LG Watch Urbane Launching April 27

LG is planning on making its third step into the world of smartwatches with the LG G Watch Urbane. The watch is a bit more sophisticated than the stunning G Watch R, and is more suited for normal wear as opposed to active wear.

The new design is polished and refined, with dust and water resistance included. Under the hood, the internals are identical to the G Watch R, so you can expect a half gig of RAM, a Snapdragon 400, and a 410 mAh battery.

According to Clove, you can expect to see the G Watch to be released April 27th for about 225 GBP, or near $335. Anyone who has a device running Android 4.3 can use the Android Wear-powered watch, so if that’s you, keep an eye out on TalkAndroid.com for more updates on when and where you can get an LG G Watch Urbane.

Source: Clove.co.uk

LG G4 could launch by end of April, expected to be a gamechanger


LG launched the G3 in late May, but according to sources, the G4 might launch in late April. With the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge releasing in a couple of weeks, you have to wonder what kind of an impact the G4 will have.

According to sources, LG expects the G4 to outperform the G3 with 15 million units. The term “gamechanger” was also used as it’s expected to sport a curve touch.

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Is this what the LG G4 Note will look like?


This summer, it seems that LG will join Samsung in releasing a handset that is centered around the use of a stylus. The name device itself have yet to be confirmed but it is currently being called the G4 Note (or G Note). In fact, it could be the device that LG selects as its flagship for 2015. Not much is know about the G4 Note at this time, but images have surfaced showing an alleged pre-release model.

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Don’t be surprised if the LG G4 lacks a metal body


This news is hard to believe based on the trend we have been seeing. According to ZDNet Korea, although LG is committed to using metal in their flagship smartphones, they might not be ready to make that move with the G4 even though it was previously reported that they would.

According to their sources, LG wants to manufacture their own metal cases, which is obviously a huge undertaking since it would require space, new equipment, and planning. The G4 is likely to be announced in May or June, and that is too close to get anything done.

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