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Google and Apple CEOs Are Meeting For Behind-The-Scenes Patent Talks

The Patent Wars of 2012 already claimed one victim to the tune of $1.05 billion, and they don’t seem to be stopping any time soon. Now it seems it’s time to get the grown-ups involved. According to reports from Reuters, Google CEO Larry Page and Apple CEO Tim Cook have been conducting closed-door meetings about patents, intellectual property issues, and other things CEO’s talk about.

Apparently, the two head-honchos already had a phone talk last week, and talks at lower levels are also occurring between the companies. More talks between Page and Cook are expected in the coming weeks, but a Friday appointment has apparently been postponed to an unknown date, and for unknown reasons, though it could just be scheduling conflicts.

We’re not sure exactly what the talks involve, but one source has speculated that it could be the beginning of a truce about the disputes over basic features and functions in Android. I would tend to think these two would more likely talk at a higher level, discussing a possible broad settlement, rather than getting bogged down in the minute details of every issue. One thing’s for certain, though. The majority of their differences revolve around the rapidly growing mobile space, which is obviously of crucial important to both companies.

I, for one, applaud the intent of these discussions, and hope it can bring an end to all the litigation, which is only good for the lawyers involved. Will it bear fruit? I hope so, but I’m not holding my breath.

source: reuters

Oracle Ordered to “Rethink” $2.6 Billion Claim Against Google

Google and Oracle have long been in a legal war over Google’s “brazen” disregard for intellectual property rights. While originally Oracle sought to sue for $2.6 billion, the case has been largely dismissed in court on the basis that their case was almost entirely based on just damages. Things are looking increasingly difficult for Oracle, but they have intention of stopping.

Google is by no means in the clear, and an alternative starting point of $100 million has been proposed by Judge William Alsup. This would likely rise as damages are proven, and Google will likely owe advertising royalties by the end of all this. Still, millions are better than billions, and the whole ordeal should be considered a small win for Google as we move into October’s trial.

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