Study by European analyst group shows that the iPhone 5 is “the most hated” phone on the market


The analysts at We Are Social scanned data from Twitter, blogs, forums and other nooks and crannies of the internet following the launch of the iPhone 5, the Galaxy S4, the BlackBerry Z10, and the Nokia Lumia 920, and what they found is very interesting. According to their study, Apple’s iPhone 5 is “the most hated handset” on the market, being criticized in one out of every five posts. To make things a little more awesome, the Galaxy S 4 is the “most loved”  receiving only 11% of the complaints.

Reported issues with the iPhone 5 included common complaints like the new Lightning connector forcing users of old iPhones to buy an adapter to use their accessories, and the uselessness of Apple Maps. Some users also complained about photos from the iPhone 5 having a “purple discoloration”.

Interestingly, 56% of discussions about the S 4 were about its new eye-tracking features, earning it the “most ‘wow’ factor” title. Even with Apple’s new spot as “most hated”, they still boast the best brand appeal.

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Source: Daily Mail

Radio Shack offers new trade in program, up to $300 credit toward purchase of any Samsung device


Radio Shack is unveiling a new deal that will allow customers to trade in their old devices for an in-store credit toward the purchase of any Samsung device.

There are a few caveats, however. The Samsung device you are getting in return must be branded by Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint, and the amount of credit you receive for your trade-in varies by device and the accessories that you trade in along with the device. According to Radio Shack, the only two devices that will get you a $300 credit are the Samsung Galaxy Note II and the AT&T 64GB iPhone 5. You also have to sign a new 2-year contract with the purchase of your Samsung phone.

The deal ends on July 7th, so if you’re looking to get a new phone, you may want to take advantage of this program.

Source: Radio Shack

Sony CVP Of Sales Asserts A New Flagship Phone Designed To Compete With The iPhone 5 And Galaxy S III Is On The Way


Sony appears to have some big time ambitions for 2013. According to a Financial Times Deutschland interview, Dennis van Schie who is the CVP of Sales & Marketing asserts that Sony clearly intends on having a flagship that will outdo the likes of both the iPhone 5 and even the Galaxy S III. He asserts Sony “will create in the near future a flagship model that can compete with Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S III“. This device will likely have current flagship models like the Xperia Ion variant and Xperia TL pale in comparison to this new and upcoming device. Rumor has it that the device will remain on the cutting edge side of things by featuring a Snapdragon quad-core processor, a 5-inch 1080p screen and perhaps a 12MP camera.

Naturally it sucks that owners who purchased a variant of the Xperia Ion and Xperia TL will have to cope with the fact their device is going to be all but forgotten take a backseat to another flagship device instead. On the other hand, it sure is exciting to see yet another 1080p phone on the horizon, isn’t it? Expect to see more details leak out as we possibly see the introduction of the device at the start of 2013.


source: Phone Arena

Samsung Galaxy S III Becomes Top-Selling Phone Of Q3 2012


This year has been very good for Samsung, but Q3 has been a very good period of time especially as Samsung as it can proudly proclaim it offered the top smartphone of Q3 2012. According to Strategy Analytics, Samsung sold 18 million units of its Galaxy S III, while Apple sold 16.2 million units of its iPhone 4S. One thing to note is that the iPhone 5 was released during the quarter as well and accounted for 6 million sales— a number that should increase exponentially when we see the Q4 results. Still, it is mighty nice to see Samsung hold a big-time trump card across all its competitors… for now at least.

More details of the news can be found once you hit the break.


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Wow, Samsung records a record 7.4 billion in total earnings during Q3

If you were curious as to how Samsung did during Q3 of this year due to their Galaxy S III sales, the wait is over. Samsung has released their over all sales results of Q3 and it’s a whopping 7.4 billion. Obviously the Galaxy S III has a lot to do with that as their mobile division’s sales more than doubles compared to the same time as last years. Samsung claims to have sold about 18-20 millions Galaxy S III’s during July-September. In comparison, Apple has sold about 26.9 million iPhone’s in that same time period, obviously with most of that being their new iPhone 5.

The large sales in their mobile department also helped mask the fact that their chip sales was cut to almost half as compared to the previous year. Nonetheless, Samsung still posted a record sales number and they’re showing no signs of slowing down with the expected hit of their new Galaxy Note 2 as it is now just starting to hit America.

