Swype gets Star Trek themes and a new emoji keyboard

SwypeSwype, the keyboard that kicked off gesture-based typing on a touch keyboard, will be getting some new tricks to make typing on your smartphone a little more enjoyable.

The keyboard from Nuance is getting 19 Star Trek keyboard themes featuring many characters that will be available as in-app purchases. The themes span the original Star Trek series and The Next Generation, so there should be something for just about any fan. Read more

Best keyboard replacement apps [2015]


The keyboard on your device is probably one of the most used apps on your phone whether or not you realize it. Unless you’re the kind of person to use a ton of voice dictation, you probably tap out tons and tons of words each day through messaging, web browsing, looking up YouTube videos, and anything and everything in between. Having a good keyboard can make your smartphone experience significantly better, but using a bad keyboard can ruin the whole thing.

From minor glitches to lack of features to bad autocorrection and word prediction, we’ve all seen some poor keyboards that take the fun out of using your device. Now we’ll go over the best keyboard replacement apps that you can find in the Play Store.

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Samsung prepping security update for SwiftKey keyboard vulnerability

Samsung_Galaxy_S6_Edge_Right_Edge_Slanted_01_TAEarlier today, a massive security exploit involving Samsung’s default SwiftKey keyboard spread across the internet like wildfire showing the dangers of manufacturers pre-loading third-party software on their phones. The vulnerability was pretty obscure and wouldn’t affect everyone with a Samsung device, but it was still a fairly serious exploit Fortunately, Samsung has issued a relatively quick response about the whole situation.

Samsung has stated that they’re working on a fix, and it will be deployed through a security policy update via Knox. The vulnerability was based in how language packs for Samsung’s SwiftKey-backed keyboard were updated, and doesn’t affect the normal version of SwiftKey that you may have downloaded through the Play Store.  Read more

Ginger Keyboard debuts in-keyboard games and news headlines


As we saw with its Smart Bar feature, Ginger Keyboard promotes productivity even when users are not actually typing. The latest update, however, covers a bit of entertainment in the form of games and news. Now, Ginger Keyboard houses games and headlines without redirecting users to another app. Both retro and newer games such as Snake and 2048 are available for gaming anywhere. When seeking news headlines, Ginger Keyboard offers content from WiredBloomberg, ESPN, and FOX News. The developer explains that this new ‘Entertain’ feature allows users to stay engaged in any app while being able to have some fun and stay informed.

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Fleksy Keyboard bundled with Samsung Galaxy S6


Fleksy Keyboard, one of the most popular replacement keyboards available, will be included by Samsung as a free gift to buyers of the Galaxy S6. Alongside other apps and services, Fleksy Keyboard will be packaged inside Samsung’s Galaxy Gifts. The value of Fleksy Keyboard being bundled with the Galaxy S6 is $10 because of the premium themes.

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Ginger Keyboard launches new Smart Bar feature for quick access to favorite apps


There are many replacement keyboards available through the Play Store that allow for a truly custom experience. Some are only visually pleasing and lack any unique features that enhance the keyboard. Today, an update has arrived for Ginger Keyboard that brings with it the launch of Smart Bar, an intuitive way for quick access to favorite apps. Smart Bar focuses on productivity by offering actions before even launching an app.

Ginger Keyboard’s Smart Bar starts out with a generic set of icons being displayed: Ginger, Calendar, Tasks, Notes, and Search. Tapping on any of these will prompt users to select either Ginger’s embedded services or ones that are already installed on their devices. For example, selecting the Tasks icon will offer Ginger’s notes or Google Keep. Ginger Keyboard cares more about a user’s productivity than the use of its embedded services.

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