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It’s time for another Drop and Dunk test: Nexus 7 vs iPad Mini vs iPad 3

Now that the iPad Mini has been announced, it’s time to pit it against the Nexus 7 in a drop and dunk test. The folks at SquareTrade always do a great job with these and this one is no exception. For this test, they created a dropbot to make sure everything is fair and even. They conducted 3 tests. The first is a drop from 4 feet where the tablets land on their corners, the second is face down from 4 feet, and the third is a dunk in a bath of water for 10 seconds. They even threw in an iPad 3 for the ride. So how will the Nexus 7 fare? Hit the break for the complete video to find out.

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[Video] Banned iPad Mini promo spot released on YouTube

Yesterday we reported on Amazon’s shot at the iPad Mini on the Amazon homepage via a comparison to the Kindle Fire HD. This came after last week’s big reveal of the iPad Mini by Apple. We now learn that a video exists that probably could be used by Apple to fend off the potshots and jokes floating around targeting the small tablet.

Well, maybe not. Dubbed a “banned” iPad Mini promo spot, the short video by John Elerick provides a quick escape from our serious work to enjoy some humor at Apple’s expense. Hit the break and take a few minutes to enjoy the video. Read more

Amazon touts Kindle Fire HD over iPad mini, declares more bang for your buck

With the iPad mini announcement creating a surgance in Kindle Fire HD sales for Amazon, it’s not surprising that the company would take advantage of these record-setting figures by comparing its 7-inch tablet against Apple’s new 7.9-inch miniature iPad.

To show the various reasons why a consumer may want to purchase Amazon’s new Kindle Fire HD instead of Apple’s new iPad mini, the online retail giant has posted a side-by-side comparison of both devices. The list touts the Kindle Fire HD’s High-Definition display, dual stereo speakers and its faster MIMO Wi-Fi chip. Although, the most attractive detail is the fact that Amazon’s new tablet costs only $199, compared to the sizable $329 price tag on the iPad mini.

Source: Amazon
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Samsung Galaxy Tab will be heading to Verizon

The highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Tab (the one that will be announced at the IFA in Berlin this Thursday) is heading to Verizon. BGR has obtained a screenshot of Verizon’s inventory, and the 7-inch tablet is clearly labeled as the SCHI800. The tablet will tout a 1GHz Hummingbird processor, as well as dual cameras.

The tablet is expected to go head to head with the iPad Mini, but that’s not the only competition that ol’ Sammy will face, as Motorola is rumored to have a 10-inch tablet heading to Verizon soon, which will likely sport Gingerbread (Android 3.0). Whether the device will be available as WiFi only, along with a second WiFi/3G version, has not been specified.

[via BGR]