Razer offers a new deal to indie game developers without exclusivity constraint


When gaming accessory maker Razer acquired Ouya, many Free The Games (FtG) participants were less than thrilled as the move would have adversely affected their funding. As part of FtG promotion, gaming console Ouya had offered to match the funds raised by any Android game developer on Kickstarter in exchange for exclusivity. Ouya’s new owners are offering the developers a better deal – without the exclusivity constraint.

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Kickstarter project by Kuai puts biometric devices in headphones form factor


A new project on Kickstarter takes a unique approach to measuring biometric data for users engaged in a variety of sporting activities. Most of the efforts we have seen in recent years involve activity trackers worn on the wrist and many companies are incorporating those features into their smartwatch solutions. A few other companies, like FitBit, also produce hardware that can be clipped on the body somewhere to measure things like steps taken. Kuai is currently raising funds to take all of this and put it in the form of headphones. Read more

New Light Phone wants to be “your phone away from phone”


In some areas of the U.S., the tiny house movement is leading consumers to build small, simple houses and eschewing the size and complexity of most normal houses. A new project on Kickstarter appears to be bringing a similar mindset to cell phones. The Light Phone is being designed as a credit card-sized cell phone that does one thing – phone calls. The device is being marketed as a way for people to get away from all of the distractions and intrusions created by today’s typical smartphones. Read more

Swimmo hits Kickstarter as both a smartwatch and swimming coach


Smartwatches and fitness trackers are full of sensors and features that allow them to pinpoint exactly what a user is doing. Swimming, though, has been a tricky task to be tracked. A new smartwatch called Swimmo aims to give swimmers full attention by doing everything a smartwatch should do while acting as a swimming coach. Swimmo is capable of distance tracking, recognizing which calories were burned, speed tracking, monitoring heart rate, and timing swimmers in the water. This smartwatch does not require a constant connection to an Android phone; therefore, use it freely in the water and the data will sync later on when devices are nearby.

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Pebble Time concludes Kickstarter campaign, pledges exceed $20 million


Late in February, the successor to the very popular Pebble smartwatch was announced. Just as the original, the Pebble Time found its home launching through a Kickstarter campaign. Consumers could make pledges and receive units of their own for less than the future retail price. We knew that the Pebble Time would be successful on Kickstarter. After all, the original Pebble was backed by nearly 70,000 people. The Pebble Time surpassed that mark with 78,471 backers and a pledge total reached $20,338,986. This means that the Pebble Time holds the title as the most funded project in Kickstarter’s history.

Backers will start receiving Pebble Time units in May.

Source: Pebble Time (Kickstarter)

Kickstarter project ZRRO gives you a way to play any Android game on your television

ZRROThe market for Android-powered game consoles can seem pretty crazy sometimes, and with the mixed success of devices like the Ouya and Mad Catz’ MOJO, it doesn’t look like any company has the formula nailed down just yet. Google and Amazon are even taking a stab at it with their latest set top boxes, although gaming is not the first priority with either device.

The newest contender in this new market is the ZRRO, which is currently up for funding on Kickstarter. The ZRRO differs from other boxes because it tries to offer a touch screen experience and full compatibility with any and every game available on Google’s Play Store. The device uses a fancy controller that utilizes patented “zTouch” technology; the input device actually tracks where your fingers are hovering over the screen (think Samsung’s S-Pen or Air View) and when you’re actually pressing the screen, which is supposed to allow you to be any Android game on your big screen television. Read more

New Console OS wants to bring Android to the desktop


Although there are options already in existence to run Android on desktops, both natively and within emulators, a new kickstarter project for Console OS promises to bring a native build of Android for the desktop to market that will be easy enough for everyday users to run. If successful, the Console OS team believes this option will be popular in helping consumers tap into the apps they use on their smartphones and tablets while working on their computers. Read more

Turn your watch into a smartwatch with the Glance attachment


Not feeling any of the current smartwatches on the market or just satisfied with your basic watch? Glance can turn any watch into a smartwatch. Kiwi Wearables, from up north in Toronto, calls Glance an accessory for your watch. It can receive notifications and be a fitness tracker by counting steps, among other things. It is a piece of aluminum that slides between your current watch and your wrist. The OLED display uses Spritz technology to show notifications a single word at a time rather than in a ticker-like manner. Apparently this makes it much easier to read what Glance is trying to display.

This is a Kickstarter project; therefore, those with interest should definitely consider contributing. As of the time of this post, there are twenty-nine days left in the campaign on Kickstarter. The goal is 150,000 CAD and they currently sit around 10,000 CAD. The pledge that nets you a Glance is 70 CAD or more and it should be sent out by October of this year. And even if you do not have a watch to pair Glance with, Kiwi Wearables intends on having a model with a strap.

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