The NoPhone Zero offers the least advanced technology on the market at an aggressively low price

NoPhone ZeroNew phones are offering extremely high resolution screens, fingerprint scanners, and all kinds of other ridiculous, space-age technology in rectangular packages. The NoPhone Zero takes a different approach, though, offering the least advanced in available smartphone technology. In fact, the NoPhone Zero offers so few features and does so little, you’d be surprised to learn that it’s even a phone. Read more

Nextbit Robin smartphone up for pre-order via Kickstarter campaign


Earlier this summer we learned of yet another company hoping to jump into the crowded smartphone market, Nextbit. The founders of the Google Ventures backed company include individuals key to Android’s early success and development, Tom Moss and Mike Chan, along with former HTC honcho Scott Croyle. When initially revealed, Nextbit indicated their Android-based smartphone would be unique. We now have a better idea of being different means to Nextbit thanks to the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to take pre-orders for the Nextbit Robin. Read more

Kickstarter: The MiStand+ is an Aluminium Tablet Stand

MiStand+_KickStarter (1)

I’ve using a MiStand Tablet Stand for just over a year now, and I always been mightily impressed by its ease of use, sturdiness, and resistance to life’s bumps and knocks. My only complaint was that charging the tablet on the MiStand was a little messy because the base didn’t have a cable slot to pass a charging cable through. That won’t be a problem for much longer though, because MiStand is running a Kickstarter campaign for a new, improved tablet stand called the MiStand+ that allows a charging cable to be slotted through the base.

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Razer offers a new deal to indie game developers without exclusivity constraint


When gaming accessory maker Razer acquired Ouya, many Free The Games (FtG) participants were less than thrilled as the move would have adversely affected their funding. As part of FtG promotion, gaming console Ouya had offered to match the funds raised by any Android game developer on Kickstarter in exchange for exclusivity. Ouya’s new owners are offering the developers a better deal – without the exclusivity constraint.

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Kickstarter project by Kuai puts biometric devices in headphones form factor


A new project on Kickstarter takes a unique approach to measuring biometric data for users engaged in a variety of sporting activities. Most of the efforts we have seen in recent years involve activity trackers worn on the wrist and many companies are incorporating those features into their smartwatch solutions. A few other companies, like FitBit, also produce hardware that can be clipped on the body somewhere to measure things like steps taken. Kuai is currently raising funds to take all of this and put it in the form of headphones. Read more