LG patches major security vulnerability that put over 10 million G3’s at risk


According to a report published by precise threat detection company Cynet, LG is currently in the midst of patching a major security vulnerability on its former flagship smartphone, the G3, which puts an estimated 10-million users sensitive data at risk. It’s believed that the South Korean company’s pre-installed Smart Notice application is the source of the security threat as it does not validate the data it processes, thereby creating a large loophole for hackers to execute malicious code.

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LG admits to persistent bootloop problem being a hardware issue, will fix defective units



LG G4 owners across the globe have been complaining of a persistent issue in which their G4 randomly reboots then gets stuck in an endless bootloop cycle. There has been no official remedy for this problem, that is until now. Today, in an official statement to Android Authority, LG has admitted that the bootloop problem is due to a hardware defect, and it will be repairing all afflicted devices.

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LG posts strong smartphone numbers for 2015 in financial report


LG released their fourth quarter and 2015 full year financial results today showing the LG Mobile Communications Company portion of the manufacturing conglomerate had a solid year. According to LG, the company shipped a total of 59.7 million smartphones in 2015, which was a slight increase from 59.1 million units shipped in 2014. LG specifically noted that sales in North America had improved to help with the results for the division. Read more

Mobile Fun says this is what the LG G5 looks like


At MWC 2016, LG will host an event in Barcelona to introduce a “major smartphone” that many expect to be named the company’s next flagship, the G5. Among the changes to its design will be the relocation of the volume rocker to the side while the power button, which will double as a fingerprint scanner, remains on the rear. So it seems that LG is creating a hybrid of the G4 and traditional phones.

Mobile Fun, an accessories designer based in the United Kingdom, says it knows what the G5 looks like and is already designing cases for it. The only problem is that the G5 isn’t real yet and Mobile Fun admitted that LG hasn’t said anything to them regarding any upcoming phone.
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Latest images may be LG G5 under cover


Some new, leaked images have surfaced on the Internet claiming to be the forthcoming LG G5 housed in a dummy cover to help conceal the overall look as well as details of the device. The presence of a dummy cover means no identifying marks are visible to help verify whether the device is even from LG. The details that are visible appear to be consistent with previous information we have learned about LG’s new flagship smartphone. Read more