Google IO 2016 Coverage

Microsoft’s new Universal Mobile Keyboard works with both Android and iOS


Looking for a new Bluetooth keyboard for your Android tablet? You might want to consider the Universal Mobile Keyboard from Microsoft. That’s right you read that right….Microsoft. This one not only works with Windows, but it also works with Android and iOS too.

It might seem weird that Microsoft would offer a keyboard that works with Android, but if you think about the fact that they are pushing Office 365, it isn’t all that surprising. If you plan on using Office 365, you will need a keyboard if you want to be productive, and Microsoft figured they might as well join the party.

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Nexus 9 keyboard shows itself in NCC filing


We had a chance to see drawings of a keyboard folio case for the upcoming Nexus 9, but now we have real images courtesy of the NCC. The NCC is the Chinese equivalent of the FCC here in the U.S.

You can easily see that there are two different keyboard layouts being tested, so we aren’t sure which one will be the final product. It could even be something completely different from what we all know, but the design will probably be pretty close.

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Google Keyboard updated with improved suggestions, corrections, and more


If you head over to the Play Store now, Google Keyboard has an update waiting for you. This update brings improved correction and suggestions thanks to increased data sharing with other Google applications. Also, keypress popup animations have been adjusted and Google threw in the usual “bug fixes and stability improvements” statement. This is Google Keyboard’s second update in less than one month.

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SwiftKey Cloud now out of Beta and part of SwiftKey 4.2, on sale for a limited time


A little less than a month ago, the developers of probably the best third party keyboard launched SwiftKey Cloud. I guess the testing went smoothly since it’s now officially out of Beta and part of their latest update to 4.2. This is a free update to all existing users, but if you haven’t tried SwiftKey yet, now is your chance since it’s on sale for $1.99 (regularly $3.99).

SwiftKey Cloud will backup your personal language profile in the cloud so you will not only have access to it with new devices, it will be available across all your devices. This includes both the phone and tablet versions. Go grab the update or give SwiftKey a try. Download links and video after the break.

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How to get SwiftKey-like personalization on your stock Android keyboard


What makes SwiftKey one of the best keyboards is the personalization features such as learning your writing style and history from reading other apps on your phone such as GMail, SMS, etc. If for whatever reason, you want to use another keyboard such as the stock Android keyboard, you can still enjoy SwiftKey-like  personalizations. The first thing you need to do is grab User Dictionary Plus from the Play Store. It will read many apps on your device to learn more about your typing habits and add words to your Android user dictionary. So far it will read Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp (paid version), Gmail, SMS, and a backup text file. Google Plus is coming soon. You can even backup your new dictionary to a text file to transfer to another device. Head on past the break for instructions.

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Swiftkey Flow beta gets updated with better corrections and predictions

Swiftkey has released a new beta of their awesome Swiftkey Flow app with several awesome improvements. Your predictions and corrections work in more places, (think email subjects, passwords, etc.) the corrections have improved and expanded, and a host of other bug fixes and enhancements.  Great improvements to an already great keyboard replacement for your device. Hit the break below for the full changelog and a link to download the new beta. Read more

Best Android keyboard replacements for phones and tablets [January 2013]

Keyboards are important. They’re easily the most used application on your Android phone, so having one you actually like can go a long way towards enjoying your phone. Sometimes, you’ll get stuck with an OEM keyboard that you don’t really care for; that’s where this guide comes in. We’ll go over all the best keyboard replacements for your device to help you pick one the right one for you.

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Swiftkey reveals ‘Flow Through Space’ feature in new SwiftKey Flow keyboard

Not too long ago SwiftKey showed of its new keyboard, appropriately titled SwiftKey Flow. There’s still no word on beta invites, but today we’ve got a new video showing a pretty unique, new feature in the keyboard. While typing out words, you can trace down to the spacebar and then keep going with the next word. No need to lift your finger at all for your sentences. Couple that with SwiftKey’s fantastic prediction engine, and I imagine this new keyboard is going to be a huge success. Hit the video after the break to see the feature in action. Read more