LG Y70 makes a quick stop on Indian import tracking site


The upcoming LG Y70 has made an appearance on Zauba. The Indian import tracking site registered the handset’s arrival on Thursday. And, surprisingly, the listing gives us some information about the Y70. It will have some version of Lollipop running behind a 4.7-inch display. The resolution of the display is unknown at this time but 720p seems likely.

The LG Y70 is said to be launching in South American and European markets.

Source: Zauba

LG to give away a plastic version of Google Cardboard to G3 owners


With Samsung offering the Gear VR, many are wondering what LG, or even other Android manufacturers will do. LG is joining the party, but they are doing exactly the opposite of Samsung in that they are embracing Google, which is something Samsung never does.

LG VR is going to be based on Google Cardboard, except it will be tailored for the G3 and it will be made  from plastic. LG VR will utilize the same ring magnet found on Cardboard, and it will work with the G3 magnetic gyroscope to scroll through applications and menus. However, this VR will also leverage the rear volume rocker layout and the G3’s 1W speaker for better sound.

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Samsung and LG to embrace rear dual-cameras


A new report out of Korea has Samsung and LG releasing smartphones this year with dual cameras at the back. This is nothing new since HTC tried it already (pictured above) and appears to be giving up on it with the One (M9). Two rear cameras offer more depth to your photos and allows you to easily add Bokeh type effects.

What’s interesting about this report is that it suggests the Galaxy S 6 will sport such a thing, but we have had so many leaked renders and there is no sign of it. My guess is that it would show up on the Galaxy Note 5 or the next version of the Galaxy Note Edge. Remember that Samsung patent we saw last week? It was for a dual-curved edge phone, but there was also a popup that was unexplained. That could easily be a second camera as we speculated in that post. I guess it’s also possible that it shows up on the Galaxy S 6 Edge, but I still think it’s unlikely.

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Sprint updating the HTC One (M8) and LG G3 to Android 5.0 Lollipop next week


Sprint is on fire when it comes to updating devices to Lollipop. If the HTC One (M7) and the Galaxy S 5 wasn’t enough, how about the HTC One (M8) and the LG G3? A leaked document shows that the HTC One (M8) will get Android 5.0 Lollipop on February 13 and the LG G3 will get the tasty treat on February 16. If you happen to own the Harman Kardon edition of the One (M8), don’t fret, because it’s included in the update as well.

Of course, it should be noted that “subject to change” is listed so if anything goes wrong with the final testing, Sprint will delay the launch. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

source: Android Central

Unknown Verizon LG device surfaces online with model number VS986

LG_G3_Back_Slanted_LG_Logo_02_TAAn announcement for the LG G4 is right around the corner, so it makes sense that models of the device will start showing up in databases online. Not too long ago we saw an LG device with a 3k display and the model number LG VS999 that we haven’t seen an equivalent for on other carriers. Verizon’s G3 model was the VS985, so it lined up. Today, though, another device with a different model has popped up that muddies things up a bit.

A new device with the model VS986 has appeared online, which is extremely close to the model of the G3. The G2’s model was the VS980, so this new model seems to fall closer in line with what LG and Verizon typically go with, but anything’s possible. Read more

Future of LG G4 and stylus less clear after latest leak


As we look down the road in 2015 for a successor to LG’s LG G3 smartphone, one of the rumors that surfaced was that LG may equip their flagship device with a stylus to be able to compete a little more directly against the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. That rumor was fueled by information about a trademark filing for the “G Pen” name. A new trademark filing for “G4 Stylus” could be a sign that LG is actually planning to equip a mid-range device with a stylus instead of their flagship device. Read more

LG G4 gets WiFi certification, bringing it one step closer to launch

LG_G3_Back_Slanted_LG_Logo_02_TAAs we get closer and closer to the launch of one of the most highly anticipated devices of 2015, the LG G4 appears to have picked up a WiFi certification by the WiFi alliance, ticking off one more check box on its way to seeing an official unveiling.

The certification was for the LG-H811, which is fairly similar to other rumored G4 model numbers we’ve seen. Aside from confirming that LG’s next flagship will have WiFi radios (which shouldn’t surprise anyone), the certification does note that the device runs Android L, so the G4 will probably be launching with the latest software from Google. Definitely good news. Read more

LG G Flex 2 wallpapers now available for download


Everybody can use a new wallpaper every now and then and sometimes you can find some really cool one pre-installed on new smartphones. Take for instance, the LG G Flex 2. They have pre-installed 10 new wallpapers and they are available for you to download right now. It’s not about trying to make your phone look like an LG device, it’s more about finding something that looks cool on your device, whether it’s LG or not. Of course, if you’re sporting an older LG device, these might give you the feeling that your device is a little newer than it really is. Hit the break for all the goods.

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