G Pad, smartwatch, new phablet, and flexible display confirmed by LG exec


Bulgarian LG communications executive Dimitar Vulev sat down with Dnevnik.bg to discuss what new products LG has in store. He confirmed that a tablet will be released by the end of the year. It’s no secret they are working on the G Pad, and it recently passed through the FCC.

He also mentioned a phablet for this year, which could point towards the Vu III or a G2 Pro. I tend to think it’s the Vu III as the G2 Pro would probably launch in early 2014.

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LG G2 coming to Verizon Wireless and AT&T by mid-September


The LG G2 will eventually be on all four U.S. carriers, but when? According to Android Central, Verizon will release it on September 12th and AT&T on September 13th. AT&T will also open pre-sales on September 3rd with free folio cases for all that pre-order. As to Sprint and T-Mobile, no word on when, but we can’t imagine they will stray too far from these dates. Are you excited for the G2? Will LG finally make some serious noise in the U.S.?

source: Android Central

Samsung and LG to begin mass producing flexible screens this November


Both Samsung and LG have shown off flexible displays for mobile phones, and we’ve been patiently waiting to see them in actual devices for some time. Good news as they are now both finally capable of mass producing flexible screens and will reportedly begin to manufacture them this November. It’s new technology, though, so the actual yield from production isn’t going to be extremely high. Estimates have Samsung being able to product 1.5 to 1.6 million displays per month with an actual yield of about 1 million. LG’s production is rumored to be a bit lower.

Because of the lower production quantities of these screens, I wouldn’t expect them to be used in the Galaxy Note 3 or any flagship LG has planned. I could be wrong, but I bet we’ll start to see them hit consumer devices sometime early next year.

source: etnews

Motorola back in the spotlight for Nexus 5


It’s hard to believe that it’s already mid August, and we don’t seem to have any concrete evidence on which OEM is going to make the Nexus 5. Early rumors indicated Motorola and then quickly switched to LG. Now we have @evleaks chiming in saying it will be Motorola. Yesterday, a supposed first image (backside) of the Nexus 5 surfaced. The phone in the image was made by LG, but it didn’t convince anyone. It didn’t even have a Nexus logo on the device.

@evleaks tweeted an image of a very similar phone and claims it is the upcoming LG Optimus L9 II. They went on to suggest that the “Nexus 5 (Nexus 4 v2) looks to be a Motorola handset.” LG has stated in the past that they weren’t working on Google Edition or Nexus devices, so this sounds logical. However, this kind of flip flopping is really unusual this late in the year. Any predictions? I already predicted there wouldn’t be a Nexus 5 this year, and so far, I’m not looking to good on that one.

source: @evleaks

Is this the backside of the new LG Nexus 5?

LG_Nexus_5_Leaked_Image_902Last week we got word that the new Nexus 5 will indeed be manufactured by LG and somewhat based on the G2. Now we have an image of the backside of the said device. We have no idea if it is real or not, but we can say that it confirms the rumor that there won’t be any G2-like volume/power controls on the back. As you can see, the volume and power buttons appear to be on the left side. The other thing that was reported last week was that it would sport a glass back. It’s hard to tell if this device has a glass back, but it does appear to have a shine or gloss to it. Lastly, as Christopher Wilkinson pointed out in the comments below….Where the hell is the Nexus logo?

What about specs? It was first rumored that it would be a scaled down version of the G2 as in the Snapdragon 600 vs the Snapdragon 800. Then it was reported that the Nexus 5 would indeed have the Snapdragon 800. Now we are going backwards again and hearing that it will not only be a Snapdragon 600, but the camera will be scaled back to 10MP. Non of this is surprising since Nexus devices are generally affordable.

So there you have it. The supposed first leaked image of the Nexus 5. Let us know what you think.

source: Techtastic

Photo leaked of AT&T LG Optimus G Pro in white



We’re about to see a new color for the AT&T LG Optimus G Pro. Famed leaker @evleaks tweeted out the above picture, showing a yet to be announced Optimus G Pro in pearly white with AT&T logos on the front and back.

Until this point, black was the only option for the device in the US, while white was limited to international versions. The Optimus G Pro is $99 on a two-year contract. The release date is yet to be announced for the white version.

Source: @evleaks

More Nexus 5 rumors: Based on LG G2 with glass back and no back buttons


A week ago, it was rumored that Motorola would be making the Nexus 5, but that was quickly washed away with LG as the chosen one. Today we have continued rumors showing LG as making the said device, but with a little more detail. The latest word is that it will be based on the G2 as in the screen size of 5.2-inches and the Snapdragon 800 SoC. Earlier in the week, it was rumored to have the Snapdragon 600. As far as the body, it’s expected that it will resemble the look of the new Nexus 7 and it will also sport a glass back, just like the Nexus 4.

What do you guys think? I would be surprised if the Nexus 5 has the Snapdragon 800. Nexus devices traditionally don’t have the most up to date specs in terms of CPU, just take a look at the new new Nexus 7 for reference. I’m not a fan of the glass back, but it does create differentiation from the other devices.

source: tinhte.vn
via: PhoneArena

LG G2 Verizon variant to come exclusively with wireless charging


Verizon hasn’t handled its flagships very well throughout the past few months, but it looks like they may be turning a corner with the upcoming G2. LG’s newest phone came without mention of wireless charging capabilities, but on Verizon’s sign-up page for the device they mention that the CDMA version will come with “exclusive Wireless Charging.” Not only this, but it looks like the rear buttons also have a slightly different design as well. Good work, Big Red.

Verizon sign-up page for LG G2 goes live


Verizon’s line-up continues to fill out with new devices, the latest one being the LG G2 that was revealed last week. When LG held their reveal event, they indicated the device would be available on all major U.S. carriers. Verizon has stepped up and launched a sign-up page for possible buyers who want to be notified of the latest news for the G2 on the network. Unfortunately, no date of availability is provided yet.

Hit the source link if you want to sign yourself up.

source: Verizon

More details surface regarding the upcoming LG G Pad tablet


We got word back in May that LG was looking to re-enter the tablet game sometime during the 3rd quarter of this year. If you remember, LG had the Optimus Pad, which didn’t do so well, and eventually caused LG to stop concentrating on tablets. I guess they just couldn’t stay away as they are readying their next tablet, dubbed the G Pad.

This one will have an 8.3-inch (1920 x 1200) display, a quad-core CPU, and 2GB of RAM. The CPU was unspecified, but I suspect it will be a Snapdragon. There are also plans for it to have both WiFi and cellular options.

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