Google Image Search Has New Enhancements For Tablets

by Roy Alugbue on
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Google has just announced some pretty cool features intended to make web searching on tablets greatly enhanced and interactive. For starters, they’ve added a new image carousel for viewing large image results within a few swipes. When users tap on an image result, it’ll expand in the carousel view and users can swipe through the search results. Also, to learn more about an image, a simple tap on the web page preview, title, description or URL will take users directly to the webpage as highlighted in the video below: 

YouTube Preview Image

Try out the new Google search for images on your iPad or Android tablet today. It’s available in over 40 languages now. When you do try it out, be sure to let us know how it works out for you in the Comments section.

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Android Takes Hold of 27% Of The Tablet Market In Just One Year

by Joe Sirianni on
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Android is still producing explosive numbers and showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.  According to Business Wire, in the time span of just one year, when not even yet in the tablet category, Android has quickly gained ground to claim 27% of the tablet market.  That’s pretty impressive considering about this time one year ago the only contender around was the iPad.  If this isn’t a clear indication that Android is here to stay and the masses continue to demand the popular OS, I don’t know what is.  And with pre-orders in the vicinity of 50,000 per day for the Kindle Fire, that market share percentage is only bound to rise, and rise fast.  I can only assume that with all of the diversity and hardware choices that Android offers, this is what is appealing to most consumers.  Devices like the Asus Eee Pad Transformer, the Galaxy Tab 10.1, 8.9 and 7.0 Plus are but just a glimpse of the many offerings and flavors of devices and manufactures available today.   What’s your take on it all?  Feel free to leave a comment or two below.

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Apple Wins Injunction, Galaxy Tab 10.1 Banned In Australia

by Harold Williams on
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In the ongoing Apple vs. Samsung war, it looks like Apple has put a nail in the coffin one more time, this time in Australia. A little over a week ago Apple rejected a proposal from Samsung to end this tablet battle. What’s even more crazy is right before the ruling was to go down to possibly ban the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia, Samsung set up a temporary store two doors down from the Sydney Apple Store. Yesterday, the Federal Court granted Apple’s injunction to ban the Tab 10.1 in Australia until a trial is had to resolve the patient disputes between the two companies. Samsung has stated they would kill the release of the 10.1 if the injunction was granted as, without holiday sales, the tablet would be “dead” by the time it actually hit stores. The two players will be returning to court today to see if Samsung will be allowed to sell a modified version minus the technology that Apple sited in the complaint on two patents. Well, there you have it folks. I know this is getting old, but news is news. Take it as you will.

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Apple Says No Go To Offer From Samsung Regarding Tablet Dispute

by Joe Sirianni on
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I don’t know about you but I’m a little worn out in regards to the Apple vs Samsung saga.  However, we’re here to do a job and that is to report the news to our readers. So, without further ado, the latest on the forefront regarding the two handset giants coming to an agreement went south when Apple rejected an offer by Samsung to settle once and for all the dispute in regard to their alleged smartphone and tablet infringements.  The refusal could subsequently cause great harm in the race for Samsung to plant a viable seed to kick off sales of their Tab 10.1 in Australia if not settled by the holiday season.  Despite efforts on Samsung’s part, a lawyer for Apple explained to the Federal Court in Sydney that the offer proposed last week would simply not do and the company is still seeking for the court to rule on its behalf in that Samsung’s touch display technology is without a doubt infringing upon an Apple patent.  Steven Burley, a lawyer for Apple had this to say in response:

“[The proposed deal] is one we don’t accept and there is no surprise. The main reason we are here is to prevent the launch (of the Galaxy 10.1) and maintain the status quo,”

As stated earlier, it’s no wonder Samsung is hard pressed to settle matters as quickly as possible.  If Apple can halt or eliminate altogether the sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia they can squash any chance that Samsung had of catching up and cornering the market.  An official court ruling is expected to take place next week some time.

Samsung has expressed their concern by stating to the court that if a ruling cannot be secured within an estimate of about two weeks time a certain lost opportunity will occur in attempts to get the device out before Christmas and that the company might as well takes its time arguing over the matter directly into 2012.

Neil Young, a lawyer for Samsung reiterates:

“If we can’t get a decision out by mid-October, there is no urgency”

This battle has currently reached suit in nine different countries in over 20 cases all with the hopeful outcome that Samsung will be able to move forward with sales its popular Galaxy Tab 10.1.  It’s no wonder Apple isn’t letting this one go.  Samsung’s smartphone and tablet sales have grown exponentially and it’s expected that Samsung may pass Apple up in regards to units sold, making it the number one handset vendor in the US.  Stay tuned as the battle rages on in hopes that a settlement will come soon and/or those patiently waiting for a Samsung product to hit shelves this Christmas will be able to receive their stocking stuffer sooner than later.

