LG Optimus G 2 shows up in GLBenchmark database


The GLBenchmark site is one of the best resources for finding out about phones in the pipeline. A new LG phone (D801) showed up in the database that is most likely the Optimus G 2. It’s powered by a 1.7GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 MSM8974, an Adreno 330 GPU, an FHD display, and Android 4.2.2. It has been rumored that the Optimus G 2 would carry an Odin Octa-core CPU, but this news doesn’t mean that it won’t. Just like the Galaxy S 4, it’s very likely that LG will offer variants with different processors for different regions. I would expect to see this phone to get announced at IFA 2013 later in the year, so expect a lot of rumors and leaks in the meantime.

source: GLBenchmark

Did Google and LG quietly update the Nexus 4 design? It sure appears to be the case



It looks like Google & LG may have pulled a fast one on the Android world by recently giving the Nexus 4 a couple of subtle design changes. As pointed out by our pals at MobiFlip, we can now see that the device features two notable uhhhh… “nipples” on the back of the device. Many of you are wondering what they are there for, right? Well it’s quite simple actually: since the Nexus had a flat back previously, the speaker was essentially muted, meaning owners could miss some important notifications. The nipples essentially act as a sort of stand which would help to elevate the phone just slightly in order for sound to pass through easily. Additionally, the ring found on the camera lens has been reduced to appear a bit smaller. Of course there’s no specific reasoning for this change, but the guess is that the camera lens reduction is probably aesthetics-related.


“New” lens on the left; “old” lens on the right

Now if we can get just one more feature added in, the Nexus 4 will be gold.

via: MobiFlip
source: Android Police

T-Mobile’s 4G LTE can be accessed with Nexus 4 under right circumstances


With T-Mobile officially launching their 4G LTE network in seven cities throughout the U.S., their customers may be wondering exactly how to access the new bandwidth. Owners of Samsung Galaxy Note II devices can do so thanks to an update that T-Mobile just pushed out to the devices. Another group that may be able to do so are owners of the LG Nexus 4 if they have done some work. Achieving this feat with a T-Mobile Nexus 4 requires rooting and installing a custom ROM, then flashing the radio back to the previous .33 version.
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Samsung sues LG for tarnishing brand image



Samsung has taken LG to court in a lawsuit claiming LG “tarnished its corporate image.” The accusation and lawsuit comes after LG ran a series of ads that Samsung says were incorrect and began when LG released a refrigerator claiming to have the world’s largest capacity. Samsung contradicted this claim in a YouTube video highlighting the differences. LG then sued Samsung for 10 billion Won, or $9027720, and began running ads against Samsung. As a result, Samsung is demanding a sum total of 50 billion Won, or $45 billion dollars, in damages from LG.

It will certainly be interesting to see if LG or Samsung will come out victorious in this latest edition of the advertising wars.

Source: SammyHub

Mysterious LG LS720 smartphone tries to slip through the FCC door quietly, shows that its wearing Sprint LTE frequencies



LG is looking to continue its impressive 2013 assualt by having yet another smartphone in the works. A mysterious device called the LS720 has just tiptoed its ways down the FCC halls and while it doesn’t have too much details or info— we do know that it will come dressed in LTE frequencies that screams Sprint which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise since we saw plenty of 4G LTE-capable LG devices throughout 2012. Considering the Optimus G has its model name of LS970, it’s probably a safe bet to say that this device is probably going to be in the lower end of the mid-range category— but we’ll know for sure once more deets leak out as the device’s launch gets closer.

source: FCC
via: Engadget

LG is prepping their own smartwatch as well as something similar to Google Glass


Although smartwatches haven’t caught on yet, we are about to see a major push from all the major manufacturers. We already know Samsung, Google, and Apple will come out with their own smartwatch in the near future. LG is the next manufacturer to jump into the ring as a source familiar with the matter told the Korea Times. It was also revealed that they are working on something similar to Google Glass

“It is one major part of many currently non-commercialized products under development by LG Electronics,” said the source. “The company has spared no efforts to invest in products that it believes are must-haves to stay ahead technology wise in the market, whatever the situation maybe.”

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LG E980 clears the FCC, could be Optimus G Pro for AT&T


LG mentioned that the Optimus G Pro would be available in North America in the 2nd quarter of this year. It looks like we are one step closer to this promise being fulfilled as an LG phone with the model E980 stopped by the FCC for a little visit.  Considering the Optimus G is the E970, I think it’s a lock that AT&T will be bringing this beast to it’s network soon. As a reminder, this phone sports a 5.5-inch 1080p display along with a quad-core 1.7GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 CPU. We will let you know more as soon as we hear it.

source: FCC
via: Engadget

Sprint allowing MNVOs to sell modified Sprint Android handsets


Sometimes, a customer doesn’t want to go with one of the big name carriers like Sprint or Verizon. Smaller MNVOs are popular alternatives to the larger (usually contract-centric) carriers. Both options have their place with consumers, but in many situations, MNVOs don’t have a good enough device selection to sway as many costumers. Well, Sprint is looking to give them a hand with a new program that will allow MNVOs to modify certain Sprint handsets to resell to customers.
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LG Claims Samsung’s Galaxy S 4 May Infringe Its Eye-Tracking Patents


The Galaxy S 4 was unveiled last week and already Samsung is facing patent infringement accusations. LG believes the S 4 may be infringing its eye-tracking patents which are utilized in such new features as Smart Scroll and Smart Pause. LG’s Optimus G Pro utilizes eye-tracking technology (and related patents) for its Smart Video feature. Samsung denies any patent infringement and LG also plans to find out if the South Korean giant infringed other eye-tracking patents dating back to as far as 2005. No lawsuit has been filed yet, although this wouldn’t be the first time either company has went after each other in court regarding patents.

Via: The Verge
Source: Yonhap News

Google’s Nexus 5 rumored to feature a potential camera with Nikon branding



You folks remember that dream Nexus 5 “Megalodon” handset we mentioned to you all a few days ago? Well while it appears that some of the preliminary specs we’d heard about may be a slightly over exaggerated (especially the OLED display and 3 gigs of RAM), some new rumors have surfaced indicating the Nexus 5 will at the least include some attractive internals compared to most other smartphones out there. According to a PhoneArena tipster, the rumored device will have a 5-inch 1080p display, 2 gigs of RAM, and a 3,140mAh battery. And remember how Vic Gundontra predicted Google’s phones will be capable of some pretty sweet photography capabilities? Well it’s possible the Nexus 5 will have a camera module that has a “triple camera sensor thing” with Nikon branding— pretty much indicating that Google is (finally) taking the cameras on its devices seriously. Oh and the upcoming device will feature Key Lime Pie for good measure as well.

No word yet on when we can expect Google to unveil this supposed Nexus 5 smartphone, but it’s safe to say that we can all start to salivate at the thought of a potentially sweet device.

source: PhoneArena