Video shows off LG Flex’s “self-healing” back plate


Now this is certainly a first for me. LG released a video showcasing the “healing” properties of their new LG Flex device. Shown in the video are two backplates being continuously scratched, the left one being a normal back plate and the right one featuring LG’s new technology. You can see that even after scratching it, it heals itself moments later. LG has yet to explain exactly as to how this technology works, but they did say that this only works on regular “wear and tear” scratches, not big gashes that one would get by huge drops and such.

What do you guys think about it? Personally, I think it’s great as it’s the little scratches that tend to magically appear on my phone that mostly bugs me. Either way, I’m looking forward learning more about this new technology. Check out the video after the break!

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How connected are you with your smartphone?


With smartphones being as popular as ever, it begs the question as to how much we truly use them in our daily life tasks. LG took it upon themselves and took a relatively small survey to determine our smartphone usage in several different situations that most of us would find ourselves in on a weekly basis. The survey contained 1,100 participants ages 18 and over, which is a small pittance as compared to the 170 million smartphone users in America, but it still gives us a fairly good sample size. The survey determined how we use our smartphones during several weekly activities as well as several social situations that we commonly find ourselves in. Hit the break for the results that you may or may not find surprising:

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63.3% of all Android devices are Samsung branded


When it comes to Android, Samsung has been the reigning king, and it doesn’t appear that’s going to change anytime soon. As of right now, 63.3% of all Android devices has a Samsung logo on it. This includes phones and tablets, and let’s not forget about phablets or phonblets (whatever the kids are calling them these days). The next closest manufacturer is HTC with only 6.5%

When it comes to smartphones alone, the top 10 phones represent a 40.2% market share, but Samsung owns a total of 8 of them for a 37.8% market share. Only the HTC One and the DROID RAZR was able to make the list, and their combined market share is only 2.4%. The Galaxy Ace actually has a larger market share than both of these phones, which is mind boggling.

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XDA devs look to improve Nexus 5 camera via software mods


Disappointed in the quality of your Nexus 5′s camera? A developer by the name of Jishnu Sir over on XDA created a flashable .zip file in hopes to vastly improve the quality of your camera. It’s essentially a whole new  app that replaces the stock camera that you currently have. Obviously doing this will require you to unlock your bootloader and have some sort of custom recovery (i.e. ClockworkMod or TWRP). Here’s a full list of what the new camera app adds or improves:

1) Sound Recording now in Stereo with the secondary Mic.
2) Faster Focusing for the camera.
3) Front Camera also records 720P Videos@ 20 Mb/s.
4) Front camera Audio Bitrate@ 192000 Kb/s.
5) AntiBanding default set to 50Hz
6) Focus Range Adjusted.
7) Enhanced Smooth Zoom.
8) Turned Edge Enhancement ON.

If you’d like to read up on some user feedback on how the hack has worked for some, check out the source link which directs you to the XDA thread. If anyone out there is willing to give this a shot, report back in the comment section and let us know your results!

source: XDA

LG G Flex to launch next week in Korea, European release to come in December


Curves seem to be all the rage these days, and LG certainly has an option for you in the G Flex. The phone launches in Korea next week on November 12th, and Europe will be getting the device in December. France’s ‘Orange’ cell service provider will be getting the device next month as well.

Along with its curved, flexible six-inch OLED screen, the device comes with 2GB RAM and a 13 MP shooter.

The initial announcement didn’t mention anything about price, but now we have some more information— the Korean price will be 999,900 Won, or about $940.

It’s still tough to tell whether this device or Samsung’s Galaxy Round wins the head-to-head match-up between the two most prominent curved-display smartphones, but we should know soon enough.

Source: Engadget



Verizon LG G2 now free with contract until November 11

LG_G2_Back_Camera_Lens_Power_Volume_Buttons_TAIf you thought the price cut to the Moto X was good news, wait until you hear about LG’s deal. With a two year contract, the G2 is being offered by Verizon absolutely for free. You can get LG’s flagship phone on this great deal until November 11, with the promo code VZWDEAL. The G2 has a class-leading full HD display, powerful Snapdragon 800 processor, great mobile camera, amazing battery life, and all sorts of productivity tools that make it one of the top Android phones on the market right now.

