Google IO 2016 Coverage

Google releases new Gboard, but only for iPhone so far


Yesterday Google unveiled a new way to access Google Translate that did not require constant app switching using a new feature called Tap to Translate. Today they are revealing a new feature that works in a similar manner to super power search inquiries. Instead of a chat head type interface, access is embedded in the new Google keyboard called Gboard. Inexplicably, Google decided to release this only for the iPhone at this time. Read more

Camera Shootout: Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Apple iPhone 6


For many people, the camera on their smartphone is the most important feature of the device. Most companies realize this, so over the past few years we’ve seen tons of improvements to mobile cameras with just about every new iteration of flagships. Samsung’s latest, the Galaxy S7, was hyped up on its photo shooting capabilities, and with good reason; it’s arguably the best camera you can find in a smartphone. Read more

Apple fans can’t differentiate the iPhone SE and the iPhone 5


On Monday night, Jimmy Kimmel put the new iPhone SE in the hands of people on the streets of Los Angeles. The problem? Kimmel doesn’t actually have the iPhone SE nor does anyone know they’re not holding Apple’s newest phone. In fact, the people shown in the Jimmy Kimmel Live segment are holding an iPhone 5 in their left and right hands. But it sure is fun to watch people think they have an unreleased device in their hands before the rest of the world when it’s something from a few years ago.

Hit the break to watch the video.

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Apple’s iPhone SE chips away at one of Android’s biggest advantages

iPhone SE colors

Just in case you’ve been hanging out under a rock all, Apple announced a couple of new devices this and some fancy new watchbands. You’ll very likely hear lots about those devices and accessories over the next few weeks and months, and I’m sure Apple has a set of commercials ready to go on all of your favorite networks, so we won’t recap the event for you. But we will talk about Apple’s new, small iPhone SE and how dangerous it can be to Android OEMs. Read more

Bumpy ride for Apple at expense of LG, ASUS tweets


Apple usually receives accolades for the design of their devices, from computers to phones to tablets. However, the new Apple Smart Battery Case is raising some eyebrows as it seems to stray from the typical clean lines produced by the company. The accessory also provided LG and ASUS some fodder to take some potshots at Apple in some tweets. Read more