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Humble Humongous Entertainment Mobile Bundle offers ‘Spy Fox’, ‘Pajama Sam’, and more


Unless you’re in your earlier twenties or younger, chances are you’ve never played a game from Humongous Entertainment. The video game developer is responsible for series like Putt-Putt, Spy FoxPajama Sam, and Backyard Sports. Believe me, children loved these games and Humongous Entertainment sold millions of copies throughout the 1990s and into the new millennium.

You can now replay games from Humongous Entertainment, thus reliving your childhood, since the newest Humble Mobile Bundle features their titles.

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More Neo Geo titles get added to latest Humble Mobile Bundle


At the start of last week, Humble Mobile Bundle launched a new campaign with games made for SNK’s Neo Geo hardware. The total amount of titles available then was set at eight. Today, after one week of selling bundles, Humble Bundle raises that number to eleven. People are loving what this Humble Mobile Bundle has to offer because more than 23,000 bundles have been sold. The added titles mean donors get an even better value for their donations.

Hit the break to see what games this round of Humble Mobile Bundle offers.

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