Nova Launcher 2.0 Beta Doubles Down On Customization

You don’t have to be Xzibit to appreciate what Nova Launcher has done with its latest beta. No, the beta launcher won’t help you install an x-box to the trunk of your Toyota Celica but it does go a long way in helping you pimp your home screen. Nova is one of several capable third-party launchers but with the addition of a handful ton of customization options it’s doubling down on a more user-defined look and feel to Android.

Like with the version available on the Play Store, ver. 1.3.4, Nova Launcher 2.0 beta requires Android 4.0.1 or higher. And while both versions offer an increased level of control over its stock counterpart, 2.0 takes it to a different level. We’re talking transparency settings, resizing folders, gestures galore and some nice wallpaper tweaks. The 2.0beta3 release addresses some early beta bugs, with fixes to expanded notifications on Android 4.2, dock as overlay, dock infinite scroll, disabled wallpaper scrolling and force close issues.

Hit the break for a complete list of Nova Launcher 2.0 features and the all important download link.

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Best Launcher apps for Android tablets

In November 2012 Android fans were treated to news that Android’s share of the tablet market was growing much faster than previously projected. No doubt there will be many new owners of Android powered tablets once the 2012 holiday season passes. These new owners, or folks who have had a tablet device for a while, may be interested in trying out a new “launcher” for the tablet. For those not familiar with launchers, and I was one of them before I started working on this comparison, the launcher is the basic interface for the device. It controls things like the “grid” where apps are placed, how apps and widgets are accessed, the possibility of creating groups of apps, or automatically rearranging apps on a homescreen.

Readers may have run across references to manufacturers’ interfaces, like Touchwiz or Sense or Motoblur. These are launchers specifically included on devices to replace the stock Android launcher. In my case, I am testing on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, so I already have Samsung’s Touchwiz launcher installed.

For this comparison, I decided to take a look at some of the launchers we have covered here at TalkAndroid during the past year or that may show up at the top of the list when you search the Google Play Store for a launcher.

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Next Launcher Is Released To The Masses, Gives Another Taste Of 3D Homescreens


We all know how popular and awesome GO Launcher already is– but the maker now has a new launcher up its sleeves for the masses to try out called Next Launcher. It’s a 3D-based launcher which has full 3D elements and 3D effects, while featuring items like an unlimited screen layout, stereoscopic screen preview and of course, those fancy 3D widgets that compliment the 3D screen. Essentially– Next Launcher is GO Launcher in full 3D— and who doesn’t want to see a cool 3D launcher to cover up their awful skin on their Android device?

The new launcher is up for all  Android 2.2+ devices, but will run you about 16 bucks— which might be a bit hefty for some. Still– the launcher is intriguing enough, so if you’re willing overlook the steep price and give it a try, head on down to the Play Store today and give it a try.


Play Store Download Link

Chameleon Launcher price dropped to $3.99

Not too long ago we told you about a application for tablets called Chameleon Launcher that started as a Kickstarter project. It was a pretty cool success story, and the UI was, and still is, a refreshing take on how a tablet should work. The not-so-cool part? That $10 price tag.

Well, if you had been putting off buying the launcher because of that high price point, now’s your chance to give it a shot. The price has dropped significantly down to $3.99, which is about in line with several other premium launchers for Android. There’s no word on if this is a sale or the new, permanent price for the app, so you may want to check it out in the next day or two, just in case your tablet needs a little more customization. Anyone going to be trying out this app at its new price?

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Play Store Download Link

ADW.Launcher Gets Updated To Bring A “New Everything”

Many of you may not have the luxury of enjoying a stock or simplified launcher due to those pesky customized UI skins, but one of the better launchers in the game has just come back with a new update that’s sure to make many users happy. The latest ADW.Launcher update brings the software version to and brings pretty much a new ummm…. “everything”— whatever that means. The hope is that there are new themes and even more customizations to make even the pickiest owner happy. As expected, users will be able to do anything from resizing widgets to developing specialized app folders and all.


The app is compatible with Android 1.6+ devices, so that means that all users looking for a solid alternative have no excuse but to give the latest update a try today.


