Hands on with Quick Circle on the LG G3

by Jared Peters on
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LG G3 quick circle

LG’s Quick Circle cover is a smart case for the G3 that allows you to interact with your device without actually flipping the cover open. It’s pretty similar to something like Samsung’s S-View covers or HTC’s Dot Case, but from what we can tell, the Quick Circle offers a ton of functionality that you’re not going to find in other cases.

We’ve got a hands on video showing the different clock faces, the quick camera shortcuts, the health and fitness integration, and the quick music player, among other things. Hit the break to see it in action. » Read the rest

Hands on with the LG G3

by Jared Peters on
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LG G3 hands on

Interested in seeing the LG G3 in action? We’ve got a detailed hands on video of LG’s newest device showing off some of LG’s new apps and smart features, the refined camera software, and everything else you’ve been curious about? Hit the break to check it out. » Read the rest

LG G3 carrier information for the United States

by Justin Herrick on
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With today’s announcement of the LG G3, we also get information as to what carriers in the United States are making this LG handset available. Long story short: each of the ‘Big Four’ are going to carry the LG G3. For now, we have information from all but AT&T.

Two carriers, T-Mobile and Sprint, have gone live with per-registration pages. This page not only alerts you when the device will become available for pre-order, but also enters you into a contest to win an LG G3. T-Mobile will be giving away a ‘Beta model’ each day through June 29 and Sprint just says it has twenty units up for grabs. While T-Mobile did not say anything regarding an expected arrival, Sprint says July 2014. Sprint is going to be the exclusive provider of the Shine Gold color as well. Verizon, on the other hand, is simply pegging a summer release.

Source: T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint

LG’s G Watch could feature cellular connectivity

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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Compared to what we’ve seen from the upcoming Moto 360 smartwatch, most other wearable devices have looked pretty underwhelming, namely the LG G Watch, which is going to be made out of plastic, and as previous rumors suggest, won’t have top-line specs.

But new information suggests we could be in for quite a surprise with the G Watch. Hit the break for more.

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Leaked images show LG G3 and HTC One M8 being compared

by Christian de Looper on
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With the LG G3 set to be released tomorrow, many are wondering how big the device will be. It’s always been expected to be large because of the 5.5-inch display. A new leaked image shows just how big it is compared to the HTC One M8.

The images also show the brushed metal design on the back, giving it a premium look. Not only that, but the auto-focus feature that has been rumored to be present on the device is shown. Other specs of the device were leaked earlier today.

Source: VR-Zone

LG’s Dutch website briefly reveals G3 before press unveiling

by Christian de Looper on
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The LG G3 has been the victim of a number of leaks, and the latest one comes from LG themselves. The device itself is scheduled to be unveiled tomorrow, but the Dutch version of the LG website briefly had the product page up today. While it was taken down almost immediately, there was still enough time for those with keen eyes to record almost everything about the device.

The specs of the device are, of course, much better than the G2 from last year. They include a Snapdragon 801 processor, 2GB of RAM, and 16GB of storage, with expandable storage. The screen size is 5.5″ at a resolution of 2560×1400, which is the highest resolution on any smartphone currently available.

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LG G3 for Sprint press render leaks in two colors

by Justin Herrick on
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Near the end of last week, we had a look at the Verizon version of the LG G3. With that version, the carrier added some heavy branding along with an alteration to the front panel. Today’s leak of the LG G3 for Sprint shows no changes whatsoever.

As far as I can tell, the only thing indicating this is Sprint would be the LTE icon. That is nowhere near as intrusive as Verizon’s branding. Also, Sprint did not change the entire front panel to be black. Instead, the bottom of it will be identical to the back panel. So it seems that the carrier-manufacturer war is nonexistent here. Although, we are going to assume there will be bloatware.

Hit the break to see the gold variant. » Read the rest

LG G3 for Verizon sign up page appears unofficially, ready to go for Tuesday

by Justin Herrick on
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We know that HTC was one of the few to master a same-day announcement/release. For the people hoping that LG would somehow do the same, it does not seem so. A sign up page for the LG G3 for Verizon appeared on the carrier’s testman site. This page is reserved for devices that will soon make their way to the official site. The only thing we see here is that the handset is “Coming soon.” What we do know about Verizon’s G3 variant is that it will be stamped with a decent amount of carrier branding.

Are you interested in the LG G3?

Source: Verizon
Via: Droid-Life

Samsung and LG to use sapphire-covered screens

by Christian de Looper on
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Rumors about Apple using sapphire glass have been floating around, and suggest that Apple will be using it as a replacement for their Gorilla Glass coatings on the iPhone 6. Now there are new rumors suggesting that Samsung and LG plan to do the same thing.

The news comes from Korean news site ET News, with unspecified industry sources saying that both companies have asked for samples from suppliers.

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LG G3 for Verizon press render leaks, Big Red’s stamp is on the front once again

by Justin Herrick on
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With just four days left until its May 27 announcement, there are bound to be some last-minute LG G3 leaks. Here, courtesy of @evleaks, we have a look at the first carrier-branded press render of the handset. As you can tell by the rather blatant branding, this is the Verizon version.

Like with the LG G2, Big Red has literally put its mark all over. On the back is the Verizon name with their 4G LTE logo. On the front is, again, the Verizon logo crammed in the top right corner. The carrier’s 4G LTE icon is present, but that is not a big deal whatsoever. And it looks like we will have some bloatware as the display is showing Verizon’s official messaging application. It is understandable that carriers add some of their own branding, but cluttering the front panel is a little much. Another catch worth mentioning is that this front panel is all black while previous G3 leaks show a mixed front depending upon the color variant. » Read the rest