LG G Pro 2 bezels 0.4mm thick, screen accounts for 77.2%


With Mobile World Congress coming up, February is set to be a big month in the mobile world. One smartphone to be looking forward to is the new LG G Pro 2, which is expected to go on sale in March this year.

There are a number of rumors about the G Pro 2, and recently a couple more have sprung up. According to the most recent rumors, the handset is set to have a 5.9 inch 1080p display. Not only that, but the display will account for 77.2% of the phones front panel. Furthermore, the front bezels of the phone will be a tiny 0.4mm thick.

Other rumors about the device suggest that it will have a Snapdragon 800 processor, 3GB of RAM and will feature Android 4.4.

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It’s real – red Nexus 5 now available in Google Play Store


With all of the leaked images showing up, it was looking more and more like the red Nexus 5 was a real product getting ready to hit the Google Play store. True to the predictions of various tipsters, the device has shown up in the Google Play Store today. Like its black and white counterparts, the red version of the Nexus 5 will set you back $349 for a 16GB model or $399 for a 32GB model. The Google Play Store currently lists the device as in stock and ready to ship within 1-2 business days. Read more

LG G Pro 2 camera to feature 4K video recording, HD slow motion, and ‘OIS Plus’


LG already announced that the LG G Pro 2 will be unveiled at Mobile World Congress, and for whatever reason they have released a little more info about the phone’s camera. The rear camera will be 13MP, while the front-facing will be 2.1MP.

The rear camera will come with what they are calling OIS Plus. OIS stands for Optical Image Stabilization, which helps you take much better pictures by removing the “shake”, but it also helps in lower light situations as well. OIS Plus will just do an even better job with the addition of an Electro Image System (EIS).

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LG G Pro 2 leaked image shows rear power and volume controls


The LG G Pro 2 will be unveiled at Mobile World Congress, but a couple of images of it leaked for your viewing pleasure. The first is the back of the device, which shows the same rear power and volume controls found on the G2. From the image, it doesn’t look like the G Pro 2 will sport a fingerprint scanner, which was one of the rumored features for the device. However, it is sure to be a beast with an expected 6-inch 1080p display and Snapdragon 800 processor. The second image, after the break, is a side profile. Is anyone excited for this phone?

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LG shipped 13.2 million smartphones in Q4 2013


LG announced their financial results for the fourth quarter of 2013, and it looks like they did pretty well! The South Korean company announced that they made an overall revenue of $14.03 billion, making their end of year total $53.10 billion. Their profit margins increased from $1.08 billion in 2012 to $1.17 billion in 2013.

There are a number of reasons LG was able to have such a great year, with a major factor being their booming smartphone business. They reportedly shipped 13.2 million smartphones in Q4 alone, helping them bring in $3.38 billion revenue, which is an 18% increase from Q3.

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Samsung’s lead over Apple in market share grows, other OEMs start to show substantial growth


The final quarter of 2013 was very good for Samsung. According to Strategy Analytics, Samsung’s market share grew to more than 29.6%, compared to 29.0% for the same quarter in 2012. In looking at the entire year, Samsung’s share increased to 32.4%, up from 30.4%. Apple’s market share, however, fell in both the final quarter and overall in 2013. Huawei pulled into third and LG sits in fourth. These numbers should be interesting to see in a few months as both Samsung and Apple are slated to announce their latest flagship devices within the next few months.

It is great to see Lenovo joining the mix (in fifth). Hopefully they finally make their way to the United States this year. After all, I don’t think an HTC acquisition is happening just yet; therefore, Lenovo needs to think about doing it on their own.

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More images of red Nexus 5 show up online

red Nexus 5

The red Nexus 5 has been leaking across the internet pretty often lately. We haven’t seen anything about the other colors that were in the original faked video that started these leaks, but we’re seeing enough evidence of the red Nexus 5 that it’s very likely that this one is real.

The latest comes from Twitter user @artyomstar, who uploaded two photos of the front and back of the red Nexus 5. This isn’t a muted shade of red, either; it’s a very vibrant, bright red. I think it’s a little too bright for my tastes, but it’s nice to see some variation in the color options of the Nexus 5. Read more

T-Mobile to launch the LG F Flex and Optimus F3Q on February 5th

G Flex

T-Mobile recently opened up pre-registration for LG’s curved G Flex, and now you can pre-order the device for when it launches. According to T-Mobile, the G Flex will cost 0 down and cost customers 24 payments of $28 a month. This makes T-Mobile the third carrier to offer pre-orders for the G Flex, behind Sprint and AT&T.

Alongside the G Flex, T-Mobile will also be offering a QWERTY-toting Optimus F3Q. The F3Q will sport a 4-inch screen, QWERTY keyboard, and a 5 megapixel camera, and will cost customers 0 down and $13 a month for 24 months, making it a very affordable smartphone compared to the G Flex. Read more

February launch in sight for LG G Pro 2

LG G Pro 2

An official announcement from LG tonight let us all know that the LG G Pro’s successor, the G Pro 2, will be released in February. It’ll feature a pretty large and high-quality screen, just as its predecessor, but information on exact specs, pricing, and availability is not yet available. Expect the unveiling to come at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from Feb. 24-27.

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Verizon LG G Pad 8.3 with LTE appears on FCC

LG G Pad 8.3_5It’s long been believed that Verizon is preparing their own LTE-capable version of the LG G Pad 8.3, and yesterday’s findings give those rumors more credit. Yesterday, a mysterious tablet with model name VK810 cleared the FCC, with service for Verizon’s 4G service running bands 4 and 13. The physical descriptions directly match LG’s G Pad 8.3, leading us to believe that this is in fact it.

There’s no hardware hints besides that the LG VK810 supports GPS, Bluetooth LE, and Wi-Fi a/b/g/n connectivity. We are likely to eventually see  a Snapdragon 600 SoC, 2GB of RAM, 8.3-inch display, and a 4600mAh battery on the final device.

Source: FCC
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