Unannounced Sony Xperia E4 pictured alongside Z1 Compact

Xperia E4 2

Sony’s forthcoming sequel to its popular budget-friendly smartphone, the Xperia E3, is expected to be unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on Tuesday, January 6, 2015. However, following months of secrecy, the Xperia E4 has now been surreptitiously snapped, and the resulting shots leaked — revealing much of the handset’s appearance and specifications.

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Samsung budget-friendly smartphone leaks with 4.8-inch display, quad-core chipset


An unidentified entry-level smartphone has been spotted on Samsung’s official website in the form of a User Agent profile. Going by the name of SM-J100H, the handset doesn’t pack much by way of specifications, but it does feature a barometer sensor, which is something that’s usually reserved for higher end devices — leading us to believe that this may be some type of speciality device.

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Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet Ultra seemingly on the way, 13-inch display included


Just like phones, tablets are getting bigger and bigger. It seems like Sony will be releasing a tablet with a massive 13-inch display sometime next year. The listing above was spotted by Pad News, showing that the tablet will be known as the Xperia Z4 Tablet Ultra. The name is fitting considering the ‘Ultra’ title is designated to Sony’s largest devices. The display’s resolution is 3840×2400 and features the company’s TRILUMINOS, Live Color LED, and X-Reality technologies.

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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge spotted with gold trim


Everything is better in gold, right? Hardware manufacturers seem to think so because new devices are constantly seeing gold introduced as color options at launch or a bit down the road. The Apple iPhone, HTC One (M8), Samsung Galaxy S 5, and LG G3 are just some of the devices available in gold. It looks like the latest handset to ‘go gold’ is the Galaxy Note Edge. While the front and back of this Galaxy Note Edge is black, the frame is gold. Furthermore, the camera lens and flash LED are lined with gold. It looks much better than many of the devices that go full-gold.

The Galaxy Note Edge in gold was spotted in Vietnam; therefore, chances are it stays overseas and folks in other regions like North America are bound to current color options.

Source: Samsungviet.vn
Via: GSMArena

Galaxy A7 specs leak online


Earlier in the year, Samsung launched the first two models in its Galaxy A series, the Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5, and now it looks like the manufacturer is gearing up to launch its third and final offering, the Galaxy A7. According to a leaked spec sheet from SamMobile, the handset is set be a beast of a devices and is aiming at the high-end market.

Hit the break to view the full list of specifications.

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Alleged specs of the Samsung Galaxy S6 leaks on AnTuTu


It’s common knowledge by this point that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be launching by the first quarter of 2015. And just as we head into 2015, we’re starting to get a rough idea regarding the hardware of this Samsung flagship (SM-G925F). The latest revelation comes from AnTuTu, which is renowned for leaking out hardware details of smartphones and tablets ahead of schedule.
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Specs of HTC’s upcoming “Hima” flagship leak out


It’s no secret that HTC is prepping the launch of the One M9 in its research labs as we speak. And now, a new leak courtesy of @upleaks has revealed the alleged hardware specs of the smartphone codenamed HTC Hima. According to the source, the smartphone will pack a 5 inch 1080p display along with a 20.7-megapixel rear camera (possibly from Sony) and a 13-megapixel or 4-megapixel front camera.
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Upcoming DROID device to have 5.9-inch display and Snapdragon 810 processor


The DROID Turbo has been on the market for just over one month, but Verizon is not allowing Motorola to slow down production. Sometime next year, likely around the summer, Motorola will release a DROID device that matches and surpasses the Nexus 6 and its specifications. There is a chance, though, that the device ditches DROID branding and joins the Moto line.

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Samsung to release Galaxy S 6 Edge alongside flagship phone


Surprise! The next flagship phone introduced by Samsung will be marketed with the name Galaxy S 6. That is not too surprising, right? We did not think so either. The device, currently known internally as Project Zero, will follow its Galaxy S predecessors by carrying the number indicating its order in the line. The specifications for the Galaxy S 6 (allegedly) include a 2560×1440 resolution display, Exynos 7420 (or Snapdragon 810) processor, 16MP/5MP cameras on the back and front, and storage options ranging from 32GB to 128GB.

The real bit of news, though, is Samsung apparently having a Galaxy S 6 Edge on the way as well. It would follow the Galaxy Note Edge by being identical to the Galaxy S 6, but having the right side of the display being tapered with a curve. The specifications remain the same but the overall design slightly changes.

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Leaked images suggest TouchWiz may add theme capabilities


The concept of themes applied to the interface of an Android device is nothing new as many third-party launchers have supported themes for a long time now. The ability to quickly change the look of a device is a feature that many people enjoy as witnessed by the popularity of third-party launchers along with the host of theme and icon packs available through the Play Store. Based on some new images that surfaced it appears Samsung may have realized they can keep people using their own TouchWiz UI if they add in the ability to load themes.
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