Ingress ready to take over the wrist via Android Wear


Ingress, an augmented reality game produced by Niantic Labs, a company within Google, has announced support for Android Wear will be released next month. Users with smartwatches running the Android Wear system will have access to quickly see the locations of friendly and enemy portals on their device’s screen. Players will also be able to take actions to either defend or capture those portals as appropriate using the smartwatch interface. Read more

Recruiter medals added to Google’s Ingress game


Google’s Niantic Labs is pushing out an update to its massive-multiplayer GPS game, Ingress, bringing recruiter medals to its players. As can be inferred, these medals are given to players for inviting new gamers to the battlefield.

Agents, the name given to players of Ingress, can access the Recruit tab from the OPS menu inside of the app, which will walk you through adding your recruits. They must be first time players, of course.

The medals you can earn from recruiting are as follows: Read more

Niantic Labs’ Ingress gets major update today allowing user-generated missions

Ingress_choose_waypoints_CREATOR TOOL

Those of you (7 million of you) that play Ingress will love today’s update. A new featured called “Missions” is being introduced that challenges agents to visit a series of places to either hack or capture a portal and solve a puzzle via supplied clues. On top of that, you will also be able to create your own Missions and share them with other Ingress players.

For starters, only a a few select agents will be able to utilize this feature. It will get expanded over the next few weeks and months to all agents level five and higher.

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Ingress Graduates From Beta


Over the past weekend Niantic Labs hosted a global event involving their ever popular Ingress.  In celebration of the finale of that event, Ingress has graduated out of beta. In just over a year’s time the Niantic Labs has been quite busy. According to their post on Google+:

“2013 has been a great year for Ingress with more than one million Portals discovered and submitted by users and more than one billion total game actions taken.”

With this move from beta, Ingress is bringing an exclusive medal to all agents who helped in the beta and had reached level five before December 14th, 2013. The Founder’s Medal can be received after eligible agents log into the updated app. The folks at Niantic Labs promise even more for Ingress in 2014. That being said, now may be as a good of time as any to download the app, and join.

source: Google+

Google’s Ingress project is bigger than it seems


Google’s augmented reality game, Ingress, has reached a critical mass with a relatively large following even before it’s public release earlier today.

Although the game was set aside as a minor gaming project for Google’s Niantic Labs at its beta launch, we’re finally starting to see what all of this actually means.

John Hanke, a key leader on the project and a co-creator of Google Earth, likened Ingress to a “concept project” that could eventually turn into a platform to allow anyone to create an alternate reality game of their own.

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Ingress team makes announcements as it prepares for full blown launch


The folks over at Google’s Niantic Labs, creators of the augmented reality game ‘Ingress,’ has just made some announcements on its Google+ page.

The first is that the team is dropping the invitation code requirement so that all Android users can enter the Beta. All agents that achieve Level 5 by December 14 will qualify for “The Founder Medal” for their early support of the Ingress experience.

The team also announced that they’re launching the “Ingress Elite V” challenge, which will work to identify the top 5 Ingress agents in the world. If you’re interested, hit the source link for more information direct from Ingress.

Source: +Ingress