LG ‘H Series’ with Android 5.0 Lollipop is coming


Having the latest version of Android running right out of the box is a beautiful thing. It cuts out having to deal with software updates early on. A new batch a devices from LG, currently going by H Series, will have Lollipop sweetness ready to go. The specifications for such devices are going to be on the low-end. The display resolution, revealed in a user agent profile, was listed as 1280×720.

The H Series from LG is expected to launch in the United States early next year. The only carrier at this time to be offering one of its devices is AT&T.

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LG trademarks multiple names for possible future smart phones


A week ago Tuesday (Oct. 28) LG applied for several trademarks for possible names of upcoming phones. Some of the names trademarked look to be a part of LG’s upcoming G series including the G Chocolate, G Black, G Plus, and G Tao. Other names include Leon, Comet and Magna. All were trademarked with the US Patent Office under the mobile phones category. Other than that, nothing much to see. We’ll update you when we find out more.

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Verizon will carry the kid-friendly LG Kizon smartwatch

KizonWhen LG announced the child-tracking Kizon smartwatch, we weren’t really sure what carriers would pick the wearable up. Thanks to an FCC filing earlier today, though, we’ve got a pretty strong hint that Verizon will be offering the smartwatch later this year.

The filing lists the device with the model number LG-VC100, and some information from the Kizon PC Reset Tool confirms that it should be a Verizon variant of the watch. Verizon hasn’t made anything official, but I think we can expect an announcement sooner rather than later.

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Here’s what Lollipop will look like on the LG G3


We have already seen leaks of Android Lollipop for both the Moto X (2014) and the Samsung Galaxy S 5, and now its time for the LG G3. Don’t expect it to be the stock experience as LG has their own skin called Optimus. However, they seem to be using the new style of notifications and tweaking the notification area. You might get a few Material Design animations too, but this is going to look a lot like the current UI.

Underneath it all, you should get some of the new features like the new and improved Android Beam, Trusted Devices, and the ability to restore apps from an older device during the initial setup. Hit the break for a few more shots.

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Google and LG enter long-term patent cross-licensing agreement


In a move that could only be beneficial to both parties, LG and Google have entered into a long-term patent cross-licensing agreement covering a ton of products and innovations as well as patents filed by both parties over the next ten years. An agreement like this could result in some interesting products with the companies being able to use each others advancements and technologies. Let us know in the comments what you’d like to see come out of this partnership.

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