What do you guys think of Samsung’s record sales? And do you think they’ll slow down or only continue to soar?

source: Reuters

Neither the Samsung vs. Apple verdict nor the iPhone 5 can slow sales of the Galaxy S III

I never thought sales of the Galaxy S III would suffer dramatically, but honestly, I thought that they would have slowed right after the Apple vs. Samsung verdict and right after the announcement of the iPhone 5, but neither did. If anything, they helped. The above chart is from Localytics, and it shows an average weekly growth of 9% from July 31 through October 1.

What’s most interesting is the two biggest spikes. The first one was a 16 percent jump during the period of August 21 to August 27 (Tuesday to Monday). On August 24, the verdict came down in the famous Apple vs. Samsung case, and you can clearly see it was the best week. The second example was during the period of September 11 to September 17, which showed 15 percent growth. It was on September 12 that Apple unveiled the new iPhone 5, but growth was the second biggest.

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Samsung All Set To Invite The iPhone 5 To Its VIP List Of Patent Infringing Devices To The Party

It was only a matter of time before Samsung threw the next slap in its epic catfight against Apple. After Apple’s massive victory, Samsung vowing sweet revenge and of course, the recent release of the iPhone 5 smartphone, Samsung has gone ahead and asked the courts to allow it to include the iPhone 5 in its countersuit. In this filing, Samsung alleges Apple infringed on the same patents as other devices which includes standards-essential 3G patents and specific feature patents. The countersuit is still quite young and developing, so it’s uncertain of whether or not the courts will allow it to include the iPhone 5 added to the list of devices to flag for. Then again, there is the belief that Samsung will be allowed to include the iPhone 5 among the infringing devices, so we should formally see it when both parties convene in November.

So where we stand now is Apple trying to ban many Samsung devices for infringement, while Samsung on the other hand, has filed a counterclaim and is now trying to ban multiple Apple devices on the basis of 3G and LTE standards. Boy, oh boy this is getting tough to keep track of. Sheesh.

source: The Verge

Samsung releases two more ‘Next Big Thing’ advertisements

There are many things that Android fans have in common. Indeed good taste in phones, great conversions, and support are among the common ones, but they also enjoy “bashing” Apple products in advertisements. The variety of people that watch television have probably seen Samsung’s new Galaxy S III ad, called “The Next Big Thing is Already Here“. The 90 second-long commercial features a simple story:

People are waiting in line for a new device (in this case the iPhone 5), and see Galaxy S III users showing off their features, like Android beam and the spacious 4.8″ display.

To go along with that, a man waiting in line is teased by iPhone fans that his “Galaxy S III didn’t work out for him”… while he is actually saving the spot in line for his parents.

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iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy S III in Durability Test

First there was that poster-like, anti-iPhone 5 ad that Samsung published in print ads making it look like a “tale of the tape” fittingly before a fight. Well, now we’re about to find out who wins. Only in the arbitrary world of durability tests. Granted, we all like to know how durable that expensive piece of hardware that we’re laying down hard-earned cash for really is. However, with all due respect, this “test” is more for entertainment purposes. Dropping phones from human hands with numerous variables involved is far from scientific and can only be taken as entertainment. Without further ado, check the video for your entertainment and you be the judge.  Hit the break for the video.

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Samsung Publishes Anti-iPhone 5 Ad in National Print Ads

We all know that there’s no love lost between Samsung and Apple. So how does Samsung rebound from that paralyzing $1 billion verdict? They did so by getting back to basics, touting features of their Galaxy S III against the soon-to-be-released iPhone 5 in a print ad. Appearing today in national newspapers, Samsung is flaunting its flagship phone mano a mano against the iPhone 5, prizefight style. The only thing missing is that booming voice from Michael Buffer. In what initially appears to be a blowout “win”, it’s actually a little biased marketing favoring Samsung. Samsung backhandedly and conveniently left out the iPhone 5’s exclusive features while listing the Galaxy S III’s extensive list. Readers that come across this ad will generally fall into two categories: They’ll either not notice what Samsung did here thus making the Galaxy S III appear superior or they will notice that there are a few features missing from the iPhone 5 side and formulate their own opinion of the sneaky marketing by Samsung. What do you think – good move, bad move, or pretty much as expected in the cut-throat mobile device market?


source:  Business Insider