Hands on with the i’m Watch and i’m Droid User Interface [Video]

One of the more interesting pieces of hardware making an appearance at CES 2013 this year is the i’m Watch device. The i’m Watch is basically an Android device in the form of a wristwatch. It does use a special version of Android called i’m Droid 2 based on Android 1.6. You may think such an old version of Android may be limiting, but for such a small, specialized device it seems to work fine. Check out our hands on video after the break to see how the i’m Watch works. Read more

I’m Watch And I’m Here Officially Launched At CES 2013


Two of the more interesting concepts have been announced at CES: the i’m Watch and i’m Here accessories. I’m Watch is more or less a personal a standard watch with an Android-flavor– it’s run by the Droid 2 operating system (which is a specialized version of Android) and features items like i’m Cloud, i’music which allows you to listen to music on-demand, i’mages which is an app that takes advantage of the watch’s built-in camera and the i’market which gives access to apps in the sporting, music and leisure categories. Best of all– the i’m Watch features Smart Tethering which makes the pairing of the device to your smartphone as efficient and seamless as possible. The i’m Here on the other hand is a GPS tracker which features a built-in SIM card and even allows for the ability to make emergency calls.

Hit the break for the full presser for both cool devices, but don’t forget to check out our on-going coverage of CES here.

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I’m Watch gets a delay for improved specs

The smartwatch market is really heating up. If the Pebble didn’t prove that there’s a market for smartwatches, then I don’t know what to say. Another one we’ve been looking forward to is the I’m Watch, which of course is Android-powered. It isn’t as cheap as the others out there as it starts at $349 and shoots to $469 in red. It was originally announced last fall and people have been pre-ordering it since.

Unfortunately shipments aren’t expected to take place until July 15, and all pre-order won’t be fulfilled until September 15. They do understand that customers who pre-order might be fed up at this point, so they are allowing anyone to cancel their order for a full refund, but for those that want to stick it out will get a 15% discount.

I really like the look of the I’m Watch, but I’m wondering if it will be worth the wait? Hit the break for their full statement and a video.

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