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Disney’s Junior Sprint ID pack now available; Entertainment for kids on the go

Keeping kids entertained these days can be quite the challenge. Thankfully we now have the necessary technology to keep them busy and entertained on the go. Sprint is helping out in that department by releasing the Disney Junior Sprint ID pack. This is loaded with content aimed for kids, or for any age group for that matter. Here’s what you can expect from the Disney Junior ID pack:

  • Disney Junior Games: Keep kids entertained and engaged with games from featuring Jake and the Never Land Pirates – including Izzy’s Pirate Puzzles and Jake’s Treasure Hunt.
  • Disney Junior Facebook: Parents can get the latest tips, recipes and sneak peeks on what is happening on all of the Disney Junior Facebook pages.
  • Disney Junior Videos: Your child can watch select episodes of their favorite Disney Junior shows on demand. Full episodes of Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Doc McStuffins are among those available using the Sprint TV app.
  • Disney Junior Wallpaper: Customize your phone with wallpapers featuring your child’s favorite Disney Junior characters.

This should be a great tool for parents to use in keeping their kids entertained for many hours. You can hit the break for the full press release!

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T-Mobile To Add Unlimited WiFi Calling, Name ID and Voicemail To Text Features?

T-Mobile, the small yet scrappy innovative carrier of them all appears to be gearing up to add some new features to their smartphone plans.  According to some leaked screenshots from our ninja loving friends over at TmoNews, it looks like existing customers can add unlimited WiFi calling, Name ID features for anyone not in your contact list and a voicemail-to-text feature for your added convenience.  We especially love the unlimited WiFi calling for those who might be having less than par coverage in their area.  This is much like the UMA (unlimited mobile access) feature we’ve seen on Blackberry devices.  However, the difference is there are no hand-overs from UMA to the network and vice versa.  WiFi calling is strictly over your WiFi connection and still uses your minutes unlike UMA.  And once you are outside of your WiFi hot-spot, you lose the call.  This is still a great feature for anyone having less than three bars in-house.  Oh yeah, and it’s free.  The caller ID feature will provide you with any name, number, city and state for businesses and contacts that are not stored in your phone book.

And finally, there’s the voicemail to text feature that is sure to be a hit.  T-Mobile will add the feature to their existing Visual Voicemail application which transcribes messages for you via email or text message.  Overall, we’d say not too shabby on T-Mobile’s part.  Great job Magenta, it’s no wonder you’re constantly getting awards for innovation.  As of now, we’ve not heard an official word from T-Mo on these new features, we’ve only got the leaked screenshots.  So, things could possibly change or get scrapped all together. But be sure to keep it here to find out.

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Green Sprint ID pack announced by Sprint

In keeping with the eco-friendly nature of Sprint’s latest effort, the carrier has now announced the Green Sprint ID pack. The pack of apps encourages people to be more “green”, with:

  • Live Green widget with access to a carbon footprint calculator
  • Green Now widget, with content from TreeHugger, Earth911, and GreenBiz
  • ShopGreen widget full of eco-friendly daily deals
  • iRecycle to help locate the right recycling center
  •’s Android application
  • Light Bulb Finder to help make the Green choice when replacing your light bulbs
  • Seasonal Harvest Lite to help find locally grown produce
  • eBay Green to find those Green gadgets and sustainable home products

If you have a Sprint device, you can check out this app pack as long as you have Sprint ID enabled.

What do you think of Sprint’s latest efforts? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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Motorola does own version of HTC Sense “Scenes” and Sprint ID with “Profiles” on Droid Pro

If you’ve got an HTC Android device running HTC’s Sense overlay, then chances are you’re pretty familiar with “Scenes”. The feature allows you to have different homescreen layout for different situations, such as work, play, driving, weekdays, etc..

Now, it looks like Motorola is following suit with their Droid Pro, and adding waht they’re calling “Profiles”. In a video (which you can view after the break) released by Motorola, they show off how you can set up different profiles for home, work, and weekend.

It’s always good to have more customization options on our devices, and we hope that the new feature on the Droid Pro is able to take off. Again, hit the break to check out the video, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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