Google IO 2016 Coverage, Ginger Keyboard team up for app integration


Everyone’s favorite note-taking app,, has paired up with Ginger Keyboard to offer Ginger users added capabilities in the form of easy list-making.

When in Ginger Keyboard’s Smart Bar, you can quickly tap on the logo and make lists without closing the keyboard. Users can also access their schedules from the Smart Bar.

The added features will surely make both apps more attractive to all users, especially ones who use one of the two, and not both.

Source: Ginger Software

Android tablets just got a little more useful with Microsoft Office, Dropbox integration


When it comes to productivity, users are always looking for ways to cut out unnecessary steps in their workflows. On mobile devices, one way developers address this need is to integrate apps with each other so the end user is not forced to jump around between different apps. An example of this is the integration between Microsoft Office apps and Dropbox which was rolled out to some mobile devices last fall. A piece that was missing, integration on the Android tablet versions of these apps, has been eliminated with an update that was announced today. Read more

Rdio and Shazam deepen integration to produce Shazam-based playlists


Rdio and Shazam have deepened the level of integration between the two services with a new playlist feature in Rdio based on Shazam’ed songs. The newest update to the Shazam app, now available in Google Play, includes an option to connect a Rdio account. Once that is done, every time a user tags a song using Shazam, it will be added to a new playlist in Rdio called “My Shazam Tracks.” This ability to automatically have Shazam songs added to a playlist is exclusive to Rdio. The new capability is present in both the free and paid versions of Shazam.

source: Rdio

Google starting to connect Search with apps


Google has announced some new improvements to Google Search that may make using a smartphone a little easier. When using Google Search, if a result includes information that may be included in an app on your device, the search results will now indicate the app and provide a handy button to launch the app directly from the results. The example Google provides is a search for information on a movie. They point out that detailed information and trivia about a movie may be included in the IMDb app, box office information may be accessed via Wikipedia’s app, and ratings and review information could be in the Rotten Tomatoes app. Google’s search function will now be able to alert you to the fact that the information can be found in an app instead of surfing out to the web.

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Google adds Google+ sign-in to Google Play services 3.0


Google has rolled out an update to their Google Play services, which features some pretty cool new features. Both new maps APIs and Google+ sign-in are features present in the update.

Google+ sign-in allows users to sign in to their applications using Google credentials, which brings along all of their Google information with them for the app. Things like your name, display picture, and social circles will carry over into applications. Sharing posts to your Google+ page are also more customizable and will allow you to make them a bit more interactive, like including actions such as “listen” and “check-in” to your posts. Popular location app Banjo was used to showcase the integration, and showed what’s possibly one of the coolest features of the update; over-the-air installs of an application from a website, with or without access to an app store. That seamless integration is going to let developers add plenty of cool features to their apps in the future. TuneIn Radio is also on board with the Google+ integration, and more apps are sure to follow.

Google Maps also received some API updates, fixing plenty of bugs for users. Not quite as flashy and exciting, but still worth having. Hopefully we’ll see some apps take advantage of these features in the near future.

source: Android Developers Blog

Google Eyeing Additional Carriers Besides Sprint For Google Voice Integration

For almost a year, Sprint has had the monopoly on full Google Voice integration. That monopoly may be in jeopardy. In an interview with CNET, Vincent Paquet, Group Product Manager for Google Voice, said “We are having discussions with other carriers about this,” but declined to mention which carriers.

Google Voice is a service that provides users with online and on-device visual voicemail, cheaper international calls, personalized greetings, text transcription, and more. Sprint’s integration allows Sprint customers to either replace their Sprint number with their Google Voice number, or replace their Google Voice number with their Sprint number without incurring the usual $20 porting fee (see screenshot after the break). Either way, users get full access to all of Google Voice’s features.

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Unofficial Google Music API Almost Ready, Can Google Music App Integration Save It?

 The adoption of Google Music has been dismal. Maybe it’s because we expect Google services to erupt like a volcano and immediately soar into the sky, blanketing the people below in Google awesome ash. Or maybe it’s because iTunes, Pandora and Slacker Radio already have a foothold ’round those parts. Or it could be that Google Music is only currently available in the U.S.

My guess is as good as yours, however there might be some sunshine on the horizon in the form of a developer, Simon Weber. Simon has been working on his unofficial Google Music API for a month, and has pretty much every functionality of the service coded into the API. Only one major implementation is missing at the moment: support for uploading formats other than .mp3. Unfortunately, however, the API is currently coded in Python, restricting it to desktop platforms. It isn’t impossible to port it to a mobile-friendly language though, and thankfully Aaron Gingrich of Android Police has put Simon in contact with CM9 [music player] Apollo developer Andrew Neal.

This could mean we see a port of the API to mobile platforms, pending the result of Neal and Weber’s collaboration. The only problem that will immediately come to mind reading “unofficial”, “Google”, and “API” is action taken by Google to, well, cease and desist. I don’t think that’s likely to happen, as Mr. Weber will be interning at Google this summer — possibly bringing official Google support for the API in the near future. This could be great news for Google Music, as integration into Android applications could surely inject some much needed life into the service’s disappointing adoption stats.

source: android police

Google Voice allows number change – or keep old number for $20

Want to change you number but thought you couldn’t on Google Voice? Hold the phone, GV allows you to change you number at no cost, while also allowing you to keep your old one for $20. Things have changed since way back in the early Google Voice Beta stages where they assigned a number for you, and we welcome it!

When you grab a new number and keep the old, calls and texts will go to both, but will only show the replacement number for any outgoing calls or texts, so it may be best to alert your contact list of the number change, even if you’re keeping the old one. Find out more here at the Google Voice Blog.

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Google Voice Integration With All Sprint Numbers is Now Live

Sprint and Google have been beta-testing a full integration of Google Voice with the Sprint network over the past several weeks, and today the service has been declared “live.” Sprint customers can now use their Sprint number to run all of their Google Voice services, allowing them to set the phone to ring at multiple locations, or even different locations determined by the caller or time of day. Or if you’d prefer, you can have all outgoing calls go out through your Google Voice service. This brings a lot of versatility, and the process is fairly seamless, though by default it will disable SMS messages from coming into your phone and route them through Google Voice instead. This feature isn’t hard to reverse, and tonight we’ll be bringing you a quick how-to on that, plus any other tips and tricks we find this afternoon.  Catch the video promo after the break, and head to the official site to get started.

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Dropbox adds New Features for Android


Dropbox has added new features to its existing Android Application, which is available now in the Android Market. The new features include a dropbox notification bar tool, showing you the status of your uploads, and added integration into the Android built in sharing menus.

The pic above is what it looks like now, the pic below is what it mainly used to look like. If you have it installed, simply update it from your downloads area within the Android Market. For more information on Dropbox, click here.


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