Oppo R7 may get fingerprint sensor, metal body according to new renders


Some new images of the Oppo R7 have surfaced and if legitimate, show the device may come equipped with a fingerprint sensor and be built using a metal chassis and frame. The bad news for those who like minimal bezels is that the new renders do not show the bezel-less screen that surfaced in a previously leaked image of the Oppo R7. Read more

Dual-sim version of LG G4 surfaces in Iran


It seems there may not be much left for LG to share with the world when they hold their LG G4 launch event next week in New York City. Just in the last day we have seen a leak about pricing for the smartphone and more information about the user interface to join all the previous information that has surfaced. Another tidbit of information that turned up thanks to a site in Iran is that a dual-sim version of the LG G4 exists. Coming from Iran, we think this variant will be available in that country and we would guess it will find its way to other markets where dual-sim devices are commonplace. Read more

Leaked renders allegedly showcase the design of the Xperia Z3 Neo


Some leaked internal press renders have surfaced today, allegedly showcasing the design of the long-awaited Xperia Z3 Neo. However, we can’t actually be certain that handset in these shots is the device the leaker specified as one of the images is annotated with the text “Xperia Z The Fourth Generation” — so it could, in fact, be a variant of the¬†recently-announced Xperia Z4.

Hit the break to see the smartphone in all its glory.

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Alleged LG Stylus, model number LS770, press render surfaces


This afternoon, an alleged press render of the LG Stylus (seen above) surfaced online. The image, obtained by TechnoBuffalo, shows the handset believed to be LG’s competitor to the Samsung Galaxy Note series. Not too much is given away by this leak, though. The biggest takeaway is that LG will continue with its rear button setup, but we already had a feeling that was the case.

The model number for the Stylus is apparently LS770.

Source: TechnoBuffalo

Google may be working on new Meeting platform


Google Plus user Florian Kiersch has stumbled upon a new product that Google may be working on called GMeet. The application appears to be an online conferencing solution, possibly built on top of Google’s Hangouts platform. There is not much information available about what GMeet can do since it appears Google is limiting access to their own staff, but it looks like it might be similar to services like GoToMeeting or WebEx. Read more

More evidence Motorola improving resolution on next Moto 360 version


A new leak regarding the next generation Motorola Moto 360 indicates the company has plans to increase the resolution of the screen to 360 by 360. This is not the first time this screen resolution has surfaced in connection with the new Moto 360. Recently, a device named “Smelt” showed up on a developer’s console with the same 360 x 360 resolution. This new resolution means the screen should look a little better and also hints that Motorola may have figured out a way to get rid of the lip on the screen. Read more