LG pokes fun at upcoming Galaxy S IV smartphone by strategically placing Optimus G “4″ ads in Times Square



Samsung may be grabbing all the thunder in today’s headlines, but LG is certainly not going to sit pretty and stay quiet. As seen in the above pic, while Samsung is encouraging folks to “be ready 4 the next Galaxy” in a billboard ad right in the heart of Times Square, LG cleverly bought some ad space directly above Samsung’s ad highlighting “the Optimus G is here 4 you now”— specifically poking fun at Sammy’s “4″ messaging. Talk about a cheap shot at Samsung for the entire world to see… sheesh.

It’s probably a safe bet to say that Sammy probably isn’t extending an invitation to LG to watch the Galaxy S IV announcement along with the general public tonight at 7:00pm EST.

source: Engadget

New VoLTE tests show improved battery life for second generation


As we watch newer, faster smartphones come to market, many of us may gloss over one of the original uses of the devices – phone calls. Manufacturers and carriers have not forgotten though and as they have been working to rollout 4G LTE services, they have realized they could shift voice traffic over to the LTE network, but not without some challenges. To address the situation, some carriers have been looking at moving voice traffic onto the LTE network using technology referred to as VoLTE, Voice over LTE. The problem is that LTE was designed to move data not voice. In addition, LTE currently does not carry SMS traffic which accounts for a large portion of the revenue stream. To make voice calls over LTE means the use of some type of VOIP technology to convert the voice call into data, which means more computing overhead and thus, more demands on a smartphone’s battery. This concept was found to be true in testing in late 2012. MetroPCS and LG have been working to improve this situation as revealed in the results of recent tests.
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LG Optimus G on Sprint to receive Jelly Bean 4.1.2 update

LG Optimus G

If you’re the owner of a Sprint Optimus G, you’ll want to keep an eye out for the 4.1.2 update that Sprint has announced it will be pushing to your device. You’ll get Google Now, expandable notifications, and all the other awesome features in Jelly Bean. Now we just have to wait and see if AT&T’s Optimus G gets the same treatment anytime soon. Hit the source below to get a full list of new features in the update.

source: Sprint

Latest ComScore report shows Apple is experiencing major growth, while Android is still the top OS… but slowly losing steam



Should Android manufacturers finally have reason to worry about Android’s perceived growth as a mobile platform? The latest ComScore report indicates that yes, they may need to worry for once.  According to the report, the period between October 2012 and January 2013 shows that Apple is slowly beginning to eat away at the overall smartphone subscriber market share thanks to its 37.8% share among smartphone subscribers— up from 34.3% in October. Conversely, Samsung led the pack among Android devices thanks to its 21.4% share among smartphone subscribers— up from 19.5% in October. HTC, Motorola and LG round out the top five manufacturers.



Additionally, Android’s market share is slowly beginning to show signs of erosion, while Apple’s iOS platform is experiencing steady growth. Android’s overall share decreased to 52.3% in January, down from 53.6% in October; iOS grew to 37.8%— representing an increase from 34.3% in October.

source: ComScore

Tablets to eat into smartphones’ share of mobile content usage by the end of 2013


We love market shares and usage statistics. The latest number crunching has to do with who consumes the most data and compares basic phones to smartphones to tablets. Since the rise of the smartphone, we’ve seen a constantly increasing usage of data on smartphones, hitting an extremely high 78 – 79% in 2011 and 2012. Most people would think that usage would continue to grow until feature phones are totally phased out, but it looks like tablets are coming in to grab up a bit of that usage share.
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Optimus F5 to Hit Verizon Wireless as Lucid 2 (VS870)


Reports have surfaced that LG might be positioning the F-series in the US as early as April 2013. The LG Optimus F5, to be dubbed the “Lucid 2″, will be offered by Verizon Wireless as a mid-range device.

This will provide an affordable LTE solution for consumers.  The Lucid 2 will feature a:

  • 4.3-inch qHD (960 x 540) display
  • 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon Krait CPU
  • 5-Megapixel rear camera with 1080p video capture

Take this, coupled with Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2, and you are looking at an impressive feature list for a low-range device at an affordable price.

Source:  Unwired View

Verizon Wireless Announces New Software Update (VS95011B) for LG Intuition


It’s not Jelly Bean, but Verizon has announced a significant software update for it’s LG Intuition.  The new update, VS95011B, includes enhancements to Google and other device applications.  Here is what you can expect with this sizable 204MB update:


  1. E-mail viewing has been enhance through the incorporation of Split View.  If you are familiar and comfortable with “preview pane” in e-mail, you will love this new view addition.  Split View allows the user to “split” their message and their e-mail list.  As you move down the list you can view each e-mail in a split pane.  This allows the user to make short work of a full inbox without having to move back and forth from the list to the message over-and-over again.
  2. Messages can be added to an attachment while forwarding an e-mail via Sync & Connect

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LG hits the 10 million mark for LTE phones sold


The latest announcement from LG is that they’ve officially sold 10 million LTE-enabled smartphones globally. While they’re still trailing some of the biggest competitors in the market by a large chunk, it’s still a very impressive number, especially considering LTE isn’t commonplace all over the world like it is in countries like the US. Besides that, the number doesn’t include the Nexus 4, which has no (official) LTE but is still one of the best selling phones available on the market right now.

We’ve seen LG make a push for more LTE phones lately, and I think it’s going to pay off for them. 10 million is a good stepping stone, and LG has plenty of room to go up. When the wave of next generation devices hit the shelves in the coming months, expect LG to post some impressive numbers.

source: Newswire

LG Optimus LTE III spotted in South Korea


LG’s newest smartphone, the Optimus LTE III (F260S), showed up in South Korea where LG is expected to release the device later this year. The Optimus LTE III will be the first device in the Optimus LTE lineup to ship with Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean and features a 720p display (1280 x 720) with a currently unknown screen size. Other features include a dual-core Qualcomm MSM8960 Snapdragon processor, a 2,540 mAh battery powering the device and a design very similar to the recently announced Optimus F7 device. There is currently no word from LG on whether they will release the Optimus LTE III in any other country other than South Korea, but check back with TalkAndroid for updates.

Source: UnwiredView

LG using MWC to showcase its Wireless Ultra High Definition Transmission technology




One of the great things about events like MWC is the fact we can see new and innovative technologies that can potentially revolutionize our lives. As electronic giants such as LG develop Ultra HD TV sets, it’s only natural to wonder when it is we can push high quality content and streams from our smartphones to these cool TV sets, right? Well wonder no more as LG has announced it is using the trade show to showcase the first Wireless Ultra High Definition Transmission technology out there in all the land. The aim of the technology is pretty simple: the Wireless Ultra HD Transmission technology looks to ensure the smooth delivery of smartphone content to TV sets faster and more efficiently than previous mobile video compression and transfer systems. There’s less lag and the technology can easily optimze resolution sizes of what’s found on smartphones— so the result is what can be considered smooth and pretty visuals. Oh and LG also claims that its technology can consume less than half the power of other similar transmission standards. Nice.

No word on when we’ll see this device implemented in its TV sets, but we suspect it shouldn’t be too long before we see it in action. Hit the break for more deets from LG in the press release.

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