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Google Creative Labs releases ‘Meter’ live wallpaper that displays real-time phone stats


Google Creative Labs has just released another of their so-called “Android Experiments”, this time however, instead of an app, they created a live wallpaper that displays real-time info of your smartphone’s stats. This includes signal strength, notification count, and battery life, and uses colorful and cool-looking geometric shapes that adaptively change.  Read more

Google Play Edition device boot animation and live wallpaper available for download


As expected, here’s the red/orange SunBeam live wallpaper and boot animation that’s found on the Google Play Edition of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One. You do need to be rooted for the boot animation, and it can be flashed through your custom recovery. As to the Sunbeam wallpaper, you can install it like any other third-party APK, but some are reporting errors. If that’s the case for you, then you need to be rooted so you can push the file to /system/app. Links after the break!

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Get the “Parallex Effect” iOS feature on Android with 3D Image Live Wallpaper

3d_image_live_wallpaperA lot of iOS 7’s features that they unveiled today at the WWDC include capabilities that Android has already had. One of those is “Parallex Effect,” which gives iPhone homescreens an illusion of the icons moving around depending on the angle at which you tilt the screen. An Android app called 3D Image Live Wallpaper does the same thing that the iOS feature does, and has actually been around for a while.  The gyroscope-controlled effect that the app provides lays over any wallpaper you choose, and it’s actually pretty cool.

The wallpaper costs $1.60 and you can download it from the Play Store via the link after the break. Try it out and let us know what you think.

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New app brings Google Now wallpapers to any compatible device



For those of you longing to bring the Google Now wallpapers to any homescreen, developer Bongoman has created a live wallpaper app that allows you to do just that. While it is technically a live wallpaper, the only time it changes is when switching from day to night, which means virtually no battery drain. The app allows you to flip through Google Now-esque cards and then simply tap to apply the desired wallpaper. All the locations included in Google Now are here and there’s even a separate app for those of you with an HD display. Both versions of Google Now Wallpapers are available from the Play Store free of charge. Hit the break for a slideshow and Play Store links.

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Five top live wallpapers for Android [April 2013]


Live wallpapers are one of the most unique features to Android, and for good reason. Sometimes still pictures get a little boring, so why not spice your home screen up with something flashy and interactive? We’re going to go over a few of the best live wallpapers available for your device in this guide.

As a disclaimer, live wallpapers will likely drain your battery a bit more than a static wallpaper, and some phones can get a bit bogged down by the more intense wallpapers. It’s best to experiment and see which ones work for you to give you a nice balance between form and function. Lets get started.

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Nexus 4 Dot Live Wallpaper provides you with the ultimate Nexus experience

Perhaps you were lucky enough to score a Nexus 4 when it went on sale last week. Or, maybe you’re simply envious of those who did. Either way, Wasabi’s new Nexus 4 Dot Live Wallpaper is destined to give you an even heftier dose of that desirable Nexus 4 goodness.

The fresh animated background mimics the the excitable rear exterior of Google and LG’s new brainchild, offering a dazzling Nexus-esque experience. The entire feel can be tailored to your personal tastes, with a variety of color choices. In addition, you can also change the speed by which the dots fade in and out, as well as their size. Read more

Jelly Belly Candy Co. Releases Jelly Belly Live Wallpaper

Is Google’s Android 4.1 firmware not enough Jelly Bean for you? The Jelly Belly Candy Company has your back with even more Jelly Bean goodness with their release of a live wallpaper dedicated to the little edible treat. The app is free to download and surprisingly offers quite a variety of options. You can select the different types of Jelly Bean flavors you’d like to show up on your home screen and even change the wallpaper to your liking.

Google has given the popular Jelly Bean company some great free advertisement with this firmware name, don’t you think? Head over to the QR code or download link after the break!

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Toxic Bakery’s “Cube Complex” Live Wallpaper Review (Video)

I’m a huge fan of cool Live Wallpapers as you may already know from  some of my previous posts.  And I’m not just saying I’m a huge fan because it’s something the iPhone can’t do, ok, well maybe :).  In Android’s infancy it was difficult to run a complex or complicated Live Wallpaper on your device simply because of the hardware and software limitations.  Those days have long been gone and with today’s new innovative hardware and all of our dual-core and quad-core beasts with crazy GPU’s hitting the industry, we’re in for a treat when it comes to cool complex Live Wallpapers.  Speaking of “complex”, I’ll take this opportunity for a segway and introduce one of the coolest Live Wallpapers I’ve seen in the Play Store in quite some time.  Developer Toxic Bakery has brought to Android Cube Complex LWP, a pretty cool live wallpaper that really isn’t all that complex at all when you think about it.  And while I wouldn’t want the dev baking my wedding cake, they make one heck of a cool live wallpaper.  I’ve had the pleasure of running this on my T-Mobile Galaxy S II which has a dual-core 1.5 GHz CPU by Qualcomm.  Not to mention the application is well optimized for most devices so it ran pretty smooth on mine.   Read more

Digital Hive Live Wallpaper Available For Android In The Google Play Store (Video)

Live Wallpapers just keep getting cooler and cooler for Android, especially with the kind of hardware hitting the market these days. Live Wallpapers are no longer taking the toll they once did on performance and battery life.  Latest to catch our eye is the Digital Hive Live Wallpaper, a unique interactive background that allows you to choose from an array of swatches to suite the mood you’re in.

Displays a 3D grid of glowing, pulsing hexagons. This full version also allows you to select any color and enables touch interaction with the hexagons.

The app will run you .99¢ in the Play Store but is well worth the coolness (is that a word?).  The application has been brought up to speed to work with most devices including the Galaxy Nexus. The application even allows for multi-color support. The app is compatible with both your smartphone and your tablet.  Check out the video below of the quick demo as well as some of the screen shots touting the cool looking digital hive.  Run your fingers across the screen and watch the hexagons respond at the touch.  Check it out for yourself and if you like it, feel free to drop a comment or two below.  Hit the break for the video, pics and to get to the download links.  Enjoy.   Read more

Add A Beautiful Drift Of Colors, Shapes And Patterns To Your Smartphone With Luma Live Wallpaper (Video)

We can’t help it sometimes, though we know at times and depending on certain devices, live wallpapers can be a damper on your battery.  But it’s beautiful ones like the Luma Live Wallpaper for Android that compels you to download a gorgeous app like this onto your smartphone.  The Luma Live Wallpaper for Android offers you an array of beautiful colors and shapes such as leaves, hearts, flowers and other patterns to drift smoothly across your screen giving you an overall instant feeling of serenity.

  • Luma is a colorful, interactive live wallpaper featuring beautiful combinations of drifting shapes and colors. With literally hundreds of combinations, it’s like having 500 live wallpapers in one.  
  • Luma comes with a set of designer themes that are made to match a range of homescreen themes and styles. Transform your screen into a beautiful mosaic of moving shapes and color.

There are a ton of options with the app especially when it comes to the customization department.  You have the ability to create your very own color schemes, what shapes are involved and how or in what fashion they float across your device’s screen.  The app is interactive as it allows you to scatter shapes and disrupt the flow by a simple touch of the screen.  Check out the cool demo below from the dev and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.  The app will run you a buck in the Google Play Store but it’s well worth the design and functionality you’re getting.  Hit the break for the video and to check out some more screen shots of the app in action as well as to hit up the download links.   Read more