VERZO announces “Kinzo” Android phone, complete with custom UI

It looks like we have a new kid on the Android block, and the new kid’s name is Kinzo.

The Kinzo, by VERZO, is a European designed smartphone that will be manufactured in Taiwan. The sale of the Kinzo will begin at the end of September through their e-shop (, with shipping to the countries of the European Union and the USA. Other countries, including China, Russian Federation, countries of South America and the Middle east, are expected to be added later this year – or in the beginning of next year.

So what exactly is the Kinzo? According to VERZO’s press release, the Kinzo aims to be something different:

We are new, we are here, we want to be heard and seen, but we are not going to claim that we are going to change everything what are the owners of smartphones used to. We are definitely not going to scare off Apple and Samsung by our entry to the market, so they would have to call board meetings and hold press conferences. On the contrary – the VERZO brand is letting you know right from the start that we are not the slimmest, fastest or the best. For now.

At the same time we want to let you know that we are going to be different and that we have a clear vision and we know exactly where we are going. The VERZO brand is officially letting you know that it exists and in the next 6 weeks we are going to offer all smartphone-lovers our first model named Kinzo. VERZO Kinzo combines our desire to produce original and novel products with functional design, plus we hope to make our products user-friendly, reliable and open to suggestions.

One area the Kinzo hopes to separate itself from others is with its GUI. The Kinzo is bringing its own graphic solution for the Android OS in the form of a personalized VERZO interface that they claim was developed not to just be different, but to get the most from the Android system.

With VERZO promising its own graphic solution, and with Huawei’s Vision shipping with a proprietary interface of its own, is a personalized interface the new trend in the smartphone world for manufacturers looking to grab a piece of the Android smartphone Pie? Only time will tell.

If you try to navigate to the VERZO website, you will be greeted with a “coming soon” message. The official website (containing basic information about the product and first pictures) will be launched in its first phase during the night from August 29th to August 30th.

A copy of the press release is available after the break. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!

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