If you’re interested, head to the source link and when you’re checking out, input the promo code for the discount.

Source: Verizon Wireless


comScore reports latest smartphone market share with only Apple and Samsung showing growth in Q3

september 2013 growth

comScore has reported the latest market shares for the month of September, and for every manufacturer that isn’t Samsung or Apple, it’s not good news.

Overall, Android has seen a slight 0.2% dip between June and September with iOS gaining just a fraction more of the total market. Most of that growth has come at the expense of BlackBerry, which is to be expected. On the Android side of things, Samsung was the only major manufacturer that saw any growth. Apple also saw just under 1% growth in the quarter, but HTC and Motorola both lost a few points of market share. What does that mean for those companies? Well, the biggest thing is that the HTC One and Moto X aren’t helping as much as they’d hoped. It also means that Samsung and Apple are selling devices at a significantly faster clip than what HTC and Motorola can do. LG, fortunately, didn’t lose any market share, but they didn’t gain any, either. No news is good news, right?

This report doesn’t really tell us anything we haven’t been expecting thanks to news stories in the past few months, but it solidifies just how strong of a grip Samsung and Apple maintain on the smartphone market. Despite other OEMs best attempts to shake up the landscape, nothing’s worked so far.

source: comScore

LG encouraging app development for IR by making loaner devices available


LG would really like to “inspire some great new apps” from developers that capitalize on the infrared remote sensor capabilities of their devices. To help bring that about, LG is making loaner devices available to programmers that want to work with LG’s new QRemote SDK in making those apps a reality. To take advantage of the program, developers will have to register at an LG Device Loaner Program website and complete an order form. If approved, the developer will receive the requested LG device, including the LG G2, for up to 30-days at no cost other than return shipping.

LG says the program was previewed last week at their LG Android Developers’ VIP event in San Francisco when the LG QRemote SDK was officially launched. Cecilia Son, LG’s mobile developer relations head says the response was very positive with several developers noting LG was “doing it right” in taking this approach.

Check out the full press release after the break for more details and information on how to sign up if you think you may qualify.
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Google swiftly photoshops accidental Nexus 8 leak to a Nexus 7

Nexus 7 photoshop

Google recently showed us what appeared to be a Nexus 8 on the official Android website, but they’ve quickly corrected their mistake. Thanks to some quick photo editing, Google has edited that image to show their newly released Nexus 7 instead of the rumored 8-inch tablet.

Truthfully, this doesn’t reveal anything about the device aside from telling us that Google didn’t want anyone to know about it just yet. It’s possible that Google wanted to adjust the mysterious tablet to squash any false rumors before they gained too much steam, but since we’ve already seen a possible 8-inch Nexus by LG get Bluetooth certification, it’s pretty unlikely that the tablet in the original photo was just a mock device. We’ll probably know more soon, but right now it’s clear that Google isn’t going to say anything.

source: Phone Arena

Possible Nexus 8 may have just gotten Bluetooth certification, made by LG


Remember that possible Nexus 8 that surfaced on Android’s website over the weekend? Now there’s more of a reason to think that it is indeed real. An LG tablet with the design name “LG V510″ became Bluetooth certified last week. The reason for believing this is the Nexus 8 is because LG’s G Pad 8.3 has the “LG V500″ design name. Do you think LG is going to release another tablet right on the heels of this one? We don’t think so.

If this stays to true Nexus form and mimics another device, we’re looking at a tablet with a full HD IPS display with 273 ppi, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 600 processor, 2GB of RAM, and 4,600 mAh battery. So yes, this would be a welcomed addition to the Nexus family. After Apple’s iPad mini was released, many consumers felt it was the sweet spot for tablet screens. You get a decent amount of screen real estate with portability. As always, stay tuned for this and more information on a new Nexus 10.

Source: Blog of Mobile (Japanese)