download links and the full press release from Lookout.

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