Play Store

Holo Launcher HD Brings Jelly Bean-Based Launcher To Ice Cream Sandwich Devices


Mobint (of Holo Launcher fame) has developed the brand-spanking new Holo Launcher HD for Android 4.0+ devices. While the launcher brings a delicious stock feel to your Android device— it also is modeled after the newly released Jelly Bean OS. The launcher is also fully customizable with the ability to do things like add additional homescreens (up to 9), a nifty scrollable dock and for those of you who splurge on Holo Launcher Plus— some cool desktop gestures and even icon packs if that strikes your fancy.

Again, if you’re on an Android 4.0+ device, but hate those pesky Android skins, be sure to give the new launcher a try. You can find the Play Store link and QR code once you hit past the break.

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Featured Play Store Newbie: Atom Launcher [Personalization]

Ah yes custom launchers— they offer a quick and easy way for Android owners to immediately personalize and jazz up the look of their homescreens. Ice Cream Sandwich welcomed a refreshing and exciting change to the overall look of the Android OS. But as sexy as the appearance of Android 4.0 is, there are plenty of Android users (myself included) who may get bored of something like the stock ICS UI very quickly and may see the appearance of the look of ICS as dare I say, boring. Well those of you who are looking to get some pizazz on an otherwise bland UI need to look no further and check out Atom Launcher for ICS 4.0.2 devices and above.

The launcher comes fully loaded with features too. For starters, users of the launchers have the option of selecting from a variety of types of launchers such as choosing a “light and easy launcher” or a full assortment of backgrounds, icons and even themes. In addition, there is complete support for widgets and menu, the option for Changing Display Settings on Hidden Dock: Emotional Filter Effect, Various Screen Switching, Opacity Adjustment as well as Setting Point Color Changes— like changing the color for the widgets, icons, menus or guides.

The launcher is free and currently at version 0.5.2 and is a small 5.6MB in size— though it needs 10MB of total space if you want to save theme resources. If you have an ICS device, there’s no reason to give it a shot today— it won’t hurt to add some simple creativity and uniqueness to your device. You can find the Play Store link and QR code once you hit past the break.

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GO Launcher HD Goes Live In The Play Store

It’s official everyone— GO Launcher HD is now available for all Android 3.0+ tablets today. When we last saw the launcher, it was in beta and had some minor kinks to be worked out. Those kinks are ironed out and the developers want you to look forward to the noteworthy features in the launcher:

  • Support dragging operation on dock bar
  • Add / Delete screens
  • Self-define folders to categorize apps
  • Check running apps and clear all
  • Brand new adding interface

If you’ve got a tablet and are sick of those darn skins or want to jazz up stock Android a little bit, be sure to give GO Launcher HD a whirl today. It’s available for the low price of free for Honeycomb+ tablets.

 Play Store


GO Launcher Development Team Creates GO Launcher HD Beta For Android 3.0+ Tablets

One of the best launchers available is now available for Android 3.0+ tablets. The GO Launcher development team has developed an tablet-specific version called GO Launcher HD. While the launcher is currently in beta, there are some nifty highlights you can find in the launcher. For starters, there is the given ability to change your grid size in your various homescreens. Also, the launcher is incredibly fluid and smooth, which means transitions won’t be as choppy as some customized skins out there.

Although it’s currently in beta, GO Launcher HD is indeed available— though not in the Android Market at this time. If you fancy trying out having a new look to your homescreen, hit up the download link below. Don’t forget to let us know how it works out for you in the Comments section below or in our Forums.

GO Launcher HD download link

source: Android Police

BIG Launcher Gets Updated To Version 1.7, Continues To Make Life A Little Easier

One of the more innovative launchers has gotten a pretty significant update. BIG Launcher has long been one of the most important launchers for the elderly, visually impaired or just the handful of folks who like to see their Android UI simplified and as basic as simple as possible. The launcher has been updated to software update 1.7 and in addition to bringing larger icons to your standard homescreens, users will find 3 new text sizes and 3 different color schemes available: Light – for normal usage, Dark – also suitable for people with Retinitis pigmentosa and Blue – with yellow texts for ideal readability.

BIG Launcher is available now in the Android Market. It’s compatible with any Android 2.1+ device and will run you $1.39 if you do find you want to grab it. If you’re in your silver or golden years, visually impaired or just like things plain and simple, don’t delay— grab the BIG Launcher today. You’ll thank us later once you do, believe us.


Android Market