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Level Up Studio teases new Beautiful Widgets 5.0

A couple of the benefits Android users enjoy compared to other mobile platforms include the ability to put widgets on their screens and the ability to customize the interface. Level Up Studio helps merge those two functions with their Beautiful Widgets app that gives users the ability to implement some stunning widgets on their devices. Being one of the first in the market does have a downside though as an app can become out of date, especially with changes to the Android ecosystem. To combat that, Level Up Studio has been working on new version, Beautiful Widgets 5.0., that they teased today with some new screenshots and a some information about improvements.

According to Level Up Studio, the new app is being rewritten from the ground up. One improvement is that the new version will now have a base for future enhancements, helping to decrease the cycle time between updates. For users, Beautiful Widgets 5.0 has improved configuration and preview capabilities and the weather information has been revamped in response to user feedback.

Level Up Studio has not released information about availability, other than indicating it will be released “in a few weeks.” They have put the current version of Beautiful Widgets on sale for 99 cents through Google Play and you will be eligible for the 5.0 update when it is released. If you want to grab it now, just use one of the download links below.

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source: Level Up Studio