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Wireless customers to get free WiFi on London Underground in early 2013

Earlier today, EE announced on Twitter that customers would be able to receive free WiFi on the London Underground. There was also speculation that it would also include Virgin Media customers, and also provide free WiFi in 72 underground stations in London. Fast-forward through the day, and tweets were deleted, comments were declined from both parties, and it seemed like EE might’ve jumped the gun on the free WiFi announcement.  Read more

Get London Underground service updates in real time on Google Maps

 The London Underground is by far and away the easiest way to to travel around the UK’s capital. As a UK resident who travels to London for work on a monthly basis personally, I can tell you first hand that it’s equal parts brilliant and frustrating.

The wonderful Maps team at Google have managed to sneak in a useful update that might make that daily commute just a little bit easier. As well as planning your journey, Google Maps will now also give you a heads up on any scheduled work and real time updates of any delays etc. Just another step towards cementing Google Maps position as Android’s bona fide ‘killer app’

No Google Play Store update is required as the new service was pushed discretely earlier today. Happy travelling!



source : Google