LG Watch Urbane launches in Korea for slightly more than LG G Watch R


LG is poised to launch the LG Watch Urbane next week in 13 countries through the Google Play Store, but buyers in Korea get a little hometown advantage as LG has started selling the device in that country through the major carriers starting today. One of the big questions about the device is what the selling price would be given that it is a slight step up from the LG G Watch R. In Korea at least, the answer is about $30 more, which is not quite a ten percent increase. When launched, the LG G Watch R sold for $332 in Korea and the new LG Watch Urbane is listing at $365 today. Read more

Dual-sim version of LG G4 surfaces in Iran


It seems there may not be much left for LG to share with the world when they hold their LG G4 launch event next week in New York City. Just in the last day we have seen a leak about pricing for the smartphone and more information about the user interface to join all the previous information that has surfaced. Another tidbit of information that turned up thanks to a site in Iran is that a dual-sim version of the LG G4 exists. Coming from Iran, we think this variant will be available in that country and we would guess it will find its way to other markets where dual-sim devices are commonplace. Read more

LG announces pricing details for the G4

LG g4 leather 2

Yesterday, three major operators in South Korea, SK Telecom, KT and LG U+, launched a pre-order campaign, in which a select number of early-adopters could reserve themselves an LG G4 for $825. However, the price of the device sparked a plethora of questions from potential customers all over the world as to why it was so expensive, seeing as the 32GB Samsung Galaxy S6 retails for $795.

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LG Watch Urbane heads to the Google Store in 13 countries by end of April


Next on the Android Wear release schedule is the LG Watch Urbane. This evening, LG issued a press release that states the smartwatch will be available through the Google Store in thirteen countries by the end of April (or next week). Along with an unspecified date, LG did not provide a price. Also, this is merely for the rollout of the Watch Urbane and that means shipping will likely take place at a later time. It could be June before anyone gets their smartwatch.

The wait could be worth it, however, as the Watch Urbane has specifications to put it at the top of its class. The completely round 1.3-inch display has 320×320 resolution and P-OLED technology. Inside is the usual Snapdragon 400 processor and collection of sensors. Two unique feature are LG Call for viewing recent calls and LG Pulse for monitory heart rate with no pause. And, right out of the box, the Watch Urbane has the latest version of Android Wear.

Being that the G Watch R has a $299 price tag, the Watch Urbane could reach $349.

Hit the break for the full press release.

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LG G4 screen to have slight curve


A new report out of Korea ahead of next week’s LG G4 release says the forthcoming smartphone will have a slightly curved screen to go with the rest of the hardware packed in to the new device. According to the report, the LG G4 will have a 3000-mm curve to the screen. This level of curvature is also present in other LG devices like the LG Magna and LG Spirit, so the company is not exactly breaking new ground. Read more