Snapshot of Flickr camera ownership data shows Android growth


Flickr has been sharing some data they have been mining for the past couple years on camera ownership as reported by users who upload images to their site. The data shows a big turnaround that started in mid-2014 to increasing use of the site by owners of Android devices. Although Apple devices dominate the top 10 listing of mobile cameras and images from Apple devices comprised about 60 percent of images for much of the time period covered, starting in mid-2014 a definite shift occurred to favor Android cameras.
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LG G Flex 2 for U.S. Cellular appears in FCC filing


Last week at CES 2015, the LG G Flex 2 was introduced to the world. Both Sprint and AT&T were quick to confirm the handset’s availability to their customers. We can add U.S. Cellular to the list of carriers offering the G Flex 2 because an FCC filing reveals that the carrier has its own variant. It supports LTE bands 5 and 12 in addition to the 850 and 1900 CDMA bands. All of these are supported by U.S. Cellular. The exact model number for the handset in this FCC filing is LG-US995.

Source: FCC
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Google, HTC, LG Back Samsung in Patent Melee with Apple


The enemy of my enemy is my friend. The old proverb has resulted in such unlikely alliances as the United States and the Soviet Union vs Germany, or the former aligned with China (yet-to-be-communist) against Japan. This is the nature of international relations. It’s sometimes also the nature of business, when two or more rivals put down their gloves to turn their sights on a bigger fish.

This is what’s transpiring in Samsung’s ongoing patent feud with Apple.  Though they are competitors in the Android market, HTC, LG, and Samsung all have a united interest in fighting Apple on intellectual property. Google itself is also deep in the mix, having been in Samsung’s corner for a bit longer already.

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Turns out the LG smartwatch made for Audi is running webOS


The saga of the coolest smartwatch of CES 2015 continues. Yesterday, Ulrich Hackenberg of Audi used an LG smartwatch to summon the self driving Prologue to the stage during a press conference. It was first thought that it could be the G Watch R 2 since it’s round. Then later, it was revealed that it was made specifically for Audi, but the assumption was that it was running Android Wear. Not the case.

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LG shows off smartphone with Active Bending dual-edge display


Up to this point, LG has only offered one form of a flexible display in a smartphone. The G Flex and G Flex 2 are curved vertically. Samsung, on the other hand, has offered a horizontal curved display in the Galaxy Round as well as the Galaxy Note Edge, which features a curved edge display. It looks like LG will be joining the curved edge party based on a prototype that was shown at CES behind closed doors.

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LG mystery smartwatch is made specifically for Audi


That LG mystery watch we showed you earlier isn’t going to be the G Watch R 2. It was actually developed specifically for Audi and their new Prologue automobile. It will carry the Audi brand as well.

Earlier today, Ulrich Hackenberg used the watch to summon the self-driving Prologue to the stage during Audi’s press conference. The watch was confirmed to be made by LG, so it was assumed that it could be the successor to the G Watch R or a new variant.

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Vodafone will be the exclusive carrier of the LG G Flex 2 in the U.K. (for a few weeks)


The LG G Flex 2 will have a limited release in the United Kingdom to start. Carrier Vodafone UK announced that it would exclusively offer the G Flex 2 to its customers before anyone else. The window of exclusivity will run for six weeks. Then, the G Flex 2 is fair game for other carriers in the U.K. to sell.

In the United States, both Sprint and AT&T confirmed the G Flex 2′s availability.

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