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Android powered Kindle Fire on track to top the iPad in first-month sales

by Jim Farmer on
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Amazon’s Kindle Fire is attracting a ton of attention. Still six weeks from launch, the $199 Fire has racked up 250,000 pre-orders over the past few days. Basically they’re receiving about 2,000 pre-orders per hour. If that trend continues the Fire will incinerate the iPad’s record for first-month sales. The iPad sold a million units in it’s first month, whereas the Kindle is now projected to sell 1.5 million. While that is still a ways away from the iPad 2′s 2.5 million, the Fire is undoubtedly re-kindling the competition. If they succeed in pushing that many Kindle’s on their first run, who’s to say a Fire 2 won’t come along and reduce the iPad 2′s record to ashes. Some estimates even peg Amazon to push 15 million Fires by 2013. In any case, it’s shaping up to be the most successful Android Tablet to date.

So readers, did any of you contribute to the Kindle Fire’s wild success story, or are you just waiting to see it crash and burn?

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IDC reports worldwide tablet shipments for Q2 2011, Android market share declines

by Robert Nazarian on
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International Data Corporation (IDC) just released worldwide data for tablet market share for the 2nd quarter 2011. In their last report overall tablet sales were lower than expected, but for the 2nd quarter, the performance was so strong, it has lead IDC to increase its outlook for the 2nd half of the year to 62.4 million units, up from the previous projection of 53.5 million units.

That is the good news. The bad news is that Android’s market share dropped to 26.8%, down from 34.0%. This is surprising to me as a lot of Android tablets were released in the 2nd quarter. During the 1st quarter of 2011, only the 3G version of the XOOM and the Galaxy Tab was available, and Android was able to grab a 34% market share. I doesn’t make sense. Either last quarter’s figures were wrong or this quarter’s is. RIM’s PlayBook grabbed 4.9%, and Apple rose to 68.3% from 65.7%.

Unfortunately IDC sees Android’s share continuing to drop to 23% and finishing the year at 25.9%.  I am not in the business of analyzing data, but I find it difficult that Android’s tablet share won’t improve dramatically with all the tablets that are currently available, not to mention the upcoming Amazon tablet.

Full press release after the break:

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Patent Wars move to France as Samsung sues Apple for patent infringement

by Robert Nazarian on
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It is nice to see Android manufacturers being offensive once in a while. HTC recently dropped one on Apple with patents acquired from Google, and now Samsung is taking it to Apple in France.

Samsung filed a complaint against Apple in a Paris district court for infringement of three mobile phone technology patents dealing with the iPhone and iPad. We don’t know the specific patents, but they concern UMTS, which is a third generation (3G) mobile cellular technology for networks based on the GSM standard. The complaint targets Apple’s iPhone 3G and 3GS, iPhone 4, and both generations of the iPad.

The complaint was actually filed in July, and the first hearing will take place in December.

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Australian court wants Apple to show sales data to prove Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 hurts iPad sales

by Robert Nazarian on
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Apple and Samsung are currently involved in a number of lawsuits across the world. Today’s news comes from Australia where a judge is asking for Apple to reveal iPad and iPad 2 sales data.

Apple wants an injunction on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia, and is claiming that it will hurt iPad sales. If they don’t provide the data, this argument won’t have much strength.

“Unless Apple puts on evidence showing the impact in the U.S. or U.K., I can’t draw any positive assumptions,” Federal Court Justice Annabelle Bennett said in Sydney.

Bennett won’t force Apple to hand over the data and denied Samsung’s request for them. Samsung wants sales figures for the U.K. and U.S. to prove there hasn’t been an effect on iPad sales. It is up to Apple at this point.

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Amazon 10-inch tablet may not launch until 2012

by Robert Nazarian on
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We have heard all along that Amazon is working on two tablets. We are expecting at least one of them to come out this fall, and to be priced as a loss leader to blow Apple out of the water. This will most likely be a seven inch model.

We know they are working on a 10.1-inch version as well, but it looks like it might not hit the scene until the 1st quarter 2012 according to Foxconn, the manufacturer of the device. We have heard the codename is Hollywood, and it could include NVIDIA’s Kal-El quad-core chip. If this is the case, it would be a big set back since ASUS is ready to go with the Kal-El chip in the follow up to the very successful Transformer this fall.

I still think that if Amazon comes out with a $249 tablet this fall as expected, sales will be through the roof. Ultimately the hardcores will be yearning for the “Hollywood,” but volume is where it’s at for Amazon. They have a lot to gain from their app store, music, video, and book distributions. With the 7-inch version priced right, it will produce the volume necessary to drive their digital business.

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Android Takes 20% of Tablet Market from iPad

by Harold Williams on
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Apple is still on top, but Android has been catching up quickly. Just last month, Q1 reports showed Android with a 34% market share. The latest report from ABI Research says Android-powered tablets have snagged 20% of the market in the last year. It’s worth noting that at the end of Q3 2010, Android really only had the Galaxy Tab for a mainstream tablet. This was followed by the XOOM which didn’t take off as expected.

Though Android is making its presence known in the tablet world, ABI says no tablet vendors have been able to “mount a significant challenge” against the iPad at this point. Could this be because iPad design is solid and everyone is still playing catch up? I’m sure the fragmentation of Android across its tablets isn’t helping either. Robert’s article here is a great read if your thinking about a tablet or curious where the tablet market may go. Progress is being made and there are more Android tablets to show off their goods later this year. We will see how this continues to shake down.

Hit the break for ABI’s full press release.

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