Samsung, LG provide specifications on their Android Wear smartwatches


At the Google I/O keynote earlier this afternoon, Google fully detailed Android Wear and its upcoming devices for the platform. Later today, Samsung and LG will have smartwatches running Android Wear go on sale in the Play Store. But for now, both companies have revealed the specifications inside of their respective wearables. Both require users to have an Android device running 4.3 or higher, something common with Android Wear.

Click here for our Google I/O 2014 coverage. And hit the break for details like specifications and the full press releases from both companies.
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New study names Samsung the leader in smartphone patents


Samsung, with a vast portfolio of smartphone devices and more seeming to hit the market on a weekly basis, is also the leader in patents related to smartphones. According to a new study by Thomson Reuters, Samsung applied for 2,179 patents related to smartphones, more than three times the number applied for by their biggest rival, Apple, which had 647 patents.

According to the report, LG came in second with 1,678 patents as it works on moving up to the number three position in the smartphone market. Other companies with significant numbers of patents related to smartphones included Qualcomm with 1,383, Sony  with 1,071, Panasonic with 976, and Sharp with 963.

source: The Korea Economic Daily

LG G Watch to go on sale in 12 countries on July 7


With information surrounding the LG G Watch expected to be released at Google I/O tomorrow, MobileFun is now showing the device as available for pre-order in a number of countries, with an availability starting July 7.

The US will be getting the LG device on June 7, while Europe will get it on July 8, and the rest of the world on July 9. It seems that the device will sell for around $225 USD, or £180, which is a little less than the £199 that was shown for the Moto 360 earlier this month. The device will be sold through MobileFun, but it is also expected to be sold in various markets through Google Play. Hit the break for the full list of release dates and links to the pre-order pages.

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LG G3 to begin rolling out on June 27, excluding the US

LG G3 colors

LG has officially announced that the worldwide rollout of their new G3 will begin on June 27. This date unfortunately does not include the US, unless we get surprised by one of the carriers.

According to LG, the next countries in line to get the new device apart from Korea are Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines. After that, the rest of Asia, Europe and the Middle East will get the LG flagship.

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Should LG and Samsung fear the Amazon Fire Phone?


Last week Amazon finally introduced their first smartphone to the world, which didn’t seem all that spectacular. Amazon does have a major brand, but the pricing and lack of anything compelling makes me wonder if it will succeed. However, according to a report from the Korea Times, Samsung and LG should be scared.

One industry official said, “The top appealing factor for the Amazon phone is competitive pricing and the technology that enables it to produce three-dimensional (3D) images.” What competitive pricing? $199 on contract and $650 off contract is far from competitive. Yes, the 3D, or as the call it dynamic perspective, is different, but is it something that consumers really desire?

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Alleged LG G Vista for Verizon promotional image leaks, looks oddly similar to the G3


This makes things interesting, but mainly confusing. Provided to @evleaks, the image above shows an LG device that looks just like the G3. But, clearly, this promotional image is not for the G3. This is for the recently-leaked G Vista. Everything looks identical to the G3 aside from the text. So what could the G Vista be? Perhaps a G3 Mini, but the sizing and everything else looks unchanged. Or could it be that Verizon is wildly altering the name of its G3 to the G Vista? Yeah, that sounds a bit crazy.

What do you think the LG G Vista is? Let us know in the comments.

Source: @evleaks (Official site)

T-Mobile flips the switch for VoLTE on a few devices


Right after boasting its wideband LTE and VoLTE networks, T-Mobile has turned on voice over LTE (VoLTE) for a few devices. The devices come from both Samsung and LG. The update to enable VoLTE is appearing on the Galaxy S 5, Galaxy Note 3, and G Flex.

Technically, the update only matters (right now) if you are in one of the 16 markets that the carrier’s VoLTE network has been launched in. Until then, just enjoy the update and wait until your market gets VoLTE.

According to LG, the new G Pad is perfect for your next day off


LG released a promo video featuring the new G Pad line of tablets. They are offering 7-inch, 8-inch, and 10.1-inch versions and the specs are basically mid-range. No word on U.S. availability, but they are finally starting to appear in European markets.

In this video, The main emphasis is that the G Pad is perfect for taking the day off and relaxing. I’m not sure they get across the idea that the G Pad is all that different than any other tablet, but they do feature Quick Memo, Knock Code, and the ability to answer calls with the device. Since the new Galaxy Tab S also offers the ability to answer calls, expect Samsung to attack back. Hit the break for the near 3-minute video.

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New image of LG G Watch surfaces


As the clock continues to tick down to Google I/O and the anticipated launch of the Android Wear powered LG G Watch, we have a new image that has surfaced. This new image shows a shot of the screen prompting the user to “Install Android Wear on your phone” which seems to imply an app will be available to help make the connection between the LG G Watch and your smartphone.
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