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The ‘Google Workshop’ could be a tool used to create custom cases


In August of last year, word broke that Google was flirting with the idea of allowing users to add a bit of customization to their Nexus smartphones in the terms of cases built on moments or photos. After that though, nary a word was mentioned and some had thought that Google had abandoned the idea. However, new information surfaced in the past few days that suggests the search giant may actually still be working on the project.

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Creator of DashClock releases Muzei, An artistic daily live wallpaper for your enjoyment



One of the things that the app DashClock has been known for is its ability to allow others to take advantage of it. The creator of DashClock, Roman Nurik, looks to do the same with his newly released live wallpaper. Enter Muzei. Russian for museum, the app will showcase a work of art daily as your wallpaper. However rather than be obtrusive the wallpaper will be dimmed and blurred as to not distract you from going about your business. Although, if you’re interested in seeing the actual work of art and information on it, that’s just a double-tap away.

If works of art don’t interest you, you can set the wallpaper to cycle through your photos instead. And this is where the open API comes to play. By keeping it open, developers can use the code to create their own wallpaper sources. Basically this equates to the ability to use other images, for instance, nature, lightning or space related wallpapers to name a few.

We have the Download link and QR code after the break. Also, there is both a gallery and a video for you to check out as well. As you’ll notice, Muzei offers a subtle and classy touch to spruce up your wallpaper. Enjoy!

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Celebrate July 4th with City Fireworks Live Wallpaper


If you’re looking for a cool fireworks live wallpaper, you will find a number of them in the Play Store, but you don’t need to look any further than City Fireworks. This one will give you an array of fireworks over various skylines such as New York, Washington DC, London, Berlin, Moscow, and more. As far as settings go, there are a slew of them. You can set the time of day to be in real time or fixed. If you want to add stars and or make the moon bigger, no problem. The paid version costs $1.04 and will give you the most options. Full list of customizations is as follows:

  • change city between New York (Manhattan), London, Moscow, Kiev, Paris, Berlin, Seattle, Toronto, Prague and Stockholm
  • additional selection of non-city scene Seoraksan National Park, South Korea (설악산국립공원, 雪嶽山國立公園)
  • number of rockets
  • turn on / off sounds
  • particle count of explosions
  • length of trails (from zero to infinite)
  • explosion flash intensity (or no flash)
  • moon size and position
  • snowflake count and color
  • any time of day or dynamic time (real time)
  • speed of clouds
  • turn on/off high and low clouds
  • true color (24 bit) option

If you’re really into customizing, you can use your own image as a backdrop. Just make sure it is a PNG file of any city/landscape with the sky cut out as a transparent alpha. Hit the break for a video and download links.

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Featured Android App Review: Live Pixels [Live Wallpaper]


Every now and then it’s nice to play an 8-bit game on your Android device, but how about an 8-bit live wallpaper? That’s exactly what inHause Games created with Live Pixels. We are already familiar with inHause Games as we previously reviewed their other awesome live wallpaper called YourCity 3D. Live Pixels is actually a bunch of live wallpapers and you can choose which ones you want to display on your homescreen. It’s got everything from fireworks, explosions, and even a flying cat. There are 14 in all:

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Ambitious Developer Designs ICS-Based Live Wallpapers Ready For Users

Let’s face it: some live wallpapers are awesome, but then other wallpapers are generic and not-so-awesome. That’s why a creative individual created some snazzy new ICS-based live wallpapers based off the AOSP PhaseBeam Live Wallpaper & its modified version called GummyBeam by kejar31. The new live wallpapers as you can see have a sweet theme and give some needed oomph to your homescreens. Getting the new live wallpapers is a breeze too. All you do is download the version of the wallpaper you want to use to your device’s SD-Card or internal storage, and use your preferred file manager to find the wallpapers and install them. Please note though– you’ll have to have sideloading (installing non-Market apps) enabled on your Android device in order for this to work.

If you’re ready for a new twist on live wallpapers, be sure to check out and download all of the wallpapers using the various links below.

Root Beam Download

Bio Beam Download

Star Beam Download

(Photo courtesy of Droid Life)

 source: RootzWiki

Zip Across Space Through A Time Tunnel With 3D Hyperspace Live Wallpaper

This is about as close as you’re going to get to time warping through space via a time tunnel.  3D Hyperspace Live Wallpaper offers you a stunning Live Wallpaper that gives you the affect of traversing across space via a time tunnel right on your smartphone.  The app can work from your SD card and offers a ton of cool features like stellar effects, OpenGL optimization, galaxy explosion effects and plenty of “fully customized setting options”.  Head on over to the Android Market and give this Live Wallpaper a try and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.  Market download link, QR code and screen shots available after the break.   Read more

Download Wallpapers, Live Wallpapers, Ringers, and Boot Animation for the Pantech Breakout

Been looking for some new wallpapers and ringtones to spruce up your phone? How about some taken from the newly released Pantech Breakout? An individual going by the name of Legion made a generous contribution to our friends at Droid-life today, consisting of the wallpapers, both normal and live, the ringtones, and the bootloader from the device. The live wallpapers didn’t work on my Nexus, and apparently it’ll have issues on devices with higher resolution screens, but the normal wallpapers are quite beautiful. The packages, at the very least, are well worth checking out. Download and enjoy!

Live WallpapersWallpapersAudioBoot AnimationEverything

[via droid-life]

App Review: Video Live Wallpaper – Set your own video as a live wallpaper [video]

We all know that live wallpapers can impact performance and cause your battery to drain quicker. Even though I do not use them often, I think they are cool once in a while.

Ever since the debut of live wallpapers, I always thought it would be cool if you could turn any video into a live wallpaper. Well C.C.P. Cre@tions had the same idea and I am surprised how well Video Live Wallpaper works. You can take videos from a variety of formats, but the best formats are mpg-1, mpg-2, and avi. With Video Live Wallpaper your live wallpapers are pretty much limitless. You can have a video of your child, memories from your vacation, a big touchdown or home run involving your favorite team, or something cool you saw on YouTube.

Hit the break for the video review and market links (via QR code or source link)

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Solar Wind Live Wallpaper is a mesmerizing live wallpaper for Android

If live wallpapers are your thing, you’re going to want to check out Solar Wind Live Wallpaper. I’ve seen some pretty nice live wallpapers in my day, but this is probably the most visually stunning example I have ever seen.

It is extremely well optimized for OpenGL, and runs like butter on my Incredible. It comes with five pre-installed settings: Classic, Undertow, Cosmic, Space, and Jiggly. You can also customize your own, with options for particle number, size, speed, and advanced options like wind speed.

Also, because it is so well optimized, I found that it did not drain my battery as much as some other live wallpapers I’ve tried. So, if you’re running Android 2.1 or higher, I highly recommend checking this one out. Hit up our app database link below to download Solar Wind Live Wallpaper for free!

Download: Solar Wind Live Wallpaper (free)