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Cyanogen seeks to penetrate emerging markets with office opening in India


Over the next few months, Cyanogen should have a stronger force in penetrating emerging markets. The software developer has plans to hire talent for an office that would open this summer in either Bangalore or Dehli. The new office in India would be home to as many as fifty employees, all helping Cyanogen bring its software to the billions of people located in that part of the world.

Expect to see Cyanogen acquire startups, too, as a way to expand its portfolio.

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LG Watch Urbane surfaces on Amazon in India at premium price


The LG Watch Urbane has shown up on the Indian site for Amazon at a sale price of 29,990 rupees ($471 USD), which is considerably higher than what the smartwatch sells for in other parts of the world. In the U.S. the LG Watch Urbane has been listing at around $349 with the different carriers and even the Google Play Store. Possibly even more disturbing for potential Indian buyers is that the normal price is listed as 35,000 rupees ($550 USD).

At this time, LG has not issued an official announcement regarding the availability of the Watch Urbane in India, so the official price could be more in line with other countries and this could be a case of a retailer banking on early access and limited supply to try to charge a premium. The retailer in India is listing both the gold and silver version of the Watch Urbane as available and in stock.

source: Amazon India

OnePlus settles lawsuit, confirms Cyanogen to continue OTA support for the One in India

OnePlus Case Closed

In an ironic twist on its #NeverSettle motto, it would appear that OnePlus has indeed settled its dispute with Micromax that saw the OnePlus One briefly banned from sale in India back in December. OnePlus announced that it and Micromax have agreed to mutually withdraw the cases and cease legal proceedings via its blog earlier today.

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