HTC has a plan to get you to purchase a One M9 over the iPhone


It looks like HTC has a plan to tackle the high-end smartphone market. As we all know, HTC has been working hard at building a gorgeous phone over the last few years and with general success at doing so. Even so, HTC hasn’t been able to chip into the Apple/Samsung dominated smartphone market and as such HTC must show how the One M9 differentiates itself from both Android phones and the iPhone 6. Well, HTC Americas president Jason Mackenzie seems to to know this and has hinted that HTC has a plan in place to do so.

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HTC president claims Samsung Galaxy S5 is “just a cheap piece of plastic”


While HTC certainly does make some nice phones, Samsung‘s sales have always been higher than HTC’s. Because of the fact that both companies have new flagship devices launching at almost the same time, there is quite a bit of competition between them, which is perhaps why HTC president Jason Mackenzie wasn’t too reserved about his opinions on Samsung’s new flagship, the Galaxy S5.

Mackenzie critiqued Samsung, saying that they don’t invest in customers, but instead invest in advertising. This is a common critique of the company. He then went on to say that Samsung’s device was made out of cheap plastic, and that HTC is aiming for customers who “want the best”.

Source: Business Insider

HTC brings in new marketing executive in preparation for ‘Marketing 2.0’ project

Taiwanese manufacturer HTC has announced plans today to bring in a new marketing executive in an effort to help get the company get back on track. The new marketing lead, Benhamin Ho, who has served as CMO of Motorola and VP of business strategy and marketing at Far EasTone Telecommunications Co. will join the company in January. Current marketing and sales executive Jason Mackenzie will be shifted to focus solely on the company’s sales strategy, while CMO John Wang has opted to leave the company entirely.

HTC has struggled to match the competition in recent months, losing valuable market share to manufacturers like Samsung and LG. Ho plans to rebuild the company’s current marketing and business strategies, with his first project being titled “Marketing 2.0.” Mr. Ho will report directly to Chief Executive Peter Chou, who has been taking a bit of heat himself for the recent undoings of the company.

HTC went on to admit that it expects next quarter’s revenues to drop another 14.5 percent in the final quarter, equating to a total loss of 23 percent over the previous year.

Source: WSJ


HTC Explorer (Pico) To Be Announced In Delhi India On 09/29?

The HTC Explorer, also known as the HTC Pico, may be announced on the 29th of this month in Delhi India. It appears that HTC’s new President of Global Sales and Marketing, Jason Mackenzie, will be announcing the Explorer on that day as well as possible other HTC news.  The Explorer is no powerhouse with it’s 600MHz processor, but as a budget phone possibly running Sense 3.5 it should do just fine. Is there a market for this device here in the states?

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