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Google Fiber’s free Internet option in Kansas City being dropped


Google Fiber was introduced at least partly as a way to shock the broadband Internet access market into introducing more options for customers and driving competition. Besides entering the market as a new player, Google Fiber also introduced some new pricing models, including one that offered free Internet access for life if a customer paid an upfront fee of $300. In Google Fiber’s first ever market, Kansas City, the company has announced that they are ending the free Internet option. Read more

Google starts testing new ad-targeting service for Fiber TV in Kansas City


In a press release published earlier today, Google announced that it’s now testing local ads with mobile-like ad-targeting for its Fiber TV service in Kansas City.

This ad delivery process pretty much resembles the manner in which ads are targeted for mobile devices, by way of enabling publishers to set specific requirements for their ads; for example, not being displayed on the same device more than once, or only being shown on units that have viewed technology-related content.

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T-Mobile LTE speed tests appear in Kansas City

T-Mobile has been talking about getting their first LTE markets up and running recently, and we’re starting to see some of the results of that. We’ve seen our first T-Mobile LTE speed test in Kansas City with about 10 mbps download and 5 mbps upload. Not incredibly fast, but this server is likely just a test server to make sure the coverage works, so hopefully we’ll see some higher speeds when this becomes official. At least they’ve finally gotten around to turning on some LTE towers, but better late than never, right?

source: Tmo News

Google ready to move Google Fiber beyond Kansas City

In late July, Google rolled out their new Google Fiber product to Kansas City. According to Capstone analyst Rory Maher, Google is now ready to expand to new locations. In a report on Business Insider today, Maher indicates he has been in contact with sources close to the Kansas City project and they are telling him “more cities will likely be bidding for Fiber soon.”

Google Fiber is Google’s entry into the physical plant side for television and Internet connections. Fiber gives them the opportunity to serve the “last mile” – the term used for the physical connection people use to access the Internet. The product itself includes HD quality television, a beefed up DVR capable of recording up to 500 hours and access via iOS and Android apps, and high-speed Internet service.

Is the Google Fiber product something you would be interested in coming to your location?

source: Business Insider