How to use Slide Aside on the LG G2


LG introduced Slide Aside with the G2. It allows you quick access to three apps that are currently running in the background. When you want quick access to an app you are currently running, just swipe it to the left using three fingers. You can do this up to three apps.

When you want to quickly access any of the three apps, just swipe to the right using three fingers from any screen. You can also access them from the notification panel.

Hit the break for a video showing you how to use Slide Aside, and be sure to check out our other LG G2 guides.

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How to use Text Link on the LG G2


The majority of us use SMS text messaging on a daily basis and sometimes we receive messages that include addresses, phone numbers, or date/time information. That’s why LG introduced Text Link with the G2. With Text Link, the G2 will recognize these types of texts and give you a link. If you tap on the link you will be given the opportunity to add the information directly to your calendar or view the address in Maps. It saves you the time of trying to copy and paste the info. Depending on the text, you will also be able to place a call, search the Web, add to a new Memo, add to contacts, or send an email. Hit the break for a quick video showing you how to utilize this function, and be sure to check out our other LG G2 guides.

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How to control your home theater with Quick Remote on the LG G2


IR blasters are starting to become the norm on Android phones, which means you can control your home theater system or devices in other rooms in your house. The LG G2 comes with not only an IR blaster, but you will also find the Quick Remote app pre-installed. With Quick Remote, you can add your TV, cable/satellite box, AV receiver, DVD player, and more, so that you can control them via your G2. You can even setup different components for different rooms of your house such as your bedroom, kitchen, den, and office.

Quick Remote is a little limited in that you won’t find built-in programming guide information like Samsung’s WatchON or HTC TV, but it’s easy to setup and it works well. Hit the break for my video showing you how it all works, and be sure to check out our other LG G2 guides.

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How to multitask on the LG G2 using QSlide apps


If you’re a hardcore multitasker and you own an LG G2, you will want to check out Q Slide apps. Just swipe your finger down to reveal your notification panel. You should see “QSlide apps” just below the Quick Settings bar. If you don’t, tap on “QSlide” within the Quick Settings bar and it will appear.

You can choose from 10 different apps that can be floated over your screen. You can change the size and transparency so you can continue to work on whatever else is open. You can even view multiple QSlide apps on the screen at the same time.  Apps are limited to the Video Player, Browser, Phone, Messaging, Calendar, Email, Memo, Voice Mate, File Manager, and Calculator. Hit the break for a quick video showing you how it all works, and be sure to check out our other LG G2 guides.

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Google to offer battery size options for Nexus 5, pricing leaked


Just like the Nexus 4, Google will offer two different versions of the Nexus 5, but storage size won’t be the only difference. You will still be able to buy either a 16GB or 32GB version, but each version could sport a different battery. The 2,300mAh battery that we saw in the leaked service manual will apparently be in the 16GB version, but the 32GB version will get a whopping 3,000mah cell.

Pricing is going to be similar to last year, but the larger battery in the 32GB version is going to bring a little higher premium. The 16GB version will go for $299 and the 32GB version will run $399 (last year $349). It’s still too much of a premium for the difference in capacity size, but I have no problem paying $50 more for a decent battery.

The next question on my mind is whether or not Google will have enough supply to handle the demand?

source: Phone Arena

How to setup and use Guest Mode on the LG G2


LG added a lot of new features to the LG G2, but one feature that might actually be useful is Guest Mode. It’s LG’s take on stock Android’s multi user accounts for tablets, but LG’s version offers only one additional account. Called Guest Mode, it’s perfect for those of you that find other family members are constantly grabbing your phone to play a game.

You must be using a security lock screen, but unfortunately it only works with the pattern style. You just need to enable Guest Mode and set a different pattern for it. The best part of it is that you control what apps will be visible for your guests. Whether you only want to allow one app, fifty, or somewhere in between, it’s your choice and it’s so easy to set up. Hit the break for my hands on video showing you how it’s done. Also, be sure to check out all our LG G2 guides.

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LG G2 software features walkthrough


The LG G2 is one beast in terms of specs, but the user interface is what you’re going to deal with every day. LG has their own UI and it’s far from stock Android. It’s inspired by Samsung’s TouchWiz in that there are lot of tweaks and features that you might not know exist unless someone tells you. You will find popup tutorials that can be both annoying and helpful, but if you want to learn a little more about what you can do with your shiny new LG G2, hit the break for my video walkthrough.

You can also check out our more in depth guides for certain features like Slide Aside, Quick Remote, QSlide apps, Text Link, and Guest Mode.

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LG officially announces mass production of flexible OLED displays for smartphones


LG is trying to steal the spotlight from Samsung by announcing the mass production of the “world’s first flexible OLED panel for smartphones.” There’s only one problem, they didn’t announce an actual device, but Samsung could later this week. Rumors indicate LG won’t announce their device until next month. Since Samsung is closer to announcing an actual device, one has to wonder if LG really has the “world’s first flexible OLED panel for smartphones?”

In the press release, LG says their flexible OLED isn’t glass, but plastic substrates instead. They apply film-type encapsulation and attach a protection film to the back of the panel, thus making the display bendable and unbreakable. It’s only .44mm thick, which makes it one of the slimmest displays and it comes in at 6-inches. Hit the break for the full press release.

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Nexus 5 specs all but confirmed due to purported service manual leak



Well there it is. What could be the service manual for the Nexus 5 has surfaced. It confirms a lot of what we were already assuming along with some interesting notes. Hence its presumed name, the screen will be nearly 5-inches with a 1080p display (IPS TFT, too). On the inside, the new Nexus will be no slouch. Powering it is the Snapdragon 800 processor clocked at 2.3GHz and 2GB of RAM to manage tasks. Hit the break for more details, highlights from the manual, and the full manual itself.
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ComScore numbers for August shows a slight dip in Android while Apple and Samsung see growth


After holding steady in June’s comScore numbers, Android saw a slight dip in August. While a dip would normally be unsettling, Android still holds more than 50% of the mobile platform market share. Apple, however, did see growth with iOS even though their new devices had yet to launch until recently. Microsoft, who has reportedly talked to HTC about dual booting Windows Phone with Android, saw a slight jump and is nearly the number three operating system. Hit the break for information on manufacturer market share.

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