Samsung and LG to use sapphire-covered screens


Rumors about Apple using sapphire glass have been floating around, and suggest that Apple will be using it as a replacement for their Gorilla Glass coatings on the iPhone 6. Now there are new rumors suggesting that Samsung and LG plan to do the same thing.

The news comes from Korean news site ET News, with unspecified industry sources saying that both companies have asked for samples from suppliers.

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LG G3 for Verizon press render leaks, Big Red’s stamp is on the front once again


With just four days left until its May 27 announcement, there are bound to be some last-minute LG G3 leaks. Here, courtesy of @evleaks, we have a look at the first carrier-branded press render of the handset. As you can tell by the rather blatant branding, this is the Verizon version.

Like with the LG G2, Big Red has literally put its mark all over. On the back is the Verizon name with their 4G LTE logo. On the front is, again, the Verizon logo crammed in the top right corner. The carrier’s 4G LTE icon is present, but that is not a big deal whatsoever. And it looks like we will have some bloatware as the display is showing Verizon’s official messaging application. It is understandable that carriers add some of their own branding, but cluttering the front panel is a little much. Another catch worth mentioning is that this front panel is all black while previous G3 leaks show a mixed front depending upon the color variant.
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New teaser videos from LG give us an official look at the LG G3


As we head into a long holiday weekend ahead of LG’s launch event for the LG G3, the company has released some videos on their Korean YouTube channel to tease the device. If all of the leaked images have left you wondering how accurate they may be, you may want to check out these official shots of the device. The most telling of the videos is the one highlighting the design of the LG G3 as it provides a nice shot of the device. The other two videos highlight the G3′s QHD display and the camera, although there is not much to tell from the videos.

You can check out all three videos after the break.
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Mid-range LG G Pro 2 Lite for Verizon spotted at FCC


If the forthcoming LG G3 is not quite large enough for you and LG’s super-sized LG G Pro 2 is more than you want to spend on a smartphone, then LG’s G Pro 2 Lite may be what you are looking for. The LG G Pro 2 Lite is a mid-range device that ratchets down virtually every spec compared to the top-tier device. The G Pro 2 Lite was recently spotted in the FCC database on its way to Verizon. Sprint and AT&T versions of the device are expected as well.

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Encased LG G3 T-Mobile developer edition photos leak


We’ve already seen a ton of leaks of the LG G3, so what could another few pictures hurt? The latest pics show off the device in a “lunchboxed” case that is supposedly to help keep the design of the device from leaking. If this was one of the first leaks we’d seen, that might help, but with the G3 leaking at least once a week, we’ve already seen just about everything there is to see about it.
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LG G3 benchmark leaks but does not show any performance figures


This should give you a good, confident feeling regarding the specifications of the LG G3. This AnTuTu benchmark leaked earlier this morning. It does not show any sort of performance figures, but it certainly shows us some specifications. We will go down the list in order.

No surprise here that LG will be utilizing Android 4.4 at the center of its own user interface. You can see LG has added a multitasking button rather than oddly omitting like last year. Next up is the processing for this beast. It is quad-core and has an Adreno 330 GPU, but we just do not know whether or not Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 801 or 805 is here. The display, as we have heard many times before, will have QHD resolution (2560×1440) and the full size of the leaked screenshot above reflects that. Camera? 13MP and it presumably keeps the G2′s optical image stabilization technology.

Source: @evleaks (official site)

LG unveils new QuickCircle case prior to the G3′s announcement


Hello there, QuickCircle case. Before announcing the G3 on Tuesday, LG has lifted the curtain on arguably its most important accessory. The QuickCircle case, known as QuickWindow with the G2, has a circular cutout that previews and allows interaction with content. Features listed include checking the time, carrying out phone calls, texting, snapping photos, choosing music to listen to, and displaying health information. All of this without ever opening the QuickCircle case’s front.

LG touts the ‘grip-ability’ that this case offers along with its Smart Lighting capability. Smart Lighting seems to be an answer for call and text notifications from within the circle. The QuickCircle case will be available in Metallic Black, Silk White, Shine Gold, Aqua Mint, Indian Pink. Another great addition? Compatibility with the Qi wireless charging standard. When the LG G3 launches next month, the company will have an SDK open to developers to tailor to the QuickCircle case.

Hit the break for a video demo and the full press release.

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Leaked advertising reveals everything you need to know about the LG G3


I’m starting to wonder why smartphone manufacturers bother with “events” for their big announcements when just about everything you need to know is revealed in leak after leak after leak. We saw it with the HTC One (M8), the Galaxy S 5, and now the LG G3.

We already knew a lot about this phone, but these marketing materials will just about seal the deal. It’s not like we didn’t know the specs already, but these materials confirm everything. You will also notice that LG will be touting their QHD display with a comparison to the Galaxy S 5. The Selfie was already a focal point with last year’s G2, and that trend will continue with the possibility of an extra gesture of some sort. Lastly, LG emphasized sound quality with the G2 even though they didn’t offer dual front-facing speakers, and now the G3 will take it one step further with a 1 Watt Booster AMP.

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Budget LG L35 smartphone made official in Germany

lg-phone-l35Just yesterday we told you about LG’s new low-end smartphone called the L35, and today it’s been made official in Germany. As a reminder,sSpecs include a 3.2-inch, 320×480 (HVGA) pixel resolution screen, a 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon 200 (MSM8210) processor with ARM’s Cortex A7 CPU and Adreno 302 graphics, as well as 512 MB of RAM and KitKat 4.4.2.

This is obviously the lowest end offering in LG’s L III series, which made its debut in February with the L40, L70, and L90. The L35 is offered in black and white and should soon be headed to Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Hungary.

Source: Unwired View


Box for Android receives major update, partners with LG

new-box-2Box, one of the top cloud storage services, has received a major update to version 3.0. The update is being hailed as “one of the biggest updates ever” for the company, and introduces a brand new user interface, a new image gallery, fully native OneCloud, two new languages, and new security options.

That’s not all for Box. They are announcing a partnership with LG, which will provide 50GB of free storage for a year to anyone who owns an LG-G Series device. All you need to do to receive the storage is login to the Box app from your LG G-series device.

The update is live in the Play Store. You can view a full change log past the break.

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