Amazon to limit announcement this week to 7” Kindle Fire devices

Despite all the rumors of a larger device coming from Amazon, source are now indicating this week’s announcement regarding their Kindle Fire will be limited to two 7-inch models. The information obtained by c|net indicates Amazon will introduce a slightly revamped version of the existing Kindle Fire and a new, higher-end model of the Kindle Fire. In anticipation of the announcement, Amazon has reported the existing Kindle Fire is now soldout.

The new model is expected to have a faster processor, a camera, some physical buttons for volume control, an HDMI port, and increased internal storage. Both models are expected to benefit from a slight overhaul of the user interface. As far as a larger model goes, it may still be in the works, but don’t expect to see it later this week.

source: c|net

Kindle Fire successor to be announced September 6th

Amazon’s first attempt at an Android-based e-reader turned out to be a wild success, so it makes sense for the company to give it another try. Today, the online retailer sent out invitations for a press event on September 6th in Santa Monica, California. Details of the event are still unknown, though it is expected that Amazon will unveil the next iteration of Kindle Fire tablets.

Earlier this year, we reported that the company was preparing to release a 10.1-inch version of its Kindle Fire tablet to more closely compete with offerings from Apple and ASUS. In addition to the 10.1 version of the tablet, Amazon is expected to roll out an updated version of its popular 7-inch model. Although, without any official word, it appears we’ll just have to wait until September 6th to get the full low-down from Amazon.

Source: BGR

Music streaming Spotify app now available for Amazon’s Kindle Fire


The music streaming service Spotify has released a version dedicated to Amazon’s Kindle Fire. Spotify is a streaming music service that gives you access to millions of songs and will be welcomed to the popular 7-inch tablet. You can pay a fee of $9.99 to access its premium features such as being able to listen to music with out the need of an internet connection. Other features include:

  • Access to millions of songs
  • Listen offline – no Internet connection required (Spotify Premium members only)
  • Share music with your friends
  • Create and sync playlists
  • Send the music you’re enjoying to & Facebook

The actual app download is free so go on and head over to the source link if you’re interested!

source: Spotify

Amazon Kindle Fire To Be Reduced To $169 After Kindle Fire 2 Launches?

This is hardly a surprise, but DealNews is reporting that Amazon’s Kindle Fire will experience a price drop to $169 after the new Kindle Fire 2 launches later this year. Amazon has a history of keeping older kindles around, at lower price points, when newer ones are released. According to DealNews, the Kindle Fire 2 will slide into the $199 price point.

This tactic is similar to how Apple positions its older iPads and iPhones when new versions come out. The strategy allows one manufacturer to cover multiple price levels, increasing their potential audience.

Of course, Amazon is now forced to compete with Google’s popular Nexus 7 tablet, which is leaps and bounds ahead of the original Kindle Fire spec-wise but still costs just $199. Sales forecasts for the original Fire have already been cut due to the Nexus 7’s success. Reducing the original Fire to $169 and launching the Fire 2 at $199 would essentially allow Amazon to compete with the Nexus 7 on two fronts.

Looks like the era of low-cost and genuinely usable tablets is here, folks. This is the kind of competition that helps drive innovation. Even big bully and litigious Apple will be getting in the smaller tablet game with their rumored iPad Mini, but I doubt theirs will be under two bills.

source: dealnews
via: ubergizmo

Sales forecast for the Amazon Kindle Fire cut due to success of the Nexus 7

Remember last year when Amazon unveiled the Kindle Fire at $199 and everyone expected it to sell like hotcakes? Well it was quite successful actually, but I think it could have been more successful if it wasn’t a forked version of Android. Either way it was a game changer because they changed the pricing model forever and for the better. Google wanted to make a splash with the Nexus 7 and boy did they. Priced the same as the Kindle Fire with way better specs, the Nexus 7 has to have Amazon a little nervous.

Well it’s not only Amazon that’s nervous because one Cowen analyst is thinking the same thing. Kevin Kopelman just cut his forecast for Amazon’s revenue as well as sales of the Kindle Fire and Kinde e-reader. He originally expected Amazon to sell 14 million Kindle Fire’s, but is thinking it will be more like 12 million.

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Amazon introduces GameCircle for the Kindle Fire bringing Cloud Syncing, Leaderboards, and Achievements [Video]

Amazon just unveiled GameCircle for the Kindle Fire, which should add to the overall gaming experience. By far the biggest feature is Cloud Syncing, which is something Android desperately needs. What it does is save in-game progress to the cloud so that players can continue where they left off even if they deleted the game or switch devices. Other features include Achievements and Leaderboards. With Achievements, players can track all earned trophies, treasures, and other awards. They can even do it while playing a game by simply pausing it, checking out what they still need to earn, then returning to gameplay. With Leaderboards, players can easily see how they rank against other players.

With this announcement, Amazon released a series of GameCircle APIs so developers can easily add it to their games. They can be found at the source link below and hit the break for a short introduction video.

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Amazon Kindle Fire gets a Jelly Bean AOSP ROM

Sure the Amazon Kindle Fire might not be at full fledged Android tablet, but that shouldn’t stop you from having the full experience including Jelly Bean 4.1.1. XDA member Hashcode just posted an AOSP based Jelly Bean ROM. This is a beta so there are some issues like the HD codecs (YouTube and Netflix). The good news is this will be fixed shortly as Texas Instruments is updating the libion code. Other oddities is the screen over rotates and the dev is having an issue turning on UMS. These are all issues that will be fixed shortly.

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New Amazon Kindle Fire to get improved display in Q3

Amazon is reportedly briefing developers on specifications for the forthcoming update to the Kindle Fire unit. A major change includes the display used in the unit. Currently running at 1024 by 600 resolution on a screen with a 1.71 aspect ratio, the unit supposedly will run at 1280 x 800 resolution with a 1.60 aspect ratio. This change will make the unit a little shorter and wider compared to the current model and give it specifications similar to units like the Nexus 7 tablet from Google.

Along with the upgrades to the display, the new Kindle Fire will be lighter, thinner, have a built-in camera, and possibly a faster chip to go with an update to Amazon’s fork of the Android operating system. Despite all these changes, battery life should not be significantly impacted. These improvements are in addition to the previously reported body combining a metal frame with a plastic body.

Is an upgraded Amazon Kindle Fire a tablet you would be interested in?

source: AllThingsD

Amazon Smartphone in the Works

While most of the buzz around Amazon is that they will produce a larger version of their Kindle Fire (presumably a 10 inch version), Bloomberg’s “people with knowledge of the matter” claim that a smartphone is actually in the works. The rumor centers around a supposed chase for wireless patents so that Amazon won’t have the same problems that other companies like Samsung is having now. There are no details about the device nor a timetable of when it will be released, but we do know that Amazon has partnered up with Foxconn to aid them in the manufacturing process.

What do you guys think about an Amazon manufactured phone? I can see this as a win for consumers as we can never get enough of good and affordable devices.

source: Bloomberg

HBO GO Now Supports Tablets Up To Android 4.0.4

Even though HBO GO was made available for the Kindle Fire last month, full Android tablet support was still lacking. For a streaming video app, this was nearly inexcusable. But the latest update has changed all that. Any Android tablet running any version of Android up to 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich should be able to install and run the latest HBO GO.

Interestingly, the app will not run on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean yet, but considering there aren’t many tablets that are officially running the days-old version of Android, there’s still time to catch up. To be able to use the app, you need to already have a subscription to HBO with your cable company. If you do, and you also have an Android tablet, grab the update from the download link below and start streaming.

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