Google expands music portfolio with European license deal

Google took a big step in expanding the portfolio of music it is able to make available to customers with a new licensing deal covering several European countries. The license deal with Armonia, an alliance of French, Italian and Spanish licensing groups, opens the door to music from 35 countries. Notable artists covered by the new deal include Lady Gaga and Rihanna.

In addition to the European countries covered by the agreement, Google also gained access to the British and American portfolios of Universal Music Publishing and the Latin portfolio of Sony. Sources indicate royalties for publishers and artists are consistent with industry standards. The breadth of the deal is unusual as license deals with others have typically been on a country-by-country basis.

source: Businessweek

Android Licenser will Protect your Apps

Protect you Apps

With all of the lawsuits going on between larger companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Google and Motorola, developers should expect that any app they create for the Android Market (usually based on popularity) is subject for theft or piracy.

Thankfully, Android Licenser aims to help developers protect their intellectual property in the Android Market, drive larger profits for their paid apps and allow retention of 100% of the revenue for your app. Android Licenser will also help promote your app in countries where a paid Android Market has not been implemented as of yet.

[via Android Licenser]