Quantify almost everything in your life with Instant


Chances are that the key aspects of your life can be quantified by Instant. The lifestyle app is capable of tracking, or ‘lifelogging’, users’ everyday activities. Instant collects data involving device usage, fitness, and travel. From the time spent using your device to the distance traveled and more, Instant monitors activity. It is quite impressive just how many things Instant can manage. The app covers device management, fitness tracking, and travel recording.

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Trillian for Android gets an update

In case you haven’t heard, Cerulean Studios has an open beta available for their Trillian multi-IM client. Even in its beta stages, Trillian for Android is getting positive marks from all around. Naturally, not wanting to sit back and be satisfied (and being in beta), Cerulean has rolled out the first update for Trillian for Android. Check out the change log:

So if you haven’t updated already, go ahead and update!