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Samsung unveils Galaxy S4 “La Fleur” edition


Samsung has given a number of devices the “La Fleur” paint job, and the Galaxy S4 is no different. Targeted at the female audience, the newest addition to the lineup of La Fleur devices was confirmed today through a number of images that popped up on Twitter.

There’s still no word on pricing or availability yet, but speculation is that the device will be released before MWC next month. Given the nature of the phone a launch before Valentine’s day makes sense.

Source: @SamMobiles

Samsung to introduce 3 new colors for the Galaxy S III Mini and Note 2, as well as a La Fleur edition of the Galaxy S III

There’s nothing better in life than variety, right? Samsung also seems to think so and is planning on doing just that to make their most successful device to date even better. Starting “around” January (just in time for Valentine’s day) Samsung is planning on releasing a La Fleur edition to the Galaxy S III, Galaxy Ace 2, Galaxy Ace DUOS and Galaxy S DUOS. These devices will essentially have a flower print on both the front and back of the device. Certainly a nice touch and gift to give to a girlfriend or wife.

In other news, Samsung also plans on release 3 new colors for the Galaxy S Mini and Galaxy Note 2. The new colors for the Galaxy S III mini are: Titan Gray, Garnet Red and Onyx Black. Samsung expects these new colors sometime in December. As for the Note 2: Amber Brown, Topaz Blue and Ruby Wine. These colors won’t be available till early 2013.

So what do you all think about these new colors and La Fleur edition of Samsung devices? Certainly, variety can’t hurt right?

source: SamMobile & SamMobile