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Kaspersky Mobile Security gets updated, adding Mugshot and web-based control panel

It is should be no surprise that every day, threats are targeted towards all desktops as well as mobile platforms. Unfortunately, Android in particular is known to see more malware opposed to other mobile operating systems, due to the ease of installing 3rd-party applications and software.

The threat level for Android is always a “win/ lose” situation. If you have unknown sources enabled to download files from the web, you are invulnerable against cyber attacks. However by only downloading software from trusted users, you may be introduced to less clutter. In any case, you have to owe it to great developers from companies like Kaspersky’s Mobile Security, for around the clock mobile security. Especially with some new improvements and tweaks that the dev team had upgraded under the hood.

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Android will own 80% of smartphone market predicts Kaspersky Co-Founder


In a statement made at MWC, Eugene Kaspersky (co-founder of Kaspersky Labs) said that he believes Android OS will consume 80% of teh smartphone market, leaving RIM and Apple to fight over the last 20% remaining, with Microsoft eating the crumbs off the table essentially. We know that Android has been hot and out-pacing many other mobile platforms in popular growth and activations as well, which may lend itself nicely to this type of prediction.

Eugene also said,”I believe that if Apple, BlackBerry, Microsoft don’t change their strategy very soon we will soon have the same mobile operating system landscape as we have with computers.” What he meant by that was the industry adoption of Windows PC’s, which left OS’s like Linux and Apple in the dust. Stephen Elop of Nokia mentioned that Android is a “black hole for innovation” for the wireless industry, but I’m sure he was just mad cause Google wouldn’t let Nokia mess with Android. I mean, why would you want to radically change something that is obviously out performing your own OS (symbian)?

Basically, it’s early to see if Eugene’s prediction come to light, but Android has definately been on pace to suggest those claims. Time will tell the tale.

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New Trojan Hits Android Bringing the First Virus to the Google OS

Kaspersky Labs has identified the first virus to attack the Google Android OS. The virus is named Trojan-SMS.AndroidOS.FakePlayer.a and attacks Android devices an SMS message prompting the receiver to download a small 13KB Media Player app. The virus then sends out SMS messages to premium rate phone numbers without any notifications to the user.

This is the first Android targeted virus to hit the Google OS. It is attributed to the rising sales of Android Devices according to Kaspersky’s Mobile Lab Research Manager, Denis Maslennikov. He also goes on to say “We can expect to see a corresponding rise in the amount of malware targeting that platform,”

On a serious note the Virus requires user interaction so please do not download and install anything you are not familiar with.

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