Apple and HTC forced to show licensing agreement to Samsung’s legal team

Not too long ago, HTC and Apple reached a settlement to end their patent disputes. Rumors were that it was a little unfair, but either way Samsung saw it as an opportunity to help their legal case against Apple and requested the details of the agreement be released. Fortunately for Samsung, Judge Paul S. Grewal agreed to the request, despite being “more than a little skeptical.” Samsung is planning to use that licensing deal to counter Apple’s injunctions by saying that Apple is fine with getting paid for their IP and patents, as is the case with that massive billion dollar payout, and therefore issuing injunctions against Samsung devices is an unnecessary step.

Apple’s legal team had previously agreed to share the settlement, but left out the financial part of it. According to this ruling today, Apple will have to reveal that last part about the finances. Don’t hold your breath on seeing any details soon, though; it’s been labeled for “Attorneys-Eyes-Only,” which means only Samsung’s legal team gets to see it. Hopefully something leaks in the next few weeks before the December 6th trial, right?

source: The Verge

Samsung wants to use HTC licensing deal to undercut Apple in patent suits

By now, most of us are aware of HTC’s licensing deal with Apple that’s speculated to pay out between $6 and $8 per HTC phone. Samsung wants to exactly what that licensing deal covered. Why, you ask? If Apple licensed it’s “user-experience patents” to HTC, it could completely change these patent wars. Before, Apple has refused to license those user-experience patents, but if they were licensed to HTC but not offered to Samsung, well… I’m sure you can imagine that doesn’t look too great in the courtroom. Read more

Apple to make $280 million annually from HTC licensing deal

We’ve got a few more details on that cross licensing deal between Apple and HTC. According to sources close to the tech giants, Apple will make close to $6 – $8 in fees per HTC phone sold. That equates to $180 to $280 million per year for Apple, based on HTC’s estimated 30 to 35 million phones to be shipped in 2013. These claims are also backed up by Wall Street, so it seems to be more than just a few rumors. Read more

LG and Sony settle patent disputes

With all the lawsuits going on it is refreshing to hear of two companies that have decided to drop the gloves. Sony and LG have resolved patent disputes that involved smartphones, TVs, and Blu-ray technology by entering into a cross-licensing deal.

They originally had a technology sharing agreement that expired three years ago, but they never renewed it. Sony filed a complaint against LG with the International Trade Commission seeking to block LG from shipping several smartphones to the U.S. Then LG told the commission that Sony’s PlayStation 3 infringed its Blu-ray technology.

“LG and Sony recently agreed to drop patent infringement lawsuits against each other,” a spokeswoman at South Korea’s LG Electronics said. Sony confirmed this, but declined to comment further.

[via reuters]