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The Upcoming LG Nexus: What We Know Up To This Point & What We Can Expect


As we patiently wait for October 29th to arrive, we are expecting to see at least one addition to the Nexus family, the LG Nexus. After countless leaks for the past month and much speculation, we think we may finally have a somewhat concrete idea of what the upcoming device giving the true “Google Experience” will offer. The device will as always, introduce new technology— while making existing technology a little bit better. Read on past the break to have a brief breakdown of what is known and what we can expect in this new superphone.


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LG Nexus could be priced at $399 and be called the Optimus Nexus

Everyone is LG Nexus 4 crazy for obvious reasons. What’s really surprising is that the device could be shipped from the Google Play Store within a next few weeks, October 29 to be exact.

Even though this information relies solely on rumors, ByteNow expects that the price will be around the $399 mark, well-priced for a device that is likely to support the speedy 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 processor, and the crystal clear SLCD display.

There could be one possible flaw that the Nexus might have with certain carriers. The upcoming superphone isn’t expected to carry LTE support, leaving Verizon Wireless in the dust. The recent FCC filing doesn’t mention LTE at all. This means the only U.S. carriers to support the device will be AT&T, T-Mobile, and the smaller MNVO’s. Though that may seem alright with many users, customers of Big Red will miss out on a spectacular device, just like with the predecessors of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Lastly, the name of the device isn’t official, but now the latest rumor suggests it will be called the Optimus Nexus. A name we’ve heard before.

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Rumor: Upcoming Nexus Featuring Android 4.2 To Feature New Customization Center, Updated Google Now And Project Roadrunner



As we all await the arrival of the latest Nexus device (or devices if all holds true), we are also eagerly awaiting what Google has up its sleeves in the latest Android OS. Well it looks like the gang at Android and Me may have the inside scoop on not only the latest OS which is expected to be software version 4.2, but details on the direction of its Nexus line of devices. According to an anonymous source, Google is trying to promote its Nexus line among all major manufacturers. The various manufacturers will work directly with Google in regards to the hardware and driver details, though Google will be responsible for the hardware updates directly. Moreover, although these special Google devices are part of the Nexus line, they don’t necessarily need to be called Nexus as part of its name– sort of like of what Google did with the Motorola Xoom WiFi tablet. The thought is that by manufacturers joining the Nexus program, it would allow for the special variations of the devices to have even more access to specially-optimized Google content.

Of course since there will be added content, it’s only natural to have an idea of what exactly the Nexus devices will feature in regards to the newest Android OS, Android 4.2. The biggest features in the new OS are rumored to be identified as the new Customization Center, Project Roadrunner, an updated Google Now and revamped Play Store. The new Customization Center will be useful for all Android users as it essentially allows users to update the base Android OS, without having to wait for OEM manufacturers to update their skins. Here’s how it works: it is basically a way for you to do basic customizations through a range of options through the Play Store. When a new update is available, new items like filters and icons would be available via the Play Store. So when Google upgrades Android and a manufacturer doesn’t provide a compatible version of their custom UI initially, the device reverts simply to the stock UI or wait for the upgrade until the manufacturer catches up.

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Google and LG teaming up for a Nexus TV?

Plans are supposedly on the table for LG to get first access to Google TV software. The partnership is expected to be similar to that which Google struck with Samsung and HTC for creating Nexus phones. At this time both parties have declined to comment but neither have debunked the claims either. I personally own Sony’s NSX32-GT1, the 32″ television. Since purchasing the device, Google TV has certainly matured and it seems manufacturers agree if the number of new Google TV partners are any indication. If ICS is in these systems’ future, it will get even better, fast.

One thing is for sure, the Google TV LG previewed at CES (above) certainly looks fitting of the Nexus brand. With design lines like that, I’m sure LG can bring a proper Nexus TV to market. Get another perspective of that new LG Google TV after the break. Read more