LG’s V10 goes up against a Barret sniper rifle, gets blown away


LG demonstrated the durability of its V10 flagship in its “In-Between Moments” advert, with the handset being shown to fall from a table onto a hard surface without suffering any damage. The V10 has, however, been pitted against a deadlier foe than a mere hard surface, namely a .50 cal Barret sniper rifle wielded by FullMag’s Richard Ryan. As you can imagine, the rifle that can crack engine blocks makes short work of the V10, with impressive results.

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Sales of the LG V10 have been soft in South Korea


The LG V10 is the company’s flagship device to carry it through the end of 2015, offering a more premium experience than the G4 that launched earlier in the year. There’s a bit of uniqueness to the V10, too, with its secondary display offering quick access to apps. But for all that it can be praised about, the V10 is not off to a great start in LG’s home country of South Korea. Consumers have not been very receptive to handset even after the LG lowered its price from $689 to $615 and analysts are projecting that the V10’s poor performance in South Korea will is not going to change anytime soon.

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Best smartwatches right now


Although smartwatches have yet to become mainstream, tech lovers like me feel the need to have one. Over the past year, numerous smartwatches of all different brands hit the market hoping to get slapped on your wrist. But not all of them feature the same functionality. With new manufacturers getting involved in along with those who are already returning with a second generation product, it has become harder than ever to choose the one that best suits your needs best.

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