LG G Watch R teaser video shows the round smartwatch coming at IFA 2014


Last week, a report claimed that LG would be launching a G Watch successor in at IFA 2014 for a release this fall. A teaser for the said device has surfaced and it is going by the name G Watch R. The extra letter is the only difference in name, but the design will certainly be different. The “R” is representing the round, circular display featured on the smartwatch. The device does have button on the side, just like the Moto 360.

The smartwatch industry is going to be very crowded this fall. The Moto 360 from Motorola is (eventually) going to be here, ASUS is going to announce something next month, and this could be the year Apple gets involved with smartwatches. There were also grumblings that HTC has a smartwatch incoming.

Hit the break for the teaser video.

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LG announces two new budget devices, the L Fino and L Bello


A while back we reported that LG was planning on bringing the UX from their flagship G3 to upcoming low to mid-range models. Now it appears that their plans will come to fruition as they’ve announced two new budget-friendly devices: the LG L Fino and L Bello. If the interface wasn’t enough, both models also stay true to LG’s “Floating Arc” design language, complete with rear-mounted buttons, which makes for some premium-looking handsets.

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Fire Phone losing ground quickly to LG G3, AT&T exclusivity to blame

FirePhone-navigationThe Fire phone has been having some issues lately on the market and has not been selling nearly as well as Amazon has wanted. The lack of adoption by consumers seems to be the result of the exclusive deal between Amazon and AT&T. While AT&T may be a large company, they don’t have all of the market, so all Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile customers are stuck with another device, whether they want a Fire Phone or not.

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LG announces Music Flow, a multi-room music streaming system

LG Music FlowLG has announced a new multi-room music streaming solution to compete with the likes of Sonos called Music Flow. Like the Sonos systems, different speakers connect to your home network, and with LG’s Music Flow Player app you can stream music to any of those speakers. The app can pull music that’s locally stored on any device, too, so long as it’s connected to the same network. You can also stream music from your phone or internet radio stations.

As a bonus, you’ll be able to control Music Flow speakers with LG’s HomeChat service and the Line messaging app. Like with the other smart appliances LG has been pushing, you can text your home network to start music or get recommendations.
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LG plans to bring G3’s UX to future entry-level and midrange phones and tablets


The UX design and features found on LG’s G3 flagship will reportedly be brought to future LG entry-level and midrange smartphones and tablets, a company release said today.

The standardization of the UX features from the G3 is part of an effort to make its less-premium hardware feel more high-end compared to competing devices from other OEMs.

Some specific features brought over to other devices include Touch and Shoot, Gesture Shot, Clean View, Smart Keyboard and more. Hit the break for LG’s full release.

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LG allegedly working on G Watch successor for this fall


Android Wear and its two launch devices, the G Watch and Gear Live, have not been not the market for six months and one manufacturer is apparently already facing a fall release for a successor. The Korean Times is reporting that LG is looking to IFA 2014 in a few weeks to introduce the G Watch 2. The reason to release a new smartwatch this fall is to combat the rumored smartwatch from Apple. In addition to Apple, Motorola is readying its Moto 360 and ASUS has had something in its pipeline for a debut next month.

To be a real differentiator, LG is putting all of the members of its family to work. LG Display would work on the display while LG Inotek and LG Chem would develop the battery. Everything would remain in-house, for the most part, to ensure quality. An in-house processor, though, is not believed to be ready for the G Watch 2 and instead another Qualcomm chipset would step forward. What is even more interesting is the fact that LG has allegedly been approached by various of the world’s top watchmakers for a collaboration. The idea behind that is brand recognition. LG would be able to back itself with a company that already has a good foothold in the industry.

Source: Korea Times
Via: G 4 Games

LG announces LTE version of the LG G Pad 8.0


LG announced today that they are expanding their tablet offerings by adding a 4G LTE enabled version of the LG G Pad 8.0. The 8-inch version of the G Pad series of tablets was announced back in the spring as part of a trio of tablets from LG. According to LG’s president Dr. Jong-seok Park,

“LG is setting a higher standard for connectivity in emerging 4G markets. Today’s on-the-go consumers demand speed and convenience wherever they are, at any time. If a 4G LTE infrastructure is in place, we want LG products to be first to take advantage of the fast network.”
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LG working on solution to unlock the G3’s bootloader


One owner of the LG G3 was curious to see if his handset’s bootloader would ever be unlocked. LG has responded to his request by confirming that they are indeed working on a solution to allow owners of its flagship to do so. While an estimated time of arrival was not given, it is good to know that there is something on the way. The company did clarify that it may take some time due to technical restrictions, security issues, and carrier policies. But LG is “sorry for any inconvenience and disappointment” felt by G3 owners.

Hit the break to read LG kind answer to the request.
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Samsung Gear Live receives same update as G watch


The G Watch received an update to fix its charging pin corrosion issue this past week, but until now, the Samsung Gear Live received no such update due to there being no such problem. Nevertheless, the Samsung Gear Live is due to receive build number  KMV78Y OTA throughout the next few days. It’s not certain what exactly this minor update will bring since the Gear Live lacked the issues of the G Watch, but nevertheless, if you own a Samsung Gear Live, you’ll be receiving an update this week.

Source: XDA Developers