Google IO 2016 Coverage

LG G Flex 2 now available at Sprint


As promised, Sprint has officially launched the LG G Flex 2. The G Flex 2 should be more popular based on size alone as the original G Flex was just too big. However, early reports of overheating issues could hamper it.

If you want to take a chance at this cutting edge phone, you can grab it at Sprint starting today for $504 outright or 24 easy monthly payments of $21. You can also buy it on contract for $199 after a $50 mail-in-rebate. You have your choice of Volcano Red (exclusive to Sprint) or Platinum Silver.

source: Sprint

Additional non-final LG G4 angles show front and side


Recently, we caught a look at what is allegedly a non-final press render of the upcoming LG G4. Only the rear of the device was exposed and showed that LG would keep its setup that debuted on the G2 and reappeared on last year’s G3. The new images, still considered non-final press renders, offers looks at the front and side of the G4. Quite noticeable is the slight curve that the device has. Perhaps LG wants to start implementing the G Flex series’ innovative technologies with its flagship as a key selling point.

Hit the break for an image of the side.

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Non-final press render of the LG G4 appears on Twitter


Now that Samsung and HTC have announced their latest flagships at MWC 2015, it’s getting closer to LG’s upcoming launch of the LG G4, and that means yet another monster handset to contend with when considering which smartphone to buy. Here we have our first glimpse of the new LG G4 handset. As you can see from this image tweeted by @onleaks, the LG G4 appears to be building on the G3’s design although it should be noted that this is an early ‘non-final‘ press render. This means the design could change drastically between now and the official announcement. Read more

LG ready for another big step with forthcoming LG G4


Although a lot of the buzz surrounding Android smartphones in the days since MWC 2015 has involved the Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, and to a lesser extent the HTC One M9, LG hopes to make a dent in that in the next few weeks. According to an LG official, the company was present at MWC 2015 and met with carriers and other resellers to discuss their new device. Making a positive impression will be important as the company has set a goal of 10 million units to sell during 2015. Read more

LG G4 running Android 5.1 surfaces on test site


Following up on the success of last year’s LG G3 smartphone, LG is working on a “radically different” LG G4 for release sometime in 2015. The device may debut as soon as April and new test results suggest LG is on track with development of the device. One of the benefits the company may have when they release the LG G4 is that Android 5.1 will have been available just long enough for it to ship on the G4 out of the box. Read more