LG’s G4 officially certified as a secure device by the US government

LG G4 Variety of coloursLG can now proudly say their current flagship, the G4, is officially secure enough for use in the US government after passing some pretty strict testing.

The device meets the US National Security Agency’s National Information Assurance Partnership standards, certifying it for use in over 25 countries, including the US. It meets international security standards as well as the US government’s Cryptographic Modules standards, which is a pretty big accomplishment and opens up a large new market for the G4. Read more

LG’s Lollipop-powered Wine Smart flip phone goes global


Sometimes, you just have to go retro. That apparently is LG’s strategy with the release of its new clamshell smartphone, the Wine Smart, or as it’s known in Korea, the LG Gentle. Unlike the clamshell devices we used 10 years ago, though, the LG Wine Smart runs the Android operating system and carries a touch-screen display.

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