Android and iPhone favored for U.S. Army combat missions

The U.S. Army completed a program that tested the viability of smartphones and tablets in combat. The test was started on June 6th, and included over 300 Android, iPhone, and Windows units. They also checked out the iPad and tablets from Dell and Hewlett-Packard.

“IPhone and Android have been very well received,” said Ed Mazzanti, the Army director who has shepherded the mobile-device program.

It is expect that they will utilize two mobile operating systems so they can minimize software development needs while still offering variety, which could defend against cyberattacks targeted at a specific type of software platform.

There are still some obstacles that need to be worked out. “Today, we don’t have the level of encryption that we would need to take (a phone) overseas and fully integrate it into our mission-command systems,” Mazzanti said. Still, “there could be some limited deployments even this year, tied to tactical radios that supply the encryption that’s needed.”

No word on the final cut, but I will be surprised if the Motorola Titanium doesn’t make it.

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Amazon tablets launching in second half of 2011 – production limited


The Amazon tablet that we have been hearing about should still be making its way to the public in the second half of 2011 (which starts tomorrow – lol). The previously rumored tablets should have an initial order of 1.5 to 2 million units at launch according to a report by Digitimes, who also reports that their sources suggest the first launch in September. Touchscreen manufacturers fighting for the job to help build these include Wintek, HannStar Display and J Touch all based out of Taiwan.

There lies a wall ahead for the Amazon tablets however, which is meeting the demand of their initial order from manufacturers, as it appears most tablet manufacturing from hardware makers may be focused on Apple iPad 2 production (since they have 95% of the tablet market share). This could make the Amazon tablet launch a rocky road.

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Samsung sued again by Apple in South Korea for iPhone design copy


Apple is at it again, with another lawsuit against Samsung for allegedly copying the iPhone’s design with some of their Galaxy S family of devices, this time the suit is made in South Korea. This comes after the heated stories a couple months back about Apple doing the same thing, and Samsung slapping them back with 10 patent infringements of their own.

Since April, Apple has been gathering more information and adding it to their claims that Samsung has copied more specifically, the 3rd gen iPhone in design with the Galaxy S, and added the Droid Charge, Infuse 4G, Nexus S 4G, Galaxy Tab 10.1, the Galaxy S II, and a fistful of other devices. This likely won’t amount to much, but you never know…Apple did just get awarded a touchscreen patent, so stranger things have happened.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Rocking Honeycomb (Video)

Thanks to a tipster, the guys over at AC caught wind of a Vietnamese video of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 being displayed and compared to the iPad 2.  This is great considering Samsung has kept the revamped tab under lock and key for a while.  Well, they’ve finally released the reigns and loosened their ties, allowing us to get this bad boy in action.  The video shows the tab sporting Honeycomb (3.0) and we must say, it looks great. The redesigned device appears to be even slimmer than we thought and looks great in the hand.  So, enjoy the video folks, and sorry, but until Google works on a translation app for audio, the entire video is in Vietnamese.   For a more thorough look at the device’s features and capabilities, check out our old post where Samsung released a demo commercial of the device.  That post is based off of old hardware, however, the software is the same.  As always, leave us your thoughts in the comments below.

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Why are we tablet crazy? Do I really need one?

Last year Apple launched the IPad, and it was more successful than anyone thought. This year will be the tablet explosion as Apple’s IPad 2, and plenty of Android versions, will be available. I think the ultimate thought is that tablets will eventually take over laptops, but since this has not happened, why should I invest in one?

It seems as though the tablet has become the new $500 “coffee table book.” Recently, AdMob did a survey on tablet use, and they found that 82% of tablet owners use it only at home. The tablet has become the new casual computer at home for doing some web surfing, reading the news, or playing some games. My laptop can do all of these things and a lot more.

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Android will dominate Apple in the tablet war

The media seems convinced that Android tablets will not be able to keep up with the IPad. One article even refers to them as dead on arrival. After seeing the success of the Android OS in mobile, it is clear that it is only a matter of time before Android will dominate Apple in the tablet war.

