Google IO 2016 Coverage

[Video] Unboxing the LG G5


After announcing the G5 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last month, LG’s latest flagship has finally become available to purchase worldwide. Here to give you some further insight in to the LG G5 is our very own Justin Herrick, who has taken the time to video his unboxing of LG’s newest smartphone.  Read more

Teardown video reveals rear panel of G5 has thick plastic coating; LG responds


LG_G5_PressUsually, when a manufacturer claims that its new flagship smartphone sports a ‘metal body’, you take it at face value. After all, we’ve seen HTC put out metal bodied handsets for a few years now, and even Samsung has gotten its act together in recent times. However, it was earlier mooted that LG had pushed the definition of a ‘metal body’ to its limits with the G5, given that its rear panel appears to have a substantial coating of plastic. Read more

Check out the full LG G5 launch ad starring Jason Statham in every role


Earlier this week LG released a trailer for an advertisement starring Jason Statham for its latest flagship smartphone, the G5, in which the British actor plays every single role. Today, the Korean electronics company has released the advertisement in its entirety, showing off the G5 and its modular friends ahead of its launch. We have the video embedded below for your enjoyment. Read more

Jason Statham, dressed as a woman, stars in another LG G5 release ad


We’re just days away from the LG G5 going on sale worldwide, and the company is pushing out television advertisements teasing the phone’s arrival. Last week, Jason Statham quietly appeared in a brief 30-second spot where the actor inserts a battery into the G5. Now he’s is back in another television ad disguised as he’s taking a picture or recording video with the LG CAM Plus module connected to the G5.

Fittingly sneaky, right? Hit the break to watch the ad.

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