New leak suggests the LG G3 will be a beast


Last week, the specs of the LG G3 were leaked, but the processor wasn’t mentioned. Today we get a new leak that confirms most of what we saw last week , but the processor is revealed.

Let’s start with what specs were already leaked – a 5.5-inch QHD (2560 x 1440) display, 2GB (16GB model) or 3GB of RAM (32GB model), microSD for expanded storage, 13MP rear camera with OIS+, 3,000 mAh battery, and a rear speaker that delivers 1W of power.

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T-Mobile LG G Flex receiving update today; It may or may not be KitKat

gsmarena_001 (1)

Today T-Mobile is supposedly rolling out the KitKat OTA update for their LG G Flex device. Problem is, is it even KitKat? According to the source link below, it shows Android 4.2.2 as the software. At first I thought it may just be a typo, but the file size is a mere 149MB’s. Seems a little low considering the G2′s KitKat file was about 1.5GB’s in total. Of course, these are just my speculations. Also, it seems users from XDA are reporting that the update has been pulled with no reason given.

If you have a T-Mobile G Flex, have you gotten the update notification today? And if so, is it KitKat?

source: T-Mobile

Verizon dubs the LG L70 as the LG Optimus Exceed 2


Verizon has taken the LG-L70 and re-branded it into the LG Optimus Exceed 2. The device is available for pre-paid customers and comes in at just $79.99 without a contract. As for specs, the Exceed 2 comes with a dual-core 1.2GHz CPU with 1GB of RAM paired with 4GB’s  of native storage, although that’s expandable via an SD card slot. The device also comes with a 4.5-inch display with a resolution of 800 x 480. With the Exceed 2, you can expect some of the features that are on LG’s flagships such as the QSlide, Quick Memo and even their much popular Knock Code unlock system. 

source: Verizon

LG G3 press render leaks yet again, this time the display is on


Within the last few days, we have seen plenty of the upcoming LG G3. A few days ago, we saw multiple photos of the handset surface on the web. Yesterday, @evleaks shared two press renders. It featured the LG G3 once in black and again in white. Now we have a press render of the device with the display illuminated.

The takeaway from the image above is that LG’s goal of eliminating a smartphone’s bezel is coming along. The LG G2 was applauded for this and now it has caused other smartphones’ bezels to be compared. We also see on-screen buttons are still present, but that is something we have known already. Look closely, though, and you will notice below the weather forecast that the device is suggesting an umbrella be taken with you. This could be the first sign that LG will be implementing adaptive software.

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LG G3 press render leaks once again, this time in white and seemingly within a case


On Saturday, a press render of the LG G3 surfaced on Twitter thanks to a tip received by @evleaks. It showed the handset in black and presumably covered by a case. Once again, @evleaks has followed up with an additional image.

The image above is an alleged press render of LG’s upcoming flagship in white. It looks like this one also features the handset enclosed in a case. Regardless, we can see that LG is going the Nexus 5 route and keeping the front completely black rather than making everything the same color. This choice was reflected in a previous leak. And if this is indeed the G3 in a case, the cutout on the top left is likely for an IR blaster.

Stay tuned for LG’s press event on May 27.

Source: @evleaks

Alleged press render of the LG G3 in black leaks, seems to be covered by a black case


This could be our best look yet at the upcoming LG G3. On Twitter, @evleaks shared the image above after receiving it as a tip. It shows the device in black, something that we have not commonly seen compared to the white model.

There are no physical buttons on the front, making it clear that LG is sticking to its guns by using on-screen buttons. While the back of this press render shows the rear of the G3 as well, it seems like a case covering it. The spaces for the rear buttons, LED flash, and other slots are recessed compared to the rest of the back.

Stay tuned for LG’s press event on May 27.
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LG G3 appears in best pictures yet, specs confirmed


The LG G3 will be unveiled on May 27, so the timing seems right for a few decent pics of the device. That is exactly what we have, and these aren’t blurrycam images either folks. The picture above is actually a better version of the one that we posted last week. You can clearly see the new redesigned back button layout that also leaked a few days ago.

We also have two more images below, one showing the front of the device and the other showing the rear of the device again. The lack of bezel on the device is stunning to say the least.

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LG G3 in a rugged case leaks, shows new user interface and a fresh rear setup


The LG G3 will be announced on May 27 when the company holds a few press events across the globe. While we have not seen the entire device, we have been able to get a glimpse at the user interface and the back of the handset. And now we have an image that puts both of those pieces together.

The image above is purportedly the LG G3 sitting inside of a rugged case. The UI matches the one previously leaked and the rear button setup also matches the one leaked recently. Interestingly enough, the UI shows London as the location and that is also where LG’s main event will be held. While it could have easily been a placeholder, it sure is nice to see what the G3 may look like.

Are you excited for the LG G3?

Source: Ortud
Via: GSMArena