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Sega Gets In On The Holiday Spirit By Offering Major Discounts Of Its Popular Titles


‘Tis the season to be jolly and famed video game developer Sega is certainly trying to get into the holiday spirit by offering some great deals for some of its popular titles for those of us here in North America. Between now and January 3rd, gamers will find games such from the Sonic the Hedgehog series, Jet Set Radio and Total War Battles between 99¢ and $1.99. Of course you’ll want to make sure your device has enough space to hold each game and you’ll want to set aside an hour or two (or two or three or four) in order to have time to play the addicting titles, but hey– it’s a nice problem to have, right?

Hit the break to see the full list of titles and the Play Store links for purchase and download.

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Jet Set Radio Hits the Play Store

We gave you the heads up a couple of weeks ago about the 12-year old game that was originally released on the ill-fated Sega Dreamcast. Today is the day to get your retro tag and grind on – jet set, in-line skate style on your Android device. Cell-shaded games were all the rage back in the late 90’s and early 00’s. Now, those feeling a little nostalgic can go back in time and enjoy a faithful port of this niche game.   Read more

Sega Confirms Release Date For Jet Set Radio

Jet Set Radio, the 12-year-old Sega Dreamcast title, has seen numerous adaptations on several platforms. Today we learned Sega plans to release the Android, PlayStation Vita and iOS versions later this month. Vita users will get fist crack at it on November 20th. Android and iOS users will have to wait a little longer for a November 29th release. Not quite the summer release Sega had promised back in July, but if it’s the faithful port of the original Dreamcast, I doubt too many people will mind.

Hit the break for the game trailer.

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Jet Set Radio coming to Android later this summer

Gamers who remember the Sega Dreamcast may be familiar with Jet Set Radio. The game offered players the opportunity to skate around a virtual world with the goal of graffiti “tagging” different locations. Jet Set Radio was regarded as one of the top titles for the Dreamcast platform with a vibrant universe of cel-shaded graphics and a great soundtrack.

Anyone who was a fan of the game will be glad to know that Sega has announced plans to release a new version of the game later this summer that will run on Android devices. It sounds like it will be a faithful port of the old classic with only some minor tweaks or additions to allow for new technologies such as the use of cell phone pictures in game. With the improved capabilities of today’s HD devices, the graphics should be stunning.

No release date or pricing information is available. TalkAndroid will keep our eyes open for any updates.

source: PocketGamer