How to transfer messages, photos, and contacts from iOS to Android


Apple recently brought its first app to the Play Store, Move to iOSIt’s a simple app — you have both your Android and iOS device on the same WiFi network and you begin transferring all of your Android data to iOS seamlessly!

In the spirit of that, we’ve constructed a handy guide on doing exactly the opposite. We want to help our friends currently stuck on iOS move their data to Android. For those of you that are wanting to make the switch from an iPhone to one of the new Nexus devices or anything other Android device we’ve got you covered!

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Apple’s Move to iOS app yet another example of ‘innovation’


Earlier this week Android fans were treated to Apple’s first app that could be used on Android. The downside was that the app’s purpose is to help users migrate their data from an Android device over to an iPhone, ostensibly to help support consumers ordering a new iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus, although it would worker with older models. Predictably, this triggered a bunch of ire on the part of Android fans. The tale gets even better as Apple appears to have lived up to a frequent criticism – that their idea of “innovation” is slapping their name on someone else’s creation – as it has been discovered the Move to iOS app is merely a repackaged app produced by another company. Read more