Google IO 2016 Coverage

[Infographic] From the HTC Dream to Marshmallow, Android continues its path to world domination


Back when Android.Inc was founded in 2003 by Andy Rubin, Rich Milner, Nicks Sears, and Chris White, I wonder if they had an inkling of how popular the Android operating system would become. Google acquired the company in 2005, and thanks to the influx of resources from the search giant, the first Android smartphone (HTC Dream) would soon be released to an unsuspecting world. It’s been an interesting ride, as documented in the great little infographic below.

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[Infographic] Sony’s Xperia Z5 can autofocus in just 0.03 of a second

fast_autofocus_infographic (2)

Sony held its press conference at IFA 2015 earlier in the week, unveiling its new smartphone line-up that consists of the Xperia Z5, the Z5 Compact and the Z5 Premium. Having revealed the broad-strokes of its new handsets, Sony is now showcasing the special features, which include the camera’s ability to autofocus in just 0.03 of a second. That’s pretty quick, but how quick is it really?

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Infographic: How to use Samsung’s S Health app to achieve your fitness goals

SHealth_Infographic (3)

If you’ve ever let yourself get out of shape and then attempted to reverse the process, you’ll know that it’s hard work. Results take time, and sometimes you can lose heart when you don’t see solid evidence that your effort is rewarded with sculpted muscles. Of course, if you have a Samsung smartphone, you can make use of the Korean tech company’s S Health fitness app to both track your progress and to measure just how much exercise you are actually doing, as shown in the infographic below.

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Infographic: How Communication Technology on Samsung’s Mobile Phones has evolved


As time moves on, so does the technology that our mobile phones use. To illustrate this, Samsung has produced a great little infographic showing the progress it has made; from it’s very first mobile phone in 1988 that used the 1G network to the release of the Galaxy note 4 in 2014 with its high-speed connectivity courtesy of LTE networks.

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Infographic: The Evolution of Samsung’s Mobile Phone Cameras


There’s still a couple of weeks to go until Samsung officially reveals the Galaxy S6 on March 1st at the MWC. In the meantime though, the South Korean manufacturer has released a great infographic that illustrates the evolution of the smartphone camera. From the SCH-V200 handset with a 0.3MP camera, all the way to the Galaxy A5 smartphone with its 13MP primary camera and the software features that enhance the pictures we take.

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Samsung Infographic showcasing Gear VR’s World Class Resolution and Performance


Samsung’s Gear VR has officially arrived and with it comes a Super AMOLED display, 3D graphics, and an immersive 360-degree viewing experience. The Virtual Reality device can pair up with the Note 4 for a QHD screen and the Gear Circle for flawless, quality sound to go along with your current activity. For more information. hit the break, and just scroll!

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Samsung releases infographic to show how Samsung Galaxy S 5 stacks up against predecessors


With today’s official release of the Samsung Galaxy S 5, you may be curious to know how it stacks up against previous versions of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy devices. To help give fans an easier look at how the line has developed over the years, Samsung put together an infographic showing some key specs. You can check it out after the break. Don’t forget to check back for more coverage of MWC 2014 Read more

HTC infographic explains full Android OS update process


People are quick to blame Android carriers and manufacturers for not pushing out updates as soon as they are released for Google, but HTC wants us to know that there’s a lot more that goes into the process than we might think. HTC has released an infographic that shows all the individual stages of development, starting from when Google first provides the source code to the eventual OTA update that gets pushed out to customers’ devices.

In addition to the graphic, HTC has created a landing page that shows the current status of Android 4.4 for your HTC device. You can check out the infographic after the break.

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Samsung shows the timeline of mobile phone screens in latest infographic

Samsung evolution display

The screen is one of the most important parts of a phone, and that’s especially true for the larger smartphones we’ve become accustomed to. Samsung knows that, and they generally put some of the industry’s best screens in their high-end devices.

Today, they’ve released an infographic detailing the screens on Samsung mobile phones dating all the way back to their first analog phone, up to their latest Galaxy Note 3. It’s a pretty cool graph that shows when color was introduced to mobile phone screens, when Samsung first introduced a touch screen, and a few other interesting bits of information.

You can check out the infographic below. Maybe this is Samsung’s way of building up hype about the different aspects of their inevitable Galaxy S 5?

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