Google IO 2016 Coverage

HTC launches updated Desire 828 with 3GB RAM and 32GB storage in India


It’s just a couple of days ago that the HTC 10 launched to a positive reception, boasting a 5.2-inch QHD display, a Snapdragon 820 processor, and a stunning metal unibody. While there appears to be some confusion as to whether India will receive a full-power HTC 10, or the lesser-specced HTC 10 Lifestyle, the Taiwanese handset maker has chosen to take the wraps off its updated Desire 828 handset. Read more

The HTC 10 Lifestyle comes to India with a Snapdragon 652 processor and 3GB RAM


You may have read something about the HTC 10 being announced yesterday, but the Taiwanese handset maker also launched another, albeit very similar handset as well, called the HTC 10 Lifestyle. It’s aimed at the Indian market, and while it shares many of the same components as the HTC 10 that is available in the west, the HTC 10 Lifestyle differs in some important areas.  Read more

Xiaomi to open two new manufacturing plants in India in 2016

February was a big month for Xiaomi as it launched its latest flagship handset, the Mi 5, at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last month, and it seems the company has big plans for 2016. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer has announced it will build another two manufacturing plants in India later this year as it attempts to maintain momentum. Xiaomi expects to sell around 140 million handsets in 2016, as opposed to the 100 million sold last year. Read more

Datawind grabs top spot in up and down Indian tablet market


IDC has released new data on the tablet market in India for 2015, revealing bargain focused manufacturer Datawind managed to slide into the top spot during the fourth quarter with a 20.7% share of the market. Datawind managed to almost double their shipments year over year for the fourth quarter by focusing on the sub $100 segment. According to IDC, “cost benefits through local manufacturing, free internet bundled tablets, higher online presence in Q4 2015 were few key factors which worked in favour of the vendor.” Read more

Google’s Project Loon ready for large-scale pilot test in India


Google’s Project Loon certainly fits the definition of a moonshot project that sounded like one crazy idea when it first surfaced. However, the concept of using high-altitude balloons to make Internet access available to remote areas of the globe has turned into a viable project. Reports out of India indicate Google is now ready to commence testing on a large-scale pilot program as soon as a local telco partner can be secured. Read more

India’s Ringing Bells set to launch $7 smartphone


Ringing Bells, a smartphone vendor in India, issued a teaser via their Facebook page indicating they will be launching a new device on February 17th. The remarkable thing about the smartphone is that it will be priced at a mere ₹500 (≈ $7 USD). The extremely low price point is part of the company’s effort to promote the Make In India initiative sponsored by the Indian government. Read more

Lenovo Lemon 3 set to move on to global market at MWC 2016


Although flagship devices will grab the headlines at MWC 2016, look for smartphone manufacturers to announce a variety of devices covering the spectrum of the smartphone market. One device that looks like it will be getting some coverage is the Lenovo Lemon 3. The reason for the attention is the expected announcement that the handset will be released in additional global markets instead of being limited to the Chinese market which was the original plan when the Lenovo Lemon 3 was announced earlier this year. Read more