Lets review how it all went down with the phones. Google’s first Android phone, the G1, debuted in late 2008. Anybody looking back in the summer of 2009 would probably say that it was not looking good for Android’s chances in putting a dent into the IPhone market share. The software was still young, needed work, and it did not have the backing of a major carrier. Flash forward to November 2009 when the Droid debuted with Android 2.0 Eclair on Verizon Wireless. About 1 year later the reports were showing that the Android OS had topped Apple’s IOS in the US and in many other parts of the world. How did they do it? They did it with multiple manufacturers blitzing the market with a tremendous amount of support from Verizon Wireless with the Droid brand.

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Samsung launches Galaxy Tab commercial day before Apple launch


Samsung has some nerve, putting an ad up for the Galaxy Tab in the wake of the release of the Apple iPad 2, and shortly after the launch of the Motorola Xoom. You know what though…good for Samsung! With the upcoming launch of their 8.9inch tablet, and the soon to be released 10.1 inch tab, doing a commercial for the Galaxy Tab as a whole is probably a wise decision to keep people thinking about Samsung instead of everyone else.

Even though the commercial doesn’t specify, the 7 inch Galaxy Tab is on pretty cheap right now, for $249 in most markets, so have a look at the video below and let us know what you think…should you hold out for a Galaxy Tab? Or go with…the ‘other guys’?

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More Motorola Xoom Details Emerge and Sanjay Jha Justifies The Hefty Price

Quite a bit of news has trickled down the Interwebs lately regarding Verizon’s flagship tablet device, the Motorola Xoom.  So far we’ve seen a hefty price tag of $799 unsubsidized and we now know that there is a WiFi only device available for $600.  So, how does this pan out in comparison to Apple’s iPad, the Xoom’s major competitor?  The 3G version of the iPad is running with a $729 price tag for their 32 GB model.  So, as of now, the WiFi versions of both devices seem to be equal, coming in at $599 with the exception that the iPad’s WiFi 16 GB version comes in at $499.  Sales show that the 16 GB version of the iPad is a top-seller at that price point.   We’re curious to see if buyers will be susceptible to purchasing the device at this particular price tag.  As of now, there aren’t a whole lot of options for high end 10-inch plus tablets, until we see the release of the Blackberry Playbook, Galaxy Tab 10.1 and HP’s TouchPad.  Right now the Xoom is going to be as close as we get to an iPad killer, for now.   Read more

Motorola Xoom Ad Airs During The Super Bowl, Xoom Site Also Goes Live, Provides An In-Depth Look. Best Buy Also Says Xoom Tab Will Run You $800

As expected, Motorola took their shot at the iPad with their full length commercial during the Super Bowl Ad extravaganza.  Give it a gander below and let us know what you think.  In addition, Motorola has launched the official page for the Xoom and provides tons of pics, videos, and an in depth look at the features.  Check it out here.  And lastly, the guys over at Engadget caught wind of a Best Buy circular showing the Xoom to initially come in at $800.00 with a Feb 24th launch date.  Will you get one, or will that price tag deter you?  Hit the break to check out some more pics and to view the Xoom ad aired during Super Bowl XLV. Read more

Motorola Super Bowl Teaser Ad Released To Generate Buzz, Puts Apple’s iPad In The Crosshairs

The Super Bowl never fails to somehow deliver some of the best commercials seen all year around with some companies even shelling out cheddar in the millions.  Well, this is certainly not going to be a disappointment for those caught up in the mobile industry.  Motorola has released a teaser trailer of an up and coming commercial that will be released during the Super Bowl, taking aim at Apple’s iPad.  For me, it had remnants of the release of the Motorola Droid all over again.

The teaser does nothing short of portraying the fact that “its time for more choices” eluding that the Apple iPad isn’t the only contender on the block, as the Xoom steps in and gives it a run for its money.  Seems clever enough to me.  Let us know what you’re thinking in the comments below and hit the break to check out the teaser.  We’re highly looking forward to checking out the full spot during the Super Bowl. Read more