LG Canada says G2 will get Android 4.4 by March

LG_G2_Back_TAIf you have an LG G2 and are waiting to get Android 4.4 KitKat, we’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is that LG Canada has told MobileSyrup that their device will receive the latest software update by the end of March 2014. The bad news is that March is four months away. The update could come as soon as January, but the G2 is the company’s first handset that can truly compete with others; therefore, this will be a good test to see how quickly they can push out a substantial update like KitKat. But remember, this is LG Canada we’re talking about. For now, we have no information on when G2 owners in the United States should expect to receive KitKat.

Source: MobileSyrup
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Mysterious LG D830 surfaces in user agent profile, can you identify it?


A new user agent profile that surfaced yesterday shows an unidentified LG device that no one knows much about. It’s model number “LG D830″ is unique. The LG G2 is “LG D802,” the LG G Flex is “LG DX6xx,” and the Nexus 5 is “LG D820″ and “LG D821.” If you scroll down further in the profile, you’ll see that the display has a 1920×1080 resolution and there is LTE packed inside. It could have been the Nexus 10 (2013), but that is supposed to have the “LG V510″ model number. Perhaps this is the possible Nexus 8? Probably not as its model number would likely follow that of other LG tablets (if it were to be made by them).

Any idea what this device is? Let us know in the comments.

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[Deal] Verizon’s One Max, G2, and DROID Ultra full retail prices drop

verizon_blackfriday_retail_drop_one_maxThe latest deal for Black Friday is a price drop for the full retail price on three of Verizon’s best devices. The HTC One Max, LG G2, and DROID Ultra by Motorola are all seeing their full price drop. The One Max and G2 can be bought off-contract for $499 each and the DROID Ultra is available for $449. What is is interesting is that this may not even be a Black Friday-only deal. This could actually be a permanent drop on some great devices. To get your hands on these discounted off-contract phones, hit the source link to be taken to Verizon’s page.

Source: HTC One Max, LG G2, Motorola DROID Ultra

Eight-core and quad-core versions of LG’s Odin processor to be made available


LG will be getting into the processor game pretty soon, as rumors are swirling regarding a new processor from the manufacturer called “Odin.”

It was originally thought that LG’s L2 would feature Odin, but instead offered a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU.

Now, DigitalTimes is reporting that LG has said that Odin has two versions. One has a quad-core processor clocked at 2.2GHz and has an ARM Mali-T604 GPU, and the other has eight cores with ARM’s Mali-T760 GPU. The SoCs are currently being tested, but an announcement date is not mentioned.

Source: Digital Times

LG G Flex for Sprint passes through the FCC


Have no fear if you were interested in picking up the LG G Flex over here in the United States. We know AT&T and T-Mobile will likely carry the curved phone, but now an FCC filing has Sprint offering it as well. This filing has the model number LG-LS995 and the other variant was LG-D959; therefore, we can assume these two are related. Also, all three LTE bands are packed for the Sprint variant. While it isn’t certain that the G Flex will be available in the United States, these FCC filings elude to it happening. We expect a launch in early 2014.

Source: FCC
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LG QuickCover and bumper cases for Nexus 5 now available in Google Play Store

Nexus 5 QuickCover

It took a while for Google to finally put up the accessories for the Nexus 5 in the Play Store, but after 3 weeks of waiting, they’re all there.

Joining the wireless Qi-enabled charging pad are the new bumper cases and LG QuickCover.

The bumper cases are available in black, gray, bright red, and bright yellow and are made of a hard exterior and soft rubber lining. The cases are available for $34.99 but you unfortunately cannot purchase it as it says “Coming Soon.”

The LG QuickCover case is going for a whopping $49.99. I couldn’t justify myself spending that much on a case, but maybe that’s because I’ve never spent money on a case. (I’m one of those “I never drop my phone” people until it actually drops.) The cover comes in black and white.

Anyway, if you love protecting your precious device, go ahead and accessorize your new Nexus 5.


Source: Google Play

LG comments on the retail price of the Nexus 5


While the Nexus 5 is available for $349 in the Play Store, it costs a whopping $699 at full retail for some markets like Australia. In the United States, T-Mobile is selling it for $449 without a contract. You are probably wondering why is there such a dispersion among the Play Store and full retail prices. Well, LG reached out to Australian site Delimiter to explain. Since the Play Store is run by Google, they have the right to choose the price. Other retailers and carriers such as T-Mobile also have the right to choose the price. The price hike can be explained by the cost of running a “physical store location.” Google does not need a middle man and they clearly have the cash flow to lower the price on products. And markets like Australia have a “tax” because of the cost to get a product there.

Hit the break for LG’s statement.
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FCC document shows LG G Flex with AT&T and T-Mobile LTE bands


The LG G Flex has been a source of much jealousy on this side of the ocean after it was announced that our friends in Europe and Asia were getting the device while the US was left out in the cold. Earlier this week we found out the the US might be getting their own LG G Flex, but now it’s much more official with an FCC filing that seems to suggest the device is headed to AT&T and T-Mobile. The document shows a version of the LG G Flex that is compatible with LTE Band 17 and well as LTE Band 4 (AWS).

Other details about the device surfaced, but most of those we already knew. LG is apparently in final negotiations for release dates and prices, but the device will most likely see a release in early 2014.

Source: FCC
Via: Engadget

LG hoped Google would give a “hat tip” to LG heritage in naming latest Nexus smartphone


A new report from Korean news source Chosun gives a little back story on the name of Google’s latest smartphone, the Nexus 5. According to sources, LG pushed on Google to name the device the Nexus G in a nod to the device’s connection to the LG G2 smartphone which the Nexus 5 is loosely based on. LG apparently suggested to Google that Samsung was provided with this kind of consideration when they produced Nexus devices, the Nexus S and the Galaxy Nexus. Google resisted and eventually denied the request from LG, opting to stick with Nexus 5.

The report does not indicate when these discussions took place or when the final decision to go with Nexus 5 was made by Google. It could be Google wanted to stick with Nexus 5 as both a recognition of the smartphone’s position as fifth in line as well as in connection with Android 5.0. For much of the past year, many thought the next version of Android after 4.3 was going to be the 5.0 version going by the Key Lime Pie moniker. It would have made sense to have Android 5.0 running on a Nexus 5 from a marketing standpoint. As we all know, that changed when Google partnered with KitKat for naming rights to the operating system, although it is not clear whether the current version was really going to be 5.0 or was always on the path to being the Android 4.4 that we are all trying to get our hands on.

At the end of the day, LG lost out on the opportunity to make a subtle connection between Google’s success with the Nexus line and their own flagship devices marketed under the “G” name.

source: Chosun
via: G for Games

LG officially unveils G Flex in Korea


LG has fully unveiled their LG G Flex in Korea. With the flexible display being the point of emphasis, it should be noted that the 3500 mAh battery is also bendable. The benefits are quite remarkable. If the device drops, the flexible device can absorb the shock, allowing a better chance of survival. And the back plate of the G Flex actually has this remarkable self-repairable material.
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