Nokia Granted Preliminary Injunction Over HTC and Its Use of High-Amplitude Mics in the HTC One


It seriously seems like HTC can’t catch a break with the HTC One. While we’ve seen delays roll in already, the latest news isn’t any better. According to a court filing in Amsterdam, Nokia has won a preliminary injunction over HTC in its use of the same high-amplitude microphones also found in the Lumia 720. According to the filing Nokia has an exclusive 12 month contract with STMicroelectrionics to use these dual-membrane microphones as they co-developed them. Apparently the chip maker thought the exclusivity was only for 6 months rather than a full year.

But fear not as current HTC One shipments in stores will remain unaffected as the court stated that HTC was “blameless” and unaware of exclusivity between Nokia and STMicroelectronics. So far this is only affecting HTC in the Netherlands but its implication could be worse as this isn’t the first manufacturing delay the Taiwanese company has seen with its new flagship. HTC, while disappointed in the ruling, remained optimistic as they released the following statement after the decision:

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Samsung announces it will drop injunction requests against Apple in European countries

On the same day that Samsung received mixed news regarding the Apple v Samsung fight here in the U.S., the company announced they are dropping their requests for injunctions barring sales of Apple products in several European countries. In courtrooms in the U.K., Germany, France, Italy, and the Netherlands, Samsung is withdrawing requests for injunctions “in the interest of protecting consumer choice.” That statements sounds like Samsung has decided to start walking the walk and not just talking the talk when it comes to letting the market, and not the courts, decide which technologies will prevail with consumers. Read more

Removal of the Universal Search Function for the International Samsung Galaxy S III was Accidental, will be Reinstated in the Coming Days

Recently Samsung rolled out an update for international versions of the Galaxy S III. This update quietly removed the local search function, but as of today Samsung confirmed that it accidentally removed that function. I don’t understand how you could accidentally remove such a large feature. This makes me curious if this accident had anything to deal with the recent injunctions between Apple and Samsung. On the other side of things, it almost does sound like a mistake as a spokeswoman from Samsung told Tech Radar:

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