Smartphone Buyer’s Guide For Budget-Minded Customers: The Best Devices For $99.99 Or Under


It may be the start of the holiday season, but there are always great deals available for prospective smartphone shoppers looking to grab a sweet phone that won’t break the bank. In fact, there used to be the notion that in order to grab a phone under $100 on-contract, you’d have to settle for an outdated or budget-level device. However that notion is no longer the case as customers across all carriers can easily find a decent (if not great) device for a reasonable price. Of course figuring out which device may be a bit difficult, but don’t fret— Talk Android has you covered as we’ve come up with a solid guide with our recommendations of the best devices for under $100 on-contract for your respective wireless carrier. So without further ado, head on past the break to see our picks of the best devices that won’t break the bank.

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Source: Kyocera Rise Headed Straight For Sprint And Virgin Mobile Stores


Sprint certainly has a habit of containing confidential information of its upcoming slider smartphones. Hot off the heels of seeing the LG Cayenne leak, EVLeaks has graced QWERTY fans with another sign indicating Sprint has another phone on the way. If you recall, we previously told you about the Kyocera Rise smartpone that we went hands-on with earlier in the year as well as told you it has EV-DO/CDMA bands, making it an attractive candidate to operate on Sprint’s Now Network. Well, according to EVLeaks, it obtained an actual photo of the Rise smartphone that has a SprintZone app right in the middle of the homescreen. And for added measure, EVLeaks also claims Sprint subsidiary Virgin Mobile will also receive the Android 4.0-powered smartphone.

So now that we are all but certain Sprint will have an affordable ICS slider in its lineup sometime in the near-future, how many of you are excited about the idea of having the smartphone? Go on and tell us— don’t be shy.

source: EVLeaks Twitter
via: Phandroid

Kyocera Introduces The Hydro And Rise Smartphones


The next smartphone is the Rise smartphone, which is identical to the Hydro— except it features a full QWERTY keyboard. So inside, you’ll still find the same 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 3.5-inch screen and Android 4.0. Kyocera believes that there is a niche and need for the Rise because the:

 “Kyocera Rise is the ideal device for those underserved consumers for whom a touchscreen isn’t enough and who demand the familiar tactile feedback of a keypad. With both Hydro and Rise, people have spoken loud and clear about what they want, and we’ve listened”.

Each device features an CDMA/EV-DO radio, it’s likely the device will operate on Sprint— especially considering Sprint and Kyocera seem to have a history of releasing budget-minded devices. Want more details about the device? Make sure you hit the break to see the full